【MHD Moe Hennessy Diageo Co., Ltd.】 New Challenges for Prestige Champagne Maison Krug

MHD Moet Hennessy Diageo Corporation New Challenges for Prestige Champagne Maison Krug The theme for this year’s Krug’s single food item, which will enter its fifth year, is “Pepper” A new food pairing is born by the chef of 13 people of food “KRUG x PEPPER” ………………………………………………………………………………………… A Krug that MHD Moet Hennessy Diageo Co., Ltd. (Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) handles and sends the best Champagne “Grand Cuvee” to the world regardless of the weather every year. This is the fifth year’s attempt to propose pairing with a single ingredient, and introduce the 2019 theme “Pepper”. [Image 1

KRUG & PEPPER Since its inception in 1843, Krug has followed the philosophy of making the most of the individuality (“Individuality”) of each section of the vineyard. It was the idea that the vineyards were subdivided under various conditions such as sunshine conditions and inclinations, and hundreds of individual wines consisting of each compartment show unique uniqueness. It is also a conviction that founder Josef Krug held for the rest of his life, by subdividing the vineyards, “the best champagne can be brought out to the world every year without being affected by the change in climate”. did. And this idea of ​​respecting the individual divisions of the vineyard produces the unique idea of ​​”lighting a single food” and shakes arms around the world on the theme of one food every year. It has evolved into an attempt by top chefs serving to propose the supreme pairing. “Pepper” was selected as the single ingredient of 2019, which will be the fifth year of this year. The versatile pepper, which is baked, steamed, chilled, and sometimes used as a spice, exhibits a wide variety of shapes, including pepper, paprika and pepper. Peppers with different facial expressions in each country have added a new color to Krug, with a magical ingredient that stimulates people, produces euphoria, and gives delight. This time, Krug invited 13 chefs selected from among the “Krug ambassador” who are around 150 in the world to Oaxaca, Mexico. Mexico is the birthplace of pepper, a country with a deep food culture incorporating pepper. On the stage there, I went on a journey to explore the ultimate pairing of Krug and Pepper. From Japan, SUGALABO chef Yosuke Suga and patissier Narita Isei joined. The ingredients pepper that inspires the chef’s curiosity, the chefs carefully select the appropriate ingredients to enhance the flavor and aroma of the Krug Grand Cuvee or Krug Rose, and the cooking methods and inspirations vary widely. Cuvee is a supreme gem with a wide variety of colors and individuality, with flavors and aromas that can not be expressed in a single-year wine. The combination of the Grand Cuvee and Pepper is a pairing that created the new Krug’s identity, as well as the Krug’s “joy”. The inspiration given by the Krug ambassador’s innovative and imaginative approach to the on-plate presentation is truly a bold and creative art nurtured by Krug. For more information on “KRUG x PEPPER” and your trip in Oaxaca, Mexico, visit Krug’s official website. https://www.krug.com/jp/krug-stories/krug-x-pepper
■ KRUG x PEPPER Teaser Video (Japanese version) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2cvsw598s2oh0r7/Teaser_KrugxPepper_16x9_aem_rendition_subtitle_2019529.mp4?dl=0
■ Krug, who shared the adventures of KRUG x PEPPER. [Image 2

Krug Chief Brewing Officer Eric Rubell Every year, we invite Krug ambassadors to focus on single ingredients and have them come up with a plate that will create an excellent pairing with Krug’s Champagne. It honors the Maison’s Savohr-a small section of the vineyard as an individual, with the idea that each is an important part of the clutch. Food pepper in 2019 is firmly rooted in the earth and history and is diverse but full of mystery. Their shapes and varieties are quite diverse, and now more than 50,000 people are involved in the cultivation of pepper. The source is Mexico. I leave the vineyards, Mexico travels to the Oaxaca pepper field, and spends time with the chefs who are struggling to find the best ingredients, and is surprised by the inspiring and innovative recipes that deserve Krug’s Champagne. Yes.
■ About pairing of past “krug x single food” [Image3

Food pairing material so far Krug proposes a pairing with a single ingredient every year since 2015, and compiles recipes produced by chefs from around the world in a single book called KRUG BOOK. The subject matter of the theme is “simple, with variations in cooking and easy to obtain in any country”. This year’s KRUG x PEPPER marks its fifth year.
■ About Krug [Image 4

KRUP PEPPER Image 2 Maison Krug was founded in Reims in 1843 by Josef Krug. Joseph was a heretical child with an uncompromised philosophy and foresight, and understood that joy was the essence of Champagne. He transcended the concept of vintage, and succeeded in providing annual champagne with outstanding quality that everyone recognizes regardless of the difference in climate. By emphasizing the individuality of each plot of the vineyard, and establishing a broad “library” of reserve wines, he was the first to build only the Prestige Champagne and to establish the only Champagne Maison. It is His vision and ingenuity are inherited and enhanced by the Krug family for six generations.

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