The book “Let’s write a letter to my late mother?” Published a letter, “A letter to my late mother,” on which a letter with feelings for “my late mother” was published.

KK Bestsellers Book “A letter to the deceased mother” published “A letter to the deceased mother” published a letter with a thought to “the deceased mother” “Letter Competition” Entries 50 works of gems spelled out of more than 3,000 various thoughts. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Bestsellers Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Makoto Ogawa) is “August 2 (Fri)”, with memorabilia, grief, regret, nostalgia … for various thoughts and towards “a dead mother” We will release the book “Letter to the Dead Mother”, which contains a letter written in English. A “Mother’s Day” partnership, in which 13 companies and groups gathered, in an effort to broaden the habit of “Mother’s Day” to visit the tomb of a deceased mother. This partnership is a joint cultural project launched in fiscal 2018. We have published 50 works from more than 3,000 entries submitted to the “Mother’s Day” letter contest.

In addition, an interview with actor Masao Kusakari tells memories of her late mother. And when I lost a loved one more than anyone, I heard a story from Mr. Kyoko Takagi, the chief director of Sophia University’s Grief Care Institute, about how to get along with the “sadness” of losing something important above anything. It was 1300 yen (excluding tax) Model type: Small B6 version Publication date: Friday, August 2, 2019 ISBN: 9784584139363 Number of pages: 224 pages <Amazon
[Let's write a letter to my late mother. ]
A letter that spells out the feelings for the important late people. If you post it to the post, it will make it clear without touching anyone. Do you know that there is such a "destination"? It is a mechanism called "Lettering letter," which is provided free of charge by the general incorporated juridical person temple. A general incorporated association was established in 2019 so that it could be used by a wide range of people regardless of religious sects, making it a more open source. Regarding the utility of the letter, the representative, Joji Inoue, says, "Because the address is clear unlike the diary which is completed by myself, you can communicate with the other person by sending letters and exchanging them." Please write your thoughts on the "postcard" and the "notepaper" page at the end of the book. Postcards do not require stamps, so please post them directly to the post. You will receive a letter from the "One Mother's Day" letter temple of the "Mother's Day" partnership, which was introduced in the book. * Use the text and personal information of the postcard you received for purposes other than the above. There is nothing to do.

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