[Otetsutsu Co., Ltd.] Help × Local matching platform “Otetsutsu” raised tens of millions of yen. Aiming for business expansion based in the Hida area!

Otetsu Tabi Co., Ltd. Help x Local matching platform “Otetsu Tabi” raised tens of millions of yen. Aiming for business expansion based in the Hida area! Aiming to create local fans (related population) with short-term shortage of labor in various parts of Japan. Otetsutsu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Rina Nagaoka) Tsutsuji ”is a SEA social venture fund (*) operated by the Social Entrepreneurs Association (SEA), Hida Takayama Sarubobo Yui Fund No. 2 Investment Business Limited Liability Union operated by Hidashin Innovation Partners Co., Ltd., and Nozaki We report the completion of fund raising through capital increase by third-party allotment with Mr. Yoshihiro and other angel investors as underwriters. In addition, we will aim to expand our business in the Hida area with this fundraising. [Image 1

From left to right, Otetsutsu Counsel, Atsushi Onoda, SEA Representative Kunihiro Sugawara, Otetsude Representative Rina Nagaoka, Hidashin Innovation Partners Co., Ltd. Atsushi Furusato
▼ Funding underwriters SEA Social Venture Fund Hida-Takayama Sarubobo Yui Fund No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership Yoshihiro Nozaki (Representative Director, Bee Bridge Co., Ltd.) In addition, multiple individual investors
▼ About Otetsu Tabi “Otetsu Tabi” wants to travel as if they want to live while working with businesses (accommodation facilities, farmers, etc.) who are in trouble due to short-term and seasonal labor shortages “It is a platform on the web that matches young people outside the region. Aiming for a world where anyone can travel while working in an area that no one knows easily. [Image 2

Young people who use Otetsu can travel in the region while getting rewards, so they can keep their travel expenses lower than usual, and also help the local community through assistance that makes use of their own skills, skills and skills. It makes it possible to get in. Providing a deep relationship with the local community through help, and proposing a “new trip” that creates a special area for you (= the population involved). [Image 3

▼ Current and future initiatives in the Hida region In the Hida area, we have been conducting multiple demonstration experiments before the service started (end of January 2019), and there have already been several matching cases. In addition, the private revisit rate of users after matching is also a high 60%. In the future, together with Hidashin Innovation Partners, which was newly added as a shareholder, we will resolve human resource shortages in the Hida region and the related population (= regional fans) while looking ahead to future business collaboration. By working on creation, we will first expand our business with the aim of reaching 40% of businesses in the Hida region with short-term labor shortage needs by the summer of 2020.
▼ About funding this time Based on the funds raised this time, we will proceed as follows. ・ Strengthen sales and marketing personnel ・ System function development
▼ Comments from each investor SEA Representative Director / SEA Social Venture Fund GP / Zero To One Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kunihiro Sugawara [Image 4

SEA invests and supports entrepreneurs who want to solve social issues through their business. Mr. Nagaoka, the representative of Otetsu, said, “It is possible to create opportunities and encounters to discover the splendor of each region in Japan, create a special region for me, and if I notice it, I become a fan of the region. I sympathize with the vision of “enriching Japan” and I am very much looking forward to supporting you as a lead investor. Representative Director of Hidashin Innovation Partners Co., Ltd. Atsushi Furusato [Image 5

Our company is a regional capital that operates the Hida / Takayama Sarubobo Yui Fund, the only regional activation fund in the Hida / Takayama region. Our responsibility is to firmly connect the feelings of local people to the challengers who work on solving social issues in the local community through capital investment from this fund. This time, this thought was certainly connected to Mr. Nagaoka of “Otetsu Tabi Co., Ltd.” working to solve the shortage of local labor and create a related population. With this connection, we would like to work together to solve problems related to the “people” of local businesses. Representative Director, B-Bridge Inc. Yoshihiro Nozaki [Image 6

I really want you to experience it. I think Otetsudahi is good because it helps people interact with local people, communicates their charms, and provides values ​​for new ways of working. I would like to support Mr. Nagaoka, who is challenging the same as an entrepreneur, and enjoy the future together and make it an attractive service.
▼ Remarks from the representative Representative Director and CEO Rina Nagaoka [Image 7

Our mission is to “create a special region” for somebody with the vision of “creating a world where good people, good things and good regions in Japan are well valued”. I wanted to create an opportunity for people to come to areas that seem to be unthinkable, such as Owaseshi, Mie Prefecture, where I was born. did. I am delighted that the investors who are too reassuring this time share our feelings and have become friends together. We will continue to create a movement that matches both locals and young people using win = win, and that makes the movements look more interesting and fun because they go to areas they don’t know. .
▼ Media publication information Fuji TV “ live NEWSα ” * viewable until November 3, 2019 https://www.fnn.jp/posts/00425045CX/201910040500_CX_CX Nihon Keizai Shimbun https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGKKZO50680160X01C19A0KNTP00/ Company name Representative Rina Nagaoka, Representative Director and CEO Location Cosmos Aoyama Cosmos South 3F, 53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Established July 2018 URL https://otetsutabi.com/ * Currently, we are actively recruiting in various areas, so please contact us if you are sympathetic to your vision. In charge of Otetsutsu Co., Ltd. (Tanaka) mail: info@otetsutabi.com (*)
■ SEA Social Venture Fund (SEA Fund) The SEA Fund is a social venture fund specializing in investments in entrepreneurs centered on the SEED period that contribute to solving one of the few social issues in Japan. Social entrepreneur association (SEA), a social entrepreneurs association that implements SEED and early phase investments in entrepreneurs and management teams that may combine sociality and business as part of social impact investment We will continue to promote business growth in conjunction with home accompanying support. URL: https://www.social-ea.org/

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