[Dream Drive Co., Ltd.] Dream Drive Co., Ltd. starts high-end camper rental business

Dream Drive Co., Ltd. Dream Drive Co., Ltd. starts high-end camper rental business Rent-a-car where you can experience the new generation of lifestyle, “Ban Life” Dream Drive Co., Ltd. will start a high-end van conversion camper rental business as a new accommodation option for domestic travelers from Thursday, July 19, 2019. Unlike conventional large campers, our minivans are custom-made to meet modern travel needs, such as “ease of driving” and “easiness to find parking spaces”. We offer an ideal mobile accommodation space for all travelers who want to enjoy a casual trip. This is a great opportunity to experience the “Ban Life” that has attracted attention as a new generation of lifestyle, and it is also an invitation to discover the charms of Japan that are not listed in the tourist guide. [Image 1

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Although some people may be reluctant to stay in a car, DREAM DRIVE uses the same level of bedding as a luxury hotel in every vehicle, making it comfortable. In addition, the mileage during the rental period is unlimited, and on-demand customer support using GPS and daily necessities such as towels are also included in the normal price. Vehicles can be rented at the Kanie Pickup Center, 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station (including walking from the station). From our lineup of cars that can be rented, choose the best one for your purpose, such as traveling alone, traveling with a couple, family or friends. [Image 3

Koala Sleep Japan Co., Ltd.’s Koala mattress campaign is the best in a car equipped with a koala mattress Our vehicle is used to provide a nap “Gu ~ u CAR CAR Nap Delivery”. [Image 4

“We started this service for people who don’t like to carry big luggage, or who got tired of traveling around the tourist spots. There are a lot of wonderful sightseeing spots that you can’t access. Please discover our own Japan through our service. ” DREAM DRIVE Staff [Image 5

Contact details Dream Drive Co., Ltd. Hajime Imoto 08037100467 hajime@dreamdrive.life https://www.dreamdrive.life/

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