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The world’s first clinical genome information gateway system “AmeliCure (Americure)”, which realizes drug discovery research and case analysis acceleration in genomic medicine, is in full operation!

Ameliev Corporation The world’s first clinical genome information gateway system “AmeliCure (Americure)” that achieves accelerated drug discovery research and case analysis in genome medicine is in full operation! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Ameriev, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Masao Yamaguchi, hereinafter Ameriev), which has strengths in genome analysis, is the world’s first clinical genome information gateway to accelerate drug discovery research and case analysis in genomic medicine. We developed the system “AmeliCure” (Amelycure) and started offering it.

Americure is the world’s first clinical genome information gateway system that accumulates clinical genome information in medical institutions and realizes information sharing across multiple medical institutions. This system solves the problem that “the inability to use clinical genomic information can not be used” at a gateway where many users can use anonymously processed clinical genomic information while the ownership of the information is attributed to the medical institution. You This enables us to deduce the best diagnosis and treatment from past case information, and enables efficient development of innovative new drugs. This system offers benefits to various stakeholders. First, medical institutions can derive optimal diagnosis and treatment methods and provide them to patients by stratifying genomic information from accumulated past case information. Specifically, it is possible to select treatments and drugs that suit the individual’s constitution, and it is expected to be effective in reducing side effects, shortening the treatment period, and reducing medical expenses. In addition, pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial related companies can use clinical genome information to develop innovative new drugs, streamline clinical trials, and analyze side effects. This system has been significantly improved from the “AmeliCure beta version” released on July 2, 2018.
1. Structured and accumulated complex clinical genome information enables clinicians to use information quickly 2. By constructing a case database within a medical institution, it becomes possible to refer to diagnosis and treatment based on past case information, and the quality of medical care is improved 3. Gatewaying makes it clearer the scope of data sharing, allowing medical institutions to choose where to provide information Four. Companies can use clinical genome information that was difficult to access until now, and the pharmaceutical industry is activated As of July 2019, AmeliCure has been installed in 9 facilities and has accumulated results. We aim to improve the number of introduced facilities to 100 by 2021. In the future, Amériev will cooperate with medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies to contribute to the health of all people and the activation of the pharmaceutical industry through this system.
【Ameliev Ltd.】
Ameriev is a leading provider of life information analysis that provides integrated analysis of life information in basic research and medical fields since its establishment in 2009. With the aim of disseminating genome medicine tailored to the genetic characteristics of each individual, we are developing our business as the only company providing information analysis technology to exhaustive genetic testing conducted in hospitals. ·Performance We provide consulting based on IT analysis technology using bioinformatics, life information analysis system, training service for data scientist development of life information, etc. for private enterprises mainly for research institutes, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies. . We have contributed to the promotion of a large number of basic researches and have conducted joint research with research institutes such as the Kyoto University iPS Cell Research Institute. ·About us Head office address: 芝 108-0014 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo 4-12-13 Capital: 30 million yen Founded: July 2009 Major shareholders: Masao Yamaguchi (founder), Realtech Fund, Euglena Co., Ltd., Revanace Inc. HP: https://amelieff.jp/

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