Enjoying Christmas in an exciting extraordinary space unique to an airport “ Airport Christmas 2019 ” in Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Excel Hotel Tokyu
Enjoying Christmas in an exciting extraordinary space unique to an airport “ Airport Christmas 2019 ” in Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu December 21 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) 2019

Image-Christmas dinner (Main: Domestic fillet fillet)

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https://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/haneda-e/restaurant/plan/2019christmas/index.html Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu (Location: Ota-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Kiyotaka Kizaki) is a restaurant plan and accommodation plan for enjoying Christmas at Haneda Airport from December 21 (Sat) to 25 (Wed), 2019 Sales have begun. Please experience Airport Christmas where you can taste the extraordinary space unique to the airport. Restaurant Café & Dining “Flyers Table” offers an annual Christmas dinner and a Christmas lunch buffet. For dinner, foie gras terrine with beetroot is an appetizer. Enjoy a round terrine that looks like a Christmas tree ornament with bamboo charcoal tuile. The balance between the sweetness of beets and the saltiness of foie gras terrine is exquisite.
Furthermore, “Royal of sea urchin and shrimp lobster” with crustacean esupuma followed by “Tonbokoro Gratin (Sole Bonfam)”, which was very popular with customers last year, followed by “Domestic beef fillet” Please choose “Poiree Madera Sauce with Truffle Potato Puree” or “Burgundy Style” with beef stewed in red wine.
We also offer an accommodation plan where you can relax after a dinner. The rooms that have been renovated this summer (with one drink for a toast) have a warm interior that is natural and relaxing, with the image of an airplane jet stream, sky color, seaside waves and sandy beaches. You can relax slowly.
The “Christmas lunch buffet” held on the weekend before Christmas includes the classic French dishes “Pate de Campagne”, “Ash
Parmantier”, “Chestnut and Mushroom Pilaf”, “Pork Cutlet“ Cordon Blue ”” Enjoy a western-style menu suitable for Christmas. In the performance corner, we offer “roast turkey” and “raclet cheese”. The airport terminal decorated with magnificent Christmas trees and illuminations, authentic red and gold colors suitable for the 15th anniversary of opening, large flower ornaments, Christmas decorations in the hotel decorated with travel motifs, etc. Please experience exciting airport Christmas in an extraordinary space unique to Haneda Airport.

【Overview Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu】

■ Location

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu (Directly connected to the 2nd floor departure lobby of Haneda Airport Terminal 2)
Cafe & Dining “Flyers Table”

■ Plan contents -Christmas-

1.Christmas dinner course
Period: December 21 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) 2019
Time: 17: 30 ~ L.O.21: 00
Fee: 1.12,100 yen 2.9,680 yen

Image-Christmas Dinner (Main: Beef in red wine)

[Amuse] Warm quiche with cheese flavor at the beginning of Christmas [Appetizer] Foie gras terrine in beet
[Soup] Royal sea urchin and shrimp lobster, crustacean Espuma [Fish dish] Tongue flat gratin (Sole Bonfam)
【Meat dish】
1. Domestic beef fillet with potato puree with madera sauce and truffle 2. “Burgundy” beef stewed in red wine
[Avende Sale] Fromage Blanc and Bergamot Jelly
[Dessert] Salmon and coconut mousse Uji Matcha ice cream
Price per person (consumption tax, service charge included, Tokyo accommodation tax not included)
Standard room with dinner for one night from 23,690 yen
Deluxe room with overnight dinner from 27,190 yen
If you wish to have breakfast, the price is 2,200 yen per person. * Reservations are limited to the web.
* Prices are variable, so please check at the time of booking. (Heart) Christmas-only “Heart Cake” and accommodation plans with drinks are also available.

Image-Deluxe Twin
2. Christmas lunch buffet

Image-Lunch buffet image
Period: December 21 (Sat)-December 22 (Sun), 2019
Time: 11: 30-14: 30
Fees: Adult 3,900 yen, Grand Age (over 60 years old) 3,600 yen, elementary school student 2,300 yen, infant 1,400 yen
Menu: An example
[Appetizers, salads, soups] Salmon marinade, cherry tomato and mozzarella caprese, pate de campagne, etc.
[Hot dishes] Escargot Bourguignon, Ash Parmantier, Seafood macaroni gratin, Pork cutlet “Cordon blue style”, airport curry, chestnut and mushroom pilaf herb flavor, etc.
[Performance] Roast turkey, cranberry sauce, raclette cheese & vegetable, mini hamburger, bouillabaisse, etc.
[Dessert] Christmas shortcake, chocolate, fountain, tart marron, apple pie, etc. * With soft drink bar


Image-Christmas tree image
Logo design for the 15th anniversary of the opening of business [Image 6


Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu celebrates its 15th anniversary on December 1 this year.
The commemorative logo design has THANKS characters as a gratitude so far, 14 lines on the left and right reminiscent of the wings, and 15th is drawn with a contrail that makes the image of a further leap It is.

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