Rosebud Inc. A must-see for casual girls! GENE HEAVENS EARLY SPRING collection

Rosebud Inc.
A must-see for casual girls! [GENE HEAVENS] EARLY SPRING collection NEW STANDARD WEAR [GENE HEAVENS] for free adult women who value comfortable time.
The theme of 2020 EARLY SPRING is “MODERNISM DAYS”
Update basic items modernly with a combination of calculated forms and materials.
[Image 1

Click here for the latest image visual Since its debut in the fall of 2018, ROSE BUD’s store brand [GENE HEAVENS] has many fans, not only customers but also staff.
This spring, with the theme of “MODERNISM DAYS”, basic items such as shirts and sweatshirts are updated in a modern fashion with
combinations of forms and materials.
To a free adult woman who values ​​”comfortable time” with family and friends, and above all for herself,
We suggest “clothes which are casual but addictive”.
[Image 2

Casual x feminine ruffle shirt dress

[Image 3

A sweat that doesn’t need to be coordinated with one piece
[Image 4

Docking the transparent material of the trend. Layered style is recommended.

GENE HEAVENS develops collaboration items with various brands every season. GENE HEAVENS’s “GENE” is a word in the medieval French that is the etymology of “jeans” and also has the meaning of “gene”.
We will also update the brand world view in collaboration with various “genes”. This season, we collaborate with the TOKYO brand [Ordinary
Federation], which proposes clothes that incorporate elements such as work, military and outdoor.
“MODERNISM” 2 items have been added.
[Image 5

The point of the hem mesh. Nylon spring coat
[Image 6

Dress with anorak arrangement
A lineup of popular shoe collections since last season.
The flat shoes with a rubber sole with a slight height on the heel have a MODERNISM taste using trendy mesh material.
It is finished in a pair of feminine with a pointed form suitable for casual flat shoes.
[Image 7

Beautiful silhouette mesh flat shoes
[Image 8

Camouflage pattern accents ◎

[Image 9

Black which is convenient when there is

Available at ROSE BUD and online stores nationwide
GENE HEAVENS Official instagram

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