Otoya Co., Ltd. At the Oya-produced rice shop |Kakomi dining table| where color and balance are complete, “bouquet salad and steak rice” is now on sale!

Otoya Co., Ltd.
At the Oya-produced rice shop with a full range of colors and balance-Kakomi dining table-“bouquet salad and steak rice” is now on sale!
Reward to myself. Feel the spring, colorful rice bowl!
Otoya produces a bright restaurant and a menu with colorful and well-balanced small bowls and miso soup.
We sell “bouquet salad and steak rice” for a limited time from February 10. A gorgeous salad using 13 kinds of vegetables, and a bowl of rice that uses delicate, soft, rare “Misuji meat” luxuriously.
Enjoy with a new sense of “Kakomi Genovese”, which is a mixture of basil sauce, butter, bonito and umeboshi.
Please enjoy the spring-colored steak rice, which has three flavors: “taste”, “fragrance” and “texture”.
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[Spring steak rice with plenty of rare “Misuji”! ]
The steak used is “Misuji”, which is characterized by melting fat and fine, soft meat.
It is a rare meat that can only get a limited amount from one cow due to its small size.
It is characterized by the tenderness of the meat and the rich but refreshing taste.
The steak rice is served in a new sense of “Kakomi Genovese” sauce, which is prepared by adding butter, bonito and plum to basil sauce. The scent of the sauce and the rich harmony are perfect for both meat and vegetables.
In addition, the seaweed laid on the rice goes well with the sauce and gives an accent.
Attaching a small bowl of attached hot spring eggs will give a soft and mellow taste!
“Bouquet salad and steak rice” using 13 kinds of colorful vegetables with “Misuji” is a colorful rice bowl with the image of spring. It is a limited time menu that has three flavors of “taste”, “aroma” and “texture”, and the softness of meat is irresistible.
Please enjoy it to reward yourself!
[Image 2d17712-94-192599-2.png

“Bouquet salad and steak rice” ¥ 1,000 (1,100 yen including tax) * There is no single item.

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