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  • 【Expansion from monthly cafes and Kanto to Fukuoka】 Monthly cafe visit service “CAFE PASS” expands the area in Fukuoka.

【Expansion from monthly cafes and Kanto to Fukuoka】 Monthly cafe visit service “CAFE PASS” expands the area in Fukuoka.

Media relations people Same Sky Corporation Monthly cafe tour service “CAFE PASS” expands the area to Fukuoka. Visiting a cafe in Fukuoka, a town with coffee for living ………………………………………………………………………………………… A monthly cafe / cafe tour service “CAFE PASS” operated by Same Sky Co., Ltd. (CEO: Head of the office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, etc.) has been providing services in the Fukuoka area from June 2019. The number of stores introduced is now 10. [Image 1

■ About CAFE PASS (Cafe Pass) This is the first service in Japan where you can enjoy coffee, latte, tea, etc. on a monthly basis at about 140 cafes and coffee shops in Japan. Through the CAFE PASS, we aim to create a chance to learn small cafes, and aim for a world where every one can go to a cafe or cafe. Service site: https://cafepass.me
■ Fukuoka Life × CAFE PASS In Fukuoka, where a large number of competition winners are produced, coffee culture is rising throughout the city, and there are cafes and coffee shops in the ordinary way of life. The affinity with the service “CAFE PASS” specialized for individual cafes is also high, and it has expanded to 10 stores in a short time from the first store offering start.
■ List of affiliated stores in Fukuoka [Image 2

Good up Coffee (Yakuin) Good up Coffee, which is quietly located in a residential area. As we handle anko toast and baked confectionery, please enjoy pairing with specialty coffee by all means [Image 3

EASYLAND COFFEE ROASTERS (Iizuka) A store-like store with a hideaway is a space of rest for customers to enjoy. I also recommend spice coffee which can not be seen much elsewhere. [Image 4

Connect Coffee (Tenjin) It is a café where owners who hold numerous awards at domestic and international latte art competitions cherish relationships. Please enjoy a cup of thought that you want to cherish various connections through coffee. ・ Fusuku Coffee (Ropponmatsu) ・ Bonds Coffee (Ropponmatsu) ・ COFFEE STAND seed village (Akasaka) ・ Saredo Coffee (Ropponmatsu) ・ Jena coffee (Akasaka) ・ Shinkawa cottage (Yakuin) ・ Brewer’s Coffee Banjo (Chushu Kawabata) Service site: https://cafepass.me
■ Cafe PASS was born A representative who moved to Tokyo from Aichi Prefecture, where cafe culture is thriving, saw that the number of coffee shops with which he felts was reduced every time he returned home, and wanted to create a flat-rate service that could support individual shops .
■ Recruit member stores nationwide! We are looking for member stores nationwide, mainly in Tokyo, Aichi and Fukuoka. Please feel free to contact us. Inquiry Form: https://forms.gle/PYFH6thmZv22uJuw6 [Inquiries about release contents and collaboration / investment] cafepass.info@samesky.me 【Distributing information on official SNS】 Facebook: www.facebook.com/CAFEPASS.INFO Instagram: www.instagram.com/cafepass Twitter: https://twitter.com/CAFE_PASS
■ Same Sky Corporation Head office: 1-20-2, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo First Shimizu Building 3F URL: samesky.me President and Representative Director: Two-way Hayato Staff: 12 (including outsourcing) Capital: 18.8 million yen (including capital reserve) Established: July 7, 2017

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