“85%” of dental clinics have posted lies or unfamiliar reviews. On the other hand, more tha n 70% believe in word of mouth. ~ Survey of online word-of-mouth about dental clinic ~


Plaza inc. -Survey release- "85%" of dental clinics have posted lies or unfamiliar reviews. On the other hand, more than…


Plaza inc.
-Survey release- “85%” of dental clinics have posted lies or unfamiliar reviews. On the other hand, more than 70% believe in word of mouth. ~ Survey of online word-of-mouth about dental clinic ~ -Aiming at a world where dental word-of-mouth communication can be used with confidence-
Plaza Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taro Fujii), which operates the “seeker” (, which is a dental clinic choice, has recently seen problems with Sakura and false online word-of-mouth. We have independently reported on the actual situation in the dental industry.
[Image 1

-Survey of online word-of-mouth regarding dental clinic-Verification points- Does Sakura and Falsehood Exist in Dental Clinic Online Reviews? If so, what are the trends?
Can a general user evaluate the treatment technology of a dental clinic when word of mouth is spoken?
Do general users trust online reviews?
-Survey results Summary-
[Questionnaire result to dental clinic]
■ 85.0% of dental clinics have posted “Lies and Words That Do Not Recognize” 666.7% of the types of reviews displayed in search engine results were experienced. “There are many” bad “word-of-mouth messages that I don’t remember or tell.
8 86.5% experienced word-of-mouth on the types of reviews posted on the portal site. There are a lot of “good” word-of-mouth that I don’t lie or remember.
[Questionnaire results for general users]
71.1% of general users who are evaluators at the time of word-of-mouth postings said, “I don’t understand” or “Somehow (feeling high or low)” regarding the quality of the dental clinic’s treatment technology.
■ More than 70% of users trust online reviews about dental clinics 8 81.2% of users trust the type of word-of-mouth found in search engine results 772.6% of users trust the type of reviews posted on the portal site -Survey results Details-
■ 85.0% of dental clinics have posted “Lies and Words That Do Not Recognize” About 85% of dental clinics have experienced lies or unrecognized online reviews about their working dental clinics.
There are two main types of online word-of-mouth, but the answers differ greatly between “word-of-mouth reviews displayed in search engine results” and “word-of-mouth reviews posted on portal sites.” Was.
In reviews of the type displayed in search engine results, “bad content” is posted with lies and unrecognized reviews, and in reviews of the type posted on portal sites, “good content” is used to lie or become selfish. Many respondents said they posted reviews they didn’t remember.
[Image 2

■ The amount of “Words of Lie and Unrecognized Words” greatly deviates for each Internet service
When asked, “Which word-of-mouth service has a lie or an unfamiliar word-of-mouth service?”
In particular, the type of word-of-mouth posted on numerous portal sites varied widely from 0% to over 90% for each service.
There is a big difference depending on the method of collecting word-of-mouth of each service operator, the review process from the time a user submits a word of mouth to the posting of the word on the service, and the system and rules to eliminate lies and cherry blossoms. Seems to be born.
[Image 3

■ For general users, 71.1% answered “I don’t know” or “Somehow (feel high or low)” regarding the technical quality of dental clinic On the other hand, are general users who are “evaluators” in word-of-mouth services confidently evaluating word-of-mouth treatment techniques at dental clinics?
When asked “How often do you feel about dental clinic treatment techniques?”, Many respondents “don’t know (40.2%)” As for “Somehow (30.9%)”, the result was the highest.
[Image 4

■ More than 70% of users trust online reviews about dental clinics When asked, “Do you believe the word-of-mouth content about dental clinics online?” 70% of users answered that they could “believe completely” or “somewhat (depending on the content).” The result exceeded.
For “type of word-of-mouth displayed in search engine results” and “type of word-of-mouth posted on portal site”, the type of
word-of-mouth displayed in search engine results has higher
creditworthiness .
[Image 5

-Survey results Summary-
In a very large number of reviews from dental clinics, there was a response saying that there were lies and words that I did not remember.
Among them, the dental clinic responded that not only “bad reviews” but “good reviews” also included “there were reviews that did not lie or remember.” The fact that this answer is received from the dental clinic side does not mean that the dental clinic’s self-made self-played Sakura word-of-mouth, but there are many situations where “good or unrecognized” good “word-of-mouth” is posted It is
And there was a remarkable difference between the word-of-mouth services regarding the number of “words of mouth and lies”.
Word-of-mouth users looking for a dental clinic should not only read the word-of-mouth of the dental clinic, but also check the reputation of the word-of-mouth service itself that publishes the word-of-mouth and the rules and operation of the word-of-mouth service, and use reliable services. Is it not?
Because it is very difficult to select a dental clinic, the psychology that wants to refer to the word of mouth works, but since there are many irreversible (irreversible) medical practices, to protect important teeth from cherry blossoms and false reviews Also, it is better to use a service that confirms whether you actually received a consultation with a receipt, medical treatment statement, consultation ticket, etc.
In addition, we found that very few users in the dental field can evaluate treatment techniques with confidence.
Word-of-mouth users should understand that there are many evaluations based on the atmosphere of the dental clinic and their subjective impressions when browsing reviews.
In particular, regarding word-of-mouth communication that refers to therapeutic technology, what kind of word-of-mouth reviews evaluate the level of skill at dental clinics? There may be inconsistencies, so please use with care.
General users should not rely too much on word-of-mouth and reviews when choosing a dental clinic, and should choose a dental clinic based on the following points.
“I have the expertise and specialty fields that suit my symptoms.” “They explain the treatment policy, treatment plan, progress and results in an easy-to-understand manner.”
“Good human compatibility that can build trust”
“I’m in a place where I can keep going”
It is said that oral health also leads to general health, so we would like you to choose a dental clinic that you can understand and protect your oral health with a reliable dental clinic.
About “seeker”
“ Seeker ” ( collects specialty treatment fields for each dental clinic, and the dental clinic that matches the symptoms entered by the user (patient) on the website is automatically matched It is a matching site where you can make a reservation by carefully selecting a dental clinic.
In this site, you can find recommended dental clinics to be selected by the dental clinics, and you can also watch the greeting video of the director.
In addition, if the medical treatment menu that you want to perform, such as whitening, implants, and correction, is determined, you can register not only “Dental clinic” but also “Clinical treatment menu” as a favorite. can.
In addition, we provide content that enhances the user’s own dental IQ through dentist-supervised column articles and dentist interview articles.
Please use it to select a dental clinic where you can understand “seeker”. Details of the service (for general users) → https: // Service details (for dental clinic) → Word of mouth handling in “seeker”
“Seeker” word-of-mouth uses NPS to measure the “trust relationship” between the dental clinic and patients.
In addition, “seeker” is operated under the following “word-of-mouth @ three declarations”.
・ Regarding the posted reviews, only those posts that have been confirmed by the examination of the receipt and medical treatment statement will be posted.
-The posted word of mouth will not be manipulated by changing or not posting the content unless it violates the membership agreement. -According to the contributor’s membership agreement and the terms and conditions of the dental clinic, it is stipulated that prohibition of word-of-mouth by obtaining (granting) some kind of reward from the clinic to be posted or its proxy regardless of whether it is paid or free.
Word of mouth declaration → https: // * When using the survey results and graphs in this release, be sure to specify [seeker research].
[Table 2:“>

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