[Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District]
Title: Xi’an? Ecology zone: Reproduce green water and blue mountains, and practice the concept of green development

Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District Title: Xi’an Anti-Ecology Zone: Reproduce green water and blue mountains, and practice the concept of green development …………………………………………………………………………………………

【Description of the picture】
: Chang An Tower is a landmark building in Xi’an Expo Park, designed by Mr. Zhang Qin Qin of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and adopts the square flat form of Tang treasure tower. Climbing the tower and looking at the distance, you can enjoy the taste of Zen and Tang called “Chang’an where human beings fuse, human-made nature”. This is the anti-Kasai Xian Expo Park seen from the aerial view point. Looking out of the window, it is green and when you go out you can see the beautiful garden. Xi’an The ecological beauty of the rebellion attracts more and more tourists and people working and living. Create green lungs in the city, develop the waterside economy, promote the development in the environment, promote the development in the environment, establish ecological compensation mechanism through comprehensive management of the river, “green water and blue mountains The “Gold and Silver Mountain” has been transformed, and the world’s top 500 companies and unicorn companies and projects have been established one after another, becoming a lively example of “green development”. The Xi’an Ruin Ecology Zone is located in the eastern part of Xi’an city, with a total area of ​​129 square kilometers, and is named for the famous ‘Republic of Changan’s eight rivers’ and ‘Yuan’. The Ruining Ecology Zone is the permanent venue for the Eurasian Economic Forum and the venue for the 2011 Xi’an World Gardening Expo. Fifteen years ago, the damage to the ecological environment here was severe, and it was a major disaster area of ​​urban landscape and ecological environment. In 2004, Xi’an City developed anti-water and spring water, decided to establish a new eco-type urban area called anti-ecology zone, and developed the concept of “resting rivers and flowing ecosystems into cities”. Proposed, began large-scale river maintenance and ecology construction The comprehensive solution of the three intractable diseases of “the pollution of rivers, the surrounding of waste, and the illegal mining of sand” has fundamentally changed the situation from here on. Fifteen years later today, six large ecological parks have been completed, including the National Wetland Park, the Taoyuan Park, the Red Water Park, and the Lake Song Liao Leisure Park, and the coverage rate of the river wetlands The forest coverage rate is 18%, and there are 206 species of birds and 210 species of plants, and the negative oxygen ion content in the atmosphere reaches 6700 units. Converting from “severe ecological stricken areas” to “ecological model zone”, relying on urban river resources, combining ecological and cultural resources, guiding industrial accumulation development, “waterfront economics for urban economic development Form a new mode. Since 2014, Eurasia Avenue Hotel Group project is planned in Rumination Ecology Zone, and projects on Eurasia Economic Forum such as Eurasia Economic Forum permanent site, Silk Road International Conference and Exhibition Center, Huaxia Silk Road Tourism City etc. As a support, he built the Hystar Hotel and the Distinctive Hotel Group, established a new Xi’an Tourism Center, and formed a future industry chain of “Ecology + Industry + Life”. The large-scale cultural tourism project will be officially operated by 2021, and the total output of the cultural industry is expected to reach 1 billion yuan, the annual tourist acceptance volume is more than 50 million, the total sales of the tourism industry is 5 billion yuan It is expected to be more. We will thoroughly develop the concept of “building an area based on ecology” and aim for green and low carbon development, and we will strive to create ecologically livable green rivals, with ecological construction as a breakthrough. Today’s Xi’an Remorse has achieved “flying with multiple wings” in areas such as financial business, cultural tourism, exhibitions and conferences, science and technology innovation, reproducing green water and blue mountains, green development It became a lively sample to practice the concept. Company name: Xi’an Rumination Ecology Zone Contact: Chou En Phone number: +8629 8359 2100 E-mail address: cbxczx@126.com Website: http://www.xinhuanet.com/travel/xianvideo/20190125a/

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