【Hotel New Otani】 Shaved ice on cake with tart! Sweet, peach mango melon sweets for summer only appear in the amazing view buffet dining!

New Otani Corporation Shaved ice on the tartlet cake! Sweet, peach mango melon sweets for summer only appear in the amazing view buffet dining! The number of menus is about 50! The strongest buffet to enjoy Japanese, Western and Chinese “real taste”! ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Hotel New Otani Tower buffet Grand Chef Buffet-SUMMER- https://www.newotani.co.jp/tokyo/restaurant/towerbuffet/grandshefbuffet/grandchefbuffet-summer/ Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) is a buffet restaurant “TOWER BUFFET (Tower Buffet)” with a superb view of 144m from the ground until the 2nd of September (Monday), a spicy menu perfect for the hot summer, and it’s just this season We will be holding “Grand Chef Buffet ~ SUMMER ~” where you can enjoy desserts using lavish peach, mango and melon on a buffet.
■ The best view buffet restaurant in Tokyo is Coco! Gastronomy to enjoy with scenery of 144m above the ground [Image 2

The Tower Buffet is located on the top floor of the Garden Tower at Hotel New Otani, and is a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a meal with superb views overlooking Shinjuku and Akasaka Imperial Palace. At noon you can see the refreshing green that spreads in the Akasaka Imperial Palace, and in the evening you can see the romantic atmosphere of the skyscrapers of Shinjuku Shintoshin.
◆ A variety of spicy flavors unique to summer, including the hotel’s traditional roast beef! [Image 3

The food prepared at “Grand Chef Buffet-SUMMER-” is a selection of specialties from the specialists of each cuisine category that Hotel New Otani boasts. I have a menu I want to eat in summer. From “Noodle shop NAKAJIMA”, “meat udon” which put roast beef in luxury is lineup. Spicy soup with an Asian spice to stimulate your appetite. Also, from the international food “Trader Vicks Tokyo”, the famous “Tom Yum Kung” featuring a chef from Malaysia has appeared. The balance of acidity and pungent taste is exquisite, and the taste of dried shrimp is full. In addition, from the Western cuisine “Bella Vista”, we deliver “downtown spaghetti Napolitan”. The pure Ketchup mixed with the Hotel New Otani traditional soup, it can be enjoyed with Iberico pork ham and plenty of vegetables, which are characterized by refined taste and sweetness. Besides, a variety of appetizers and fried noodles, We welcome you with a menu that children like Stew, omelet rice, sauce and salmon also love.
■ Keep an eye on hotel sweets full of seasonal fruits! [Image 4

The sweets corner is full of limited time sweets using seasonal fruits. The patissier in the hotel can enjoy the mango tart that has been carefully finished, mango rolls, mango sweets such as mango panna cotta, as well as juicy peach jelly and pure melon jelly. [Image 5

In addition, “super melon short cake” sold for one piece 1,500 yen in popular pastry shop “patisserie SATSUKI” in hotel is prepared for buffet size, too. Juicy, soft and light aftertaste that feels like eating a melon itself is because it sticks to all the ingredients that use the highest muskmelon with a sugar content of 14 degrees or more for the head. Even more noteworthy is the “new edo rubbish jelly,” which is a collaboration sweet with the “Former Sonoko Funabashi”. It has been found that “Koji mold lactic acid bacteria (R)”, which is extracted from the raw material of Kuzu candy, may work to balance the intestinal microbiota, and it is a fermented food that is now a topic of interest.
■ “Grand Chef Buffet ~ SUMMER ~” Sales Overview [Image 6

◆ Period: Until September 2, 2019
◆ TOWER BUFFET (Garden Tower 40F)
◆ Business hours: [Lunch] 11:30-14:00 / [Dinner] 17:30-21:00
◆ Fees: ※ Taxes and service charges not included [Lunch] Adult ¥ 4,800 / Children ¥ 3,000 [Dinner] Adult ¥ 7,300 / Children ¥ 4,500 ※ Saturday, Sunday, congratulation is +500 yen than the rate mentioned above The fare will be changed to the following during the Obon period, from August 10 (Sat) to 15 (Thu). [Lunch] Adult ¥ 5,800 / Children ¥ 4,000 [Dinner] Adult ¥ 10,000 / Child ¥ 6,000
◆ Reservations / Inquiries: Tel. 03-3238-0023 (through TOWER BUFFET)
◆ URL: www.newotani.co.jp/tokyo/restaurant/towerbuffet/grandshefbuffet/grandchefbuffet-summer/
◆ Sweets Menu: Strawberry short cake Super melon short cake Chocolate ggrov Mango tart Mango roll Pure melon jelly Peach jelly New edo rubbish jelly Kazusan Bon Shoe Cream Almond milk brulee Gateau chocolat Chocolate ggrov Soymilk tiramisu Two types of shaved ice Hawaiian pancake 2 kinds of French toast Ice & sorbet 4

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