National Flag Personification Project “World Flags” 4 comics distribution & book publishing decision!

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd National Flag Personification Project “World Flags” 4 comics distribution & book publishing decision! “World Flags” enters new media mix …………………………………………………………………………………………… October World Portals ( is a portal site featuring characters mimicking the national flag developed by the World Flags Management Office (Operation: Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.) From the 23rd (Wednesday), it has been decided to distribute 4 comics on World Flags Official Twitter ( It is finished in an everyday taste where you can enjoy the world view of World Flags and the character and characteristics of each character. Also, as a book, “World Flags 196 countries complete data pictorial book” will be released from Takarajimasha on Friday, November 1st. You can enjoy learning about cultural and geographical features, historical background, and knowledge of 196 countries around the world. Four-frame manga distribution on official twitter! Official twitter Scheduled to be distributed on Twitter from Wednesday, October 23. The “World Flags” 4-frame comic will be distributed on Twitter from Wednesday, October 23. (* Scheduled to be posted irregularly) This four-frame manga has a world-class taste of everyday life where you can enjoy the world view of World Flags and the character and characteristics of each character. The background of each character’s appearance as a flag book and the reverse side of the birth of the flag armor he wears are discussed. The theme is “coordination”, “It is difficult and difficult to understand the differences in culture and customs, but if you cooperate, you can overcome it.” I hope to tell more people through comics. In addition, Keigo Fukuhara, who was the animation producer of “Kemono Lens” as a content producer for the four-frame comics, is participating. Original: Kama Yamamoto Manga: Hina Kake (@kkn_nn) Content producer: Keigo Fukuhara [Image 1

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“World Flags: 196 countries complete data catalog” “World Flags 196 countries complete data catalog” is planned as one of the new projects of “Japan Salary & Occupation Catalog” which has already exceeded 360,000 copies. In this book, national flags of countries around the world are anthropomorphized and posted as attractive handsome folding screen characters. At the same time, not only basic information such as population, capital, geography, currency, and industry, but also It is a completely new world geography book that contains information and data you need to know before the Tokyo Olympics, including history, politics, religion, and various information related to the Olympics. By reading this book, you can not only enjoy the national flags of the world and the character designs that make use of their national character, but also use them as a global data book that can easily grasp the characteristics of each country and easily compare and analyze them. Is possible. amazon (Reservation accepted, released on November 1) [Image 4

—————————————- Author World Flags Issuer Takarajimasha —————————————-
■ Illustration Nootsuke Otaki, Yuka Sato Color mdd ・ Okabayashi Reina Mochizuki zero and next day amber rikko ・ Shionty AMURO / Makiko Sudo Wang Yin Muraichi, Takemiya Kisue and Talba amatoubun ・ Succeed Co., Ltd. About “World Flags” Official site: “World Flags” is a project that characterizes national flags in a twinkly screen. The message includes an anthropomorphic of the national flag to let people know about different countries and promote understanding of diversity and multiculturalism. Originally it was only developed on the portal site, but in May 2019 it became a hot topic all over the world as a result of being picked up by a famous overseas influencer. In Japan, it was featured in Yahoo! Japan’s IT overall ranking and was featured on Fuji TV “Mezama Shido Yobi”. Since then, 20-30 inquiries have arrived at the administration station every day. Inquiries from the embassy were made one after another, and we had already paid courtesy visits to several embassies. In addition, there are inquiries from each company, and various collaborations are planned in the future, starting with the four-frame comics and books of this announcement. [Image 5

◇ From the original author Kama Yamamoto World Flags began with an information site for the purpose of “education x entertainment” to study the world through national flags. Following the topic of various media in the world, we are planning to further develop media mixes such as manga, stage, and animation. The theme of this four-frame manga is “cooperation”, which is “It is hard to understand the differences in culture and customs, but let’s recognize diversity”. The story is a story that samurai (flag books) of countries around the world wearing suits with unknown power called flag armor cooperate to protect the earth from invading aliens, and such flag books together It is drawn in four frames that everyone lives together and learns about cultural differences and characteristics. Also, the picture book has the theme of “knowing the world”, and you can collect various data of the country and know the capital and population. We hope that you can learn about the world through illustration books and enjoy the diversity through comics using the samurai born in Japan as a motif. In the future, I would like to continue to excite projects with media mixes. ◇ From content producer Keigo Fukuhara Anime fans from all over the world and Japanese enthusiasts have a very promising future when they see Tweet that their country is pleased to appear as a screened character. I think that this 4-frame manga will further convey the settings and individuality of each flag book, so if you can enjoy the world of characters more and more and sometimes write illustrations, I would like to see all the staff. It is a project that has just been born, so it would be greatly appreciated if we could grow up with you. World Flags Management Secretariat: Public Relations: Atsushi Ono Official site: Company Information: Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. Address: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, # 05-01, Singapore Tokyo Branch Office: Oak Akasaka Building 7F, 7-1-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Image 6

For more information about this release(Japanese): ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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