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Outdoor brand ZEROGRAM for light backpackers, UL Solo Tent “Thru Hiker 1p” of double wall less than 1 kg newly released

UZEN Corporation Outdoor brand ZEROGRAM for light backpackers, UL Solo Tent “Thru Hiker 1p” of double wall less than 1 kg newly released ………………………………………………………………………………………… The outdoor brand ZEROGRAM for light backpackers, whose sole agent is UZEN Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; representative director Scott Kim, hereinafter UZEN), is a new model tent “Thru Hiker 1p” in July 2019 It will be released in the middle. “Thru Hiker 1p” is a double wall UL solo tent under 1 kg. It is lightweight, yet easy to set up, fast enough to be used along the shoreline, and has a large living space. Through hikers who walk the long trail can use it without stress.
■ “Thru Hiker 1p” features “Thru Hiker (Through Hiker) 1p” is a double wall UL solo tent under 1 kg (947 g). Through hikers who travel the long trail for several months walk as long as 5,000 kilometers. By reducing the weight of the tent by 500g and moving 150 days, you can reduce the load of 75kg by simple calculation. The requirement list of this tent was created by arranging every Want and sequentially removing the unnecessary Wants. Instead of removing unconditionally, it is working with minimal requirements by replacing it with more advanced solutions. Despite being lightweight, it is easy to withdraw from construction and secure fastness along the ridgeline, and the spaciousness of the living space, etc. It is a tent unique to ZEROGRAM that through hikers can use without stress. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/11185/35/resize/d11185-35-79645-0.jpg] Features 1. 947g in double wall “Thru Hiker 1p” is a double wall tent with 947g less than 1kg minimum. Feature 2. Even for the first time set up 3 minutes It is an integrated structure that can connect the fly and the inner footprint and set up at one time. Paul adopted DAC 1 pole system connected. The staff sack is very generously sized and can be folded into a rough when withdrawn. Feature 3. Robustness that is safe against ridgelines and bad weather It has a low center of gravity and an aerodynamic structure that is strong against wind. Although the pole is a hanging type, by adopting the DAC’s S-Hook where the distance between the pole and the fly is minimal, it exerts a strong tension like a single wall sleeve type. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/11185/35/resize/d11185-35-645336-5.jpg] Thru Hiker 1p DAC coupled 1 pole system and S-HOOK Feature 4. Comfortable living space The inner tent is the floor size and height that one adult can fully relax. There is an anteroom space at the front. The material of the inner tent is a monofilament * that makes the discomfort of condensation almost zero. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/11185/35/resize/d11185-35-995483-6.jpg] Thru Hiker 1p front room Feature 5. Color One tone from fly to pole, inner, footprint. Gives the viewer a unique impression with a solid feeling in the mat. The color is a two-color development of natural friendly OLIVE and SANDMOSS.
■ “Thru Hiker 1p” specifications Weight: Minimum 947g Package 1,076g Fly: 15D N / R silicone / PU coated Inner: 20D monofila Floor: 15D N / R silicone / PU coated Pegs: DAC J-stake, Silver Pole: DAC NSL 8.5mm [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/11185/35/resize/d11185-35-210665-7.jpg] Thru Hiker 1p spec
■ “Thru Hiker 1p” will be released It will be released in mid-July 2019. Prior to that, we will make pre-order sales from July 5 on ZEROGRAM official site.
■ “Thru Hiker 1p” planned release price 49,000 yen tax (Included: Fly, inner tent, DAC pole, DAC peg 6, staff sack) Exclusive footprint 5,000 yen tax not included ※ About monofilament ZEROGRAM uses a monofilament as an inner tent material. As it is named ‘mono’, it is made of yarn with one fiber, and its structure is stable and its abrasion resistance is excellent. Although it is special as a tent material, it is used in the vicinity of the net of a toothbrush brush and a racket. The monofilament, made as thin as the inner material of the tent, is a material with excellent permeability, water resistance, lighter weight and better strength like mesh. Because of the breathability and water repellency, for example, air containing moisture generated inside the inner tent is almost never returned to the inner tent for condensation even as fly. In addition, the effect is kept permanently because it is not water repellent. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/11185/35/resize/d11185-35-285134-8.jpg] “ZEROGRAM” www.zerogram.co.jp/ “ZEROGRAM (Zerogram)” is a full-fledged outdoor brand, with the concept of ‘Sorry to Earth’, and the strong will to make people’s influence on nature as infinite as possible. The concept and excellent specs are loved by many serious climbers, hikers and trekkers. —– [About UZEN Corporation] uzen.net/ UZEN Co., Ltd. is the sole agent of “ZEROGRAM (Zerogram)” in Japan. Company Name: UZEN Co., Ltd. Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-7-12 Tokubundo Building 4F Business content: e-Business service platform construction, EC platform construction, EC platform solution sales, overseas business development consulting and support, outdoor equipment distribution Representative: President and CEO Scott Kim

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