2019 first half e-book sales ranking announced!

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2019 first half e-book sales ranking announced! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Papyres Co., Ltd. (TSE JAS DAQ 3641, Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuko Matsui) will be operating on Saturday, July 13, 2019, 2019 for the multi-device electronic book rental site “Renta!” We announced e-book sales ranking by genre in the first half. Recently, multi-device compatible electronic book rental site “Renta!” (renta.papy.co.jp/), personal computer and iPhone, iPad, various Android terminals etc, July 13, 2019 (Sat) We announced the sales ranking by genre in the first half of 2019, which integrates sales of various terminals. If you look at the lineup of each genre, in the boy manga, Renta! No. 1 in the annual sales ranking of 2018 “The matter that was slime after reincarnation” (Fushise / Takashi Kawakami / Mitsuba / Kodansha) continues to be 1 in the first half of 2019 I got a place. In the girl cartoon, “
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please explain this situation! Weddings starting with the contract (Kozaki Saki / Kazunori / Frontier Works), Young Women won the first place even if you don’t give it (Haruno Haru / Futaba). You can check other genres from the following URL.
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URL: https://renta.papy.co.jp/renta/sc/frm/page/topics/c_2019best.htm
■ “Renta!” First Half of 2019 Sales Ranking by Genre (Excerpt)
● Girl cartoon sales ranking First place
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Someone please explain this situation! Wedding starting with contract Author: Kino Saki Kazura Author: Tuzenka / Issue: Frontier Works 2nd place “Love and bullets” Author: Konno Noko / Issue: Shogakukan 3rd place “Villac devil is loved by the king of the neighboring country” Author: Hoshina / Author: Puni-chan / Original character draft: Naruse Akeno / Published by: KADOKAWA
● Shonen cartoon sales ranking 1st place “The matter which was slime when I was reborn Author: FUSSE / Yasuki KAWAKAMI / Mitsuba / Issue: Kodansha Second place “man picked up by gods” Original: Roy / Cartoon: Orchids / Character draft: Ririnra / Issue: Square Enix 3rd place “Purger” Original: Hana Kuroko / Manga: Asakawa Yuji / Character draft: KT2 / Published by: KADOKAWA
● Ladies Comic Sales Ranking First place “trash house and toy poodle and me” Author: Ikeda Yukio / Issue: Shogakukan 2nd place “The free time of the wolf” Author: Konari Misato / Publication: Akita Shoten Third place “falling” Author: Kikuchi Naoe / Issue: Shogakukan
● Young ladies sales ranking 1st place “If you don’t do it” Author: Haruno Haru / Issue: Futabasha Corporation 2nd place “We are wondering” Author: Ando Natsumi / Issue: Kodansha Third place “Hon Nou switch
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volume version”]
Author: KUJIRA / Issue: Kodansha
● Youth comic sales ranking 1st place “Haseto Soap” Author: Eri Moriyama / Issue: Hakusensha The second place “every one of the drugstore” Original: Summer Hinata (Hero Bunko / Housewife’s Friends Infos) / Illustrated: Cat Jellyfish / Composition: Ichiro Nanao / Character draft: Shino Tono / Issue: Square Enix 3rd place “Every one medicine shop-cat and cat’s mystery book to solve the mystery-” Original: Hinata Summer / Illustration: Kurata Sannoji Character draft: Shino Tono / Publication: Shogakkan
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Papyres Co., Ltd. will continue to improve its services with the aim of becoming an e-book site that will satisfy more users.
■ About multi-device compatible electronic book rental site “Renta!”
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URL: https://renta.papy.co.jp/ “Renta!” Was opened in 2007 as a service that allows anyone to easily and inexpensively read electronic books. It has been used by a large number of users so far, and in 2019, it has surpassed 5 million members. In addition to reading books on a PC, it also supports various Android smartphones and Android tablets such as iPhone, iPad, au, docomo, SoftBank, etc., corresponding to new devices one after another (※ 1), users use various terminals You can enjoy the contents such as comics, novels, and photo books anytime, anywhere, easily and on your favorite terminal. Price setting adopts a time-limited rental method called “48-hour reading”, and realizes cheap book reading. In addition to the time-limited rental method, the “indefinite reading method” is also provided separately, and it can respond to two different needs, such as “I want to read easily” and “I want to read repeatedly”. In addition, Renta! Stores the work data of the book and the use situation of the user on the cloud provided by Papyres, Inc. In this way, you can still enjoy the work from another terminal, regardless of the usage of the browsing device depending on the usage scene, as well as when the mobile terminal is lost, broken down or changed. ※ 1 Setting of reading period and price varies according to each contents. Please be aware in advance.
【Company Profile】

■ Company name Papyres, Inc.
■ Representative Representative Representative Director Yasuko Matsui
■ Capital: 414.4 million yen
■ Establishment March 31, 1995
■ Location -12 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094 Kioicho Building
■ TEL: 03-6272-9533 (Representative)
■ FAX: 03-6272-9563
■ URL: https://www.papy.co.jp/info/
■ Email: info@papy.co.jp
■ Business content Electronic book sales
【Inquiry about this matter】

■ Company name Papyres, Inc.
■ Person in charge: Public relations person in charge
■ TEL: 03-6272-9533
■ FAX: 03-6272-9563
■ Email: press@papy.co.jp URL: https://renta.papy.co.jp/

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