Hub Co., Ltd. Thanks to you, the hub is the 40th anniversary of the company’s 40th anniversary campaign “HUB Original Campaign”

Hub Inc.
Thanks to you, the hub is the 40th anniversary of the company’s 40th anniversary campaign.
We sell advantageous set!
ハ ブ Hub Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Ota) has celebrated its 40th anniversary thanks to its founding in 1980. I am deeply grateful to everyone who regularly patronizes our store.
From the February 1st to the February 29th, 2020, the 40th anniversary commemorative campaign following the January campaign will focus on the “HUB Series”, cocktails that HUB recommends with high quality and low prices with confidence. We carry out “HUB original campaign” that lineup. Please come to our store “HUB” at this opportunity.
Hub Inc.
HUB 82
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About “HUB series”
HUB’s original cocktails, which are HUB Lemon and HUB Orange made with plenty of fresh fruits, are carefully selected for quality, and are offered at a low price of 500 yen or less. If you are wondering what to drink, make sure to choose from here!
The history of Hub Co., Ltd. for 40 years
When Daiei Co., Ltd. founder Nakauchi was moved to Britain, he was impressed by the UK PUB culture and wanted to spread it in Japan. In March 1980, Hub Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiei Co., Ltd. (Old) was born and opened the first HUB store in Kobe / Sannomiya. The concept of the HUB is based on a cash-on-delivery system (a style in which customers first order and pay at a cash register and receive goods), and weekly magazine prices (easy to buy weekly magazines. In 1980, It offered cheap and high-quality alcohol in a luxurious atmosphere based on a drink of 180 yen). HUB was prosperous especially for business people because of this unique style, which was taken up by the media at that time.
Thereafter, ten stores were opened by 1985, but profits did not increase except for some stores.In November 1986, the former hub was dissolved due to poor business results, and Captain Co., Ltd., which operates a catering business within the Daiei Group, The business was inherited by Cook. In 1989, the restaurant business was reorganized within the Daiei Group, and the business was transferred from Captain Cook Co., Ltd. to Riki Shaman Co., Ltd., which operates the izakaya business.
In June 1997, the HUB Ikebukuro East Exit was created by reviewing the business of HUB, which had largely deviated from the main road of the UK PUB in the past 17 years, and rebuilding a new business model that has returned to the origins of the UK PUB. Store ”was a great success. Due to this success, in May 1998, Daiei Holdings Corporation established Hub (now) as a wholly owned subsidiary.
Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange “Hercules” in April 2006, opened stores little by little thereafter, and improved its
performance. In February 2017, the market was changed to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in 2017 In December, the company was designated as the first part of the market. Now, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary, as of December 2019 it has grown to have 114 stores exclusively in the UK-style PUB business.
The Company has established a management philosophy of “Developing an“ Kind Culture Creation Business ”that will impress customers through British-style PUB in order to spread the UK PUB culture widely in Japan”. Spreading the UK PUB culture widely to Japan, taking over the founder’s wish that “if the culture of alcohol in the UK is different from the Japanese izakaya culture and alcohol is spread in Japan, the life of Japan will be richer” We are working together to develop the “Kando Culture Creation Project” every day.
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First store HUB Sannomiya store
Opened in 1980-Closed in 1986
Basic information
■ Hub Corporation
A company that creates a place where everyone is positive
-Aiming to make Japan’s life and society even more prosperous- Our job is to provide a place where customers, business partners, employees, and all stakeholders can be positive by developing an “impressive culture creation business” through “UK-style PUB”. In the UK, PUB is firmly rooted in a long history and tradition as a culture that forms a local community. We dare to cherish analog “places” in the digital world and aim to enrich the lives and society of Japan by disseminating the UK PUB culture to Japan.
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■ Development of two British-style PUB brands
・ HUB (hub)
A core brand that has been developing since its foundation in 1980. Concept: “I feel good with one 1000-yen bill”
Menu features: Rich cocktails
[Image 7d28663-118-738571-2.jpg
・ 82 (Eighty toe)
A brand that spreads the whiskey culture.
Concept: “Second house for adults”
Menu features: Thingle malt whiskey-rich
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■ Main menu
・ Hub ale * HUB brand only
1/2 Pint glass 510 yen
3/4 Pint glass 730 yen
1 Pint glass 910 yen
[Image 9d28663-118-858916-4.jpg
1. Domestic craft ale stuck to freshness and taste (refrigerated shipment from Niigata brewery on the day!)
2. Seasonal HUB original recipe (Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter Ver.) 3. Good bitterness and excellent compatibility with food (best match with fish and chips)
・ 82 Real Ale * 82 brands only
Easy L Size glass 900 yen
1 Pint glass 1000 yen
[Image 10d28663-118-815320-5.jpg
A traditional style ale stuck to Britain.
No filtration, no addition of carbonic acid.
・ The Fish & Chips
HUB brand
Regular 2 Piece Two Pieces 650 yen
Half One Piece 400 Yen
82 brands
One Piece 450 yen
[Image 11d28663-118-926458-6.jpg
Crispy outside, juicy inside!自 A proud dish made based on authentic British recipes.

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