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[Hotel Okura Fukuoka] “Ethical” root vegetables menu devised by students appears at lunch
Fukuoka Carinery Confectionery College x Hotel Okura Fukuoka “Corporate Project” …………………………………………………………………………
Hotel Okura Fukuoka (President Kenji Takayanagi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City) participated in a corporate project conducted by the Fukuoka Carryery Confectionery College (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City), and offered two student-inspired menu items from February 1st, All Day Dining Camellia Served as a lunch buffet menu.
The Fukuoka Carryery Confectionery College is conducting a “business project” for industry-academia collaborative education aimed at human resource education through hands-on education directly learned from professionals. This is the third time that Hotel Okura Fukuoka has cooperated. A total of 41 students, second-year students in the culinary course and the nursery course, tackled the issue of “ethical” menus that use root vegetables that increase in taste in winter and reduce food loss.
After a final review by Hotel Okura Fukuoka Chief Chef Masao Taniuchi and a restaurant chef, two items were selected from all the works: “root vegetable crepe roll tailoring” and “yamamono fritille croquette style.” The two dishes will be displayed on the buffet table as a lunch menu for one month in February, and the students who conceive will actually explain and serve the dishes to customers at the restaurant and end the practical training.
≪Overview of corporate project menu≫
Offer period: Saturday, February 1, 2020-Saturday, February 29, 11: 30-14: 30 ※ Student participation date 2/1 (Sat), 2/2 (Sun) 11: 30-14: 30 Venue: All Day Dining Camellia (Hotel Okura Fukuoka 1F) TEL. 092-262-1143 Fee Fri: Lunch buffet for one person (including service charge and consumption tax)
Adult 2,900 yen (weekdays), 3,300 yen (Saturday, Sunday and holidays) Child (6-12 years old) 1,450 yen (weekdays), 1,650 yen (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
Child (4-5 years old) 800 yen (weekdays) ・ 1,000 yen (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
[Student’s menu]
“Tailored crepe roll” Roots and salmon are rolled up with crepe, and the texture and ease of eating are also improved.
A dish that is easy to eat even for those who are not good at root vegetables like “Yamamono Furiture Crockett Style”.
[Image 1

“Crepe roll tailoring of root vegetables”
[Image 2

“ Yamamono Fritule Crockett Style ”
* Both are designed by second graders. The provided menu is adjusted by the hotel.
[About Hotel Okura Fukuoka]
Opened on March 1, 1999 in Fukuoka, an international city where history and newness live. The location is directly connected to Nakasu Kawabata Subway Station, which provides easy access to Hakata Station, Tenjin and Fukuoka Airports, making it a perfect base for sightseeing and business.
Hakata Riverain 3-2 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
TEL: 092 (262) 1111 (main)
■ Approximately 10 minutes by subway from Fukuoka Airport
■ Approximately 5 minutes by subway from JR Hakata Station
Directly connected to Nakasu-Kawabata station (Exit the ticket gate at Kawabata Exit and exit 6)
Official website URL https://www.fuk.hotelokura.co.jp

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