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  • 【Net Protections Co., Ltd.】 The latest version of the Chaos Map 2019 of Net Protections “Domestic FinTech B to B payment agency service” released!

【Net Protections Co., Ltd.】 The latest version of the Chaos Map 2019 of Net Protections “Domestic FinTech B to B payment agency service” released!

Net Protections Inc. The latest version of Chaos Map 2019 released by Net Protections “Domestic FinTech B to B payment agency service”! -Classify various B2B payment agency services and boost efficiency of operations towards “reform of working way”- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Pioneer of Credit Tech (Credit Tech) creating new credibility, Net Protections Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Shin Shinoda, hereinafter our company) I will report because I created it. [Image

※ Click here to download high resolution pdf: (Https://np-kakebarai.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/paymentservice_chaosmap.pdf)
■ Domestic FinTech B to B payment agency service Now that the word FinTech has attracted attention in Japan, a number of services have appeared in the field of payment. Among them, the payment agency service for BtoB is also gradually expanding BtoB’s payment business is a high-load business, ranging from credit to processing of bad debts. In fact, many of the people who work in our survey also feel that “I do not want to do it if I can do it” (*), and many BtoB payment agency services that reduce the burden of payment operations have appeared. ※ net protections “fact-finding about settlement business” (Reference URL: https://np-kakebarai.com/content/work_style_reform_1/) However, the B2B payment agency services that are rampant are so diverse that it is difficult for business operators to consider payment agency services that meet their needs.
■ Chaos map release of “domestic FinTech B to B payment agency service” In view of the situation as described above, we have created a chaos map for “Fintech B to B payment agency service in Japan”. In this chaos map, the payment agency service using “invoice” which is often used in BtoB transactions is published. In addition, each service was classified based on which process in charge of invoice settlement is to be delegated. The explanation of the term of each item is as follows. ・ Credit: Business to confirm the transaction availability based on the unique credit management system ・ Invoicing: Business to issue / send invoices to business partners of business partners ・ Payment management: Business that checks the amount of payment of the receivables and the payment information to check if the collection is correct ・ Reminder: A business that encourages customers to deposit a claim for which payment is delayed ・ Risk guarantee: 100% price guarantee in case of bad debt by rebuilding all over-the-counter prices * Some services introduced in this Chaos Map can also be used for credit card payments. ※ We make based on information released as of July 10, 2019. ※ This chaos map is created by our company and does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the service completely. ※ Please contact netprotections@vectorinc.co.jp if there is a problem with the publication or if you would like to post it at the next update. ※ Click here to download high resolution pdf (Https://np-kakebarai.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/paymentservice_chaosmap.pdf)
■ With NP overdraft “NP overdraft” is a BtoB · intercompany payment service. The company enters between the company (seller) and the company’s customer (buyer), and undertakes all selling operations from crediting to the buyer to issuing a bill, recovering the payment, and guaranteeing the uncollected risk. In addition to the ability of sellers to focus on core operations leading to value creation such as sales activities by the introduction of “NP pay off”, it is possible to flexibly offer hangouts for corporations and individual business owners, thus expanding sales channels and improving sales. I can expect it. In addition, the offer of selling leads to the cash flow improvement of the buyer. Since the start of full-scale distribution, the number of member companies (number of accounts issued) is approximately 1,700, and the cumulative number of usage has exceeded 2.6 million companies. Click here for the details of “NP payment”: https://np-kakebarai.com/
■ Outline of Net Protections Co., Ltd. As a pioneer of “Credit Tech”, which uses technology to create new credit, we aim to facilitate all business transactions. In 2002, Japan began offering “NP Postpaid”, an uncollected risk guarantee type of postpaid payment service for the first time in Japan, and continued to grow at a speed of about 140% compared to the previous year. It reached to break through. Starting in 2014, full-scale sales of “NP overdraft”, which has developed the proprietary credit know-how and operation capabilities cultivated through the service for inter-company transactions, has continued to grow at a speed of about 170% over the previous year . In 2017, we launched a new cardless payment “atone” that makes the purchasing experience more comfortable. Furthermore, in 2018, we also released the cardless payment service “AFTEE” in Taiwan. Through these businesses, We have credit big data with high acquisition difficulty, which combines the customer’s purchase history and payment history, and will seek to utilize and expand data in various fields in the future. Business name: Net Protections Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director President (CEO) Shin Shinoda URL: https://corp.netprotections.com/ Main business outline: Management of postpaid “NP postpaid” for BtoC mail order Management of postpaid “NP overdraft” for BtoB Management of postpaid “NP postpaid air” for BtoC service Management of a new cardless payment “atone” Operation of “AFTEE (Aftee),” a smartphone postpaid settlement, in Taiwan Management of point program Established: January 2000 Capital: 100 million yen Location: 〒 102-0083 4-2-6 Kamo-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Real Estate Kamo-cho First Building 5F

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