Higashiizu Kitagawa Onsen, KISSHO CAREN Spring adult girls trip ♪ Power charge at a superb view hot spring t hat you can only meet here! Girls trip 2020 with many good reasons

[Higashiizu Kitagawa Onsen, KISSHO CAREN] Spring adult girls trip ♪ Power charge at a superb view hot spring that you can only meet here! Girls trip 2020 with many good reasons
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Open-air bath “ Akiumi ”
KISSHO CAREN (Higashiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, General Manager: Fumio Matsuda https://www.kissho-caren.com/) is offering a spring adult travel plan with the special benefits for women only until the end of March 2020. .
From the open-air bath wrapped in the sea, the sky and the green, you can see the moon road drawn by the sea as the sun rises and the moon shines on the sea.
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lobby lounge
After check-in, choose your favorite color yukata and obi, and enjoy an elegant afternoon tea. Enjoy the seasonal pancakes baked by your chef in front of the sparkling sea.
For a French Kaiseki dinner, a toast drink and flambe dessert will be presented. In addition, special offers such as minibar free & sweets in guest rooms, commemorative photos, 20% off Kichijo Spa are also available. In addition, you can enjoy an adult women’s journey by taking a hot spring beer and visiting the sister building “Tsuruya Kichijotei”.
Enjoy a girls trip with your female friends and mother and daughter wishing a good year.
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■ [Yukata Girls Association] A lot of nice benefits ☆ Accommodation plan with wine & flambe dessert
[Period] January 6-March 31, 2020
[Price] One night evening with breakfast / Price per person
26,500 yen (1 room for 2 people)
24,500 yen (1 room for 3 people)
23,500 yen (one room for four people)
5,000 yen UP on the day before the holidays, 2,000 yen each for 2/9 ~, tax and service charge included, bath tax excluding 150 yen
Dinner: Restaurant “Four Season” A trip from French Kaiseki to Sagami Bay without chopsticks
Breakfast: “Four Season” Japanese Restaurant or “Aotake” Teppanyaki Breakfast [Bonus]
1 toast drink (wine red / white / sparkling wine / soft drink) Flame Flambe dessert for after dinner
Room minibar free & talking set confectionery
Special discount 20% discount at Kichijo Spa (normal tax 10,000 yen → 8,000 yen) ⇒ Body lymph drainage 60 minutes / Facial treatment 60 minutes
[Others] Afternoon tea of ​​pancakes, selectable color yukata & pajamas, beer in the evening after bath, Tokoroten, coffee & tea service in library lounge, Kurone rock bath and other 18 hot water tours, dessert & night cap before rest , Free hospitality such as anniversary and consecutive night benefits.
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French Kaiseki “Travel in Sagami Bay”
French Kaiseki “Travel in Sagami Bay”
● Appetizer: Smile of a bite Seasonal seafood 5 servings
● Building: 3 kinds of Sagami Bay fish
● Soup: Mishima sweet potato potage / 2 types of bread
● Fish dishes: savory bulginion butter, roasted and simmered sea bream, sea urchin cream sauce
● Salad: green salad on a farm
● Meat dishes: Please choose from 1-4 below
1. Japanese Black Beef Rib Sauce
2. Amagi Deer Roti
3. Duck Roti
4. Fuji Country Pork Sute
● Meal: Oyster rice, red soup, incense
● Dessert: 3 types of fruit mousse and original sweets
*The photograph is an image. Contents may change depending on the season

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