【CCC Media House Co., Ltd.】 Limited time! Get UV gel of Gangwon-do now!

CCC Media House Co., Ltd. Limited time! Get UV gel of Gangwon-do now! Bringing a Gangwon-do UV gel to “Unseen Taiwan”! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Figaro Japon August issue “New attraction discovery still undiscovered Taiwan.” [Image 1

The August issue of Figaro Japon, currently on sale, is featured in Taiwan. Taitung villages are reminiscent of indigenous people’s warm smiles and handiwork. Tainan is a gastronomic old town where you can meet traditional food culture and undiscovered local cuisine. Not only eating, buying but also traveling on a taste of culture! Thorough coverage of the charm of Taiwan where retro and simple scenery remains! In addition, please enjoy in the separate volume as the Taipei area as “12 things you want to do in Taipei.” [Image 2

And, this issue is Kotoya bookstore limited privilege, “Watery UV gel” of cosmetics brand Ehara Michi (Kogen Do) which continues to be loved by many movie actresses (sunscreen milky lotion · waterproof · SPF 50 + PA ++++) Comes as a first-come-first-served reward! In addition, 20% off the facial treatment limited to Azabu main store salon! It will end as soon as it sells, so please purchase at this opportunity. Handling stores: Daikanyama Ashiya bookstore, Futako Tamagawa Ashiya household appliances, Ginza Ashiya bookstore, TSUTAYA Tokyo Roppongi branch, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA ※ It becomes first-come-first-served basis and will end as soon as it is sold out. Figaro Japon August issue special price ¥ 750 CCC Media House Media Promotion Bureau Tel. 03-5436-5730 (10-17 weekdays) ※ The following is special information limited to media personnel. Please refrain from information disclosure on personal SNS etc.

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