[Ikkyu Co., Ltd.] The number of members on a break exceeds 10 million

Ikkyu Corporation Number of members on a break exceeds 10 million -Commemorative sale at “Ikkyu.com” and “Ikkyu.com Restaurant” from mid-November- …………………………………………………………………………………………… Operates “Ikkyu.com” (www.ikyu.com/) reservation site for luxury hotels and inns and “Ikkyu.com restaurant” (restaurant.ikyu.com/) Ichikyu Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoshi Tsuji, hereinafter Ikko) announces that the number of members has exceeded 10 million in October 2019. [Image

The number of members is the number of people who have registered as members when using each service of “Ikkyu.com”. “Ikkyu.com” was opened in May 2000 as a luxury accommodation reservation site and celebrated its 19th anniversary this year. Carefully selected restaurant reservation site “Ikkyu.com Restaurant” in 2006, luxury villa reservation site “Ikkyu.com Vacation Rental” in 2016, luxury spa reservation site “Ikkyu.com Spa” in 2018 Opened. All services feature inns and shops that are carefully selected for the mission of “Let’s make your heart luxurious”. A gratitude sale commemorating the breakthrough of 10 million members is scheduled to be held on the “Ikkyu.com”, “Ikkyu.com Restaurant”, and “Ikkyu.com Vacation Rental” sites from mid-November. Details will be announced separately. Trends in temporary members In addition to analyzing statistical data such as reservation status, we conduct interviews with members. Here are some of the latest trends from the list. 1. Priceless consumption The number of heavy users who spent more than 1 million yen a year on a break has increased significantly, and the number of “diamond members” at the top of the membership stage has increased. In search of an inn where you can enjoy an “overwhelming best experience” rather than cost performance, there is a tendency to spend a lot on investment. For this reason, we call it “Priceless consumption”. In priceless consumption, there is a strong demand for “no deviation”, so we have carefully selected lineups and appropriate recommendations. The use of “Ikkyu Plus +”, which is a collection of the best hotels in “Ikkyu.com”, is also increasing. 2. Increase in Dinks and Women’s Association users There is a tendency for couples, couples, and women groups (girls’ associations) to work on weekend luxury trips and luxury meals using luxury lodgings and restaurants. It seems difficult to travel abroad with partners and friends on a long-term vacation, so it seems that they are rewarded with domestic trips on the weekends and upgraded meals. 3. Member registration triggered by “Ikkyu.com Spa” More and more people are registering as members of Ikkyu after using the Ikkyu.com Spa. The background seems to be an increase in the number of women who have a high level of disposable income, such as women in managerial positions, executives, and female entrepreneurs.

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