Ventus Co., Ltd. Electronic trading card trading service whooop! Has started selling trading cards for Japan and Japan representing volleyball!

Ventus Inc.
Electronic trading card trading service whooop! Has started selling trading cards representing Japan and Japan for volleyball!
The first is 25 players appearing as electronic trading cards! Collect trading cards and support volleyball men and women from Japan. ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Ventus Co., Ltd. (President: Yuta Umezawa) has collaborated with the Japan Volleyball Association (hereinafter referred to as the Japan Volleyball Association) on the “electronic trading card” trading service “whooop!” We are pleased to announce that we will begin selling electronic trading cards representing Japan’s volleyball men’s and women’s representatives as the first national sporting group in Japan.



■ How to enjoy Japan Volleyball Association x whooop!
In December 2019, the electronic trading card trading service whooop! Decided to sell the electronic trading card representatives of volleyball men and women as Japan’s first national sporting team in cooperation with the Japan Volleyball Association. did.
Users will be able to enjoy Japan’s representatives of volleyball men and women while enjoying the collection of trading cards.
・ First card pack page
Men (12 types): Girls (13 types): Sales price: 300pts per piece (points in service)
* In-service points are 1 point = 1 yen and can only be purchased and used within whooop!
* Consumption tax will be charged when points are purchased. * By spending points, you can purchase 1/5/10/30/100 cards from the card pack. Each card included in the card pack has an upper limit, and each card is randomly ejected with a probability corresponding to the remaining number.
While collecting trading cards, let’s support the players who are active in Japan Volleyball!
■ About whooop!
whooop! is a service where sports teams and athletes issue online trading cards and fans collect them.
Fans can support their beloved teams while enjoying a collection of cards and receive special benefits from the card collection. “Fan ranking” for each team is also implemented from card collection. You can prove your “fan degree” to other fans.
Give your team new ways to get funding from your fans.
Then, through card collection and its use, fans can “join” the team and become “part of the team” more.
We propose a new relationship between fans and teams in the sports world with whooop!
■ Company information
Company name: ventus Inc.
Ventus Co., Ltd. is a startup company engaged in sports /
entertainment business that revolutionizes entertainment through technology.
Developed “whooop !,” an electronic trading card trading service that allows sports teams to raise funds from fans.
Address: Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Yushima 3-39-5 Larebe Yushima 201 Established: November 1, 2017
Director: Yuta Umezawa, Representative Director

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