Shueisha Co., Ltd. Knights Tatsumi, the first single book “Excuse why Kanto performers can’t win with M-1” surpasses 100,000 copies!

Shueisha Co., Ltd.
Knights Jun, the first single book “Excuse Kanto Geisha Can’t Win with M-1” exceeds 100,000 copies!
Decided to serve as jury for the M-1 Grand Prix 2019 for the second consecutive year

Comedy Combinates Nobuyuki Tsuji, the first single book “Excuse Why Kanto Geisha Can’t Win M-1” (published by Shueisha) has surpassed 100,000 copies.
In the M-1 Grand Prix 2008, 2009 and 2010, he advanced to the final for the third consecutive year. In 2018, this work was a thorough dissection of comics by entertainer Nobuyuki Tsuji who served as an M-1 Grand Prix judge. A new design belt commemorating the breakthrough of 100,000 copies will be completed at this time when Mr. Tsuji who has been decided as a judge of the “M-1 Grand Prix 2019” to be held on December 22nd (Sunday) will gather more attention. did.

“The real book I wanted to read the most now.
“I was surprised if I could show my hands so much.”
“I was impressed by the cool analysis and passion for Manzai” …. Looking at the hot voices received from the readers, this book that Mr. Tatsumi, an active comic artist, thoroughly analyzed the material including other combinations and revealed “trade secrets” You can see that this book is suitable for “Manji Bible”.
“Books to be treated as cultural anthropology”
“A book that made me think about life” …
At the same time, it is not just a comic story, but a cultural theory that discusses the differences between east and west in conversation and communication. It can be said that the aspect of life and business as a way of life gives this book even more depth. The upcoming M-1 Grand Prix 2019 final is not too late. If you read “Excuse”, there is no doubt that “the way you think about M-1 will change” as if you hit the knees many times and it seems to be a habit!
* The inside of the brackets is from the reader’s voice sent to the editorial department (“love reader card”)
[Recommended comment]
Sandwichman Date Mikio Date “It’s so interesting. Something makes me regret. ] TV TOKYO Nobuyuki Sakuma “It’s like adolescence, but it’s as hot as youth. ] [Contents]
What is the M-1 victory method, the strong point of successive champions who can understand just because he could not become an M-1 champion?
From topics such as “ Tsukomi heyday ”, “ Kanto entertainer’s strength ”, “ Free talk ” to the secret story of the birth of “ Yaho Mansai ”,
The owner of “absolute comic talent” can be fully admired. I have been thinking about why I’m excited for over 40 years. Manzai Bible is born here!
◆ Contents

Prologue: “I chose Marbled Meisei”
Chapter 1 “Kingdom” Osaka is a brazilian Brazil
Chapter 2 “Technology” M-1 runs 100 meters
Chapter 3 “Me” Yahoo Manzai Birth Story
Chapter 4 “Counterattack” Non-Kansai Anta, Sand and Punk that made impossible possible
Chapter 5 “Challenge” Breaking the Dojo to Yoshimoto
Chapter 6 “Revolution” South Can Lullaby, Audrey Jazz
Epilogue “Holy Land for the First Time in 10 Years.
[Author Biography]
Knights Nobuyuki Hanawa
Entertainer. Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1978. Vice President of Manzai Association. In 2001, the comedy combination “Nights” was formed with Nobuyuki Tsuchiya.
After 2008, advance to the M-1 Grand Prix final for the third consecutive year. Manzai Rookie Grand Prize, Comedy Hope Grand Prize, NHK New Artist Award Grand Prize, 9th and 10th Beat Takeshi
Entertainment Entertainment Japan Performing Arts Award, Asakusa Performing Arts Award New Face Award / Encouragement Award, 68th Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival Popular Entertainment Division Excellence Award He has won many awards including the 67th Artistic Award for Popular Performing Arts Division, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Interviewer Kei Nakamura Writer. Received the Kodansha Non-Fiction Award for “Overwined Director”.
[Bibliographic information]
Name of Book: Excuse Why Kanto Geisha Can’t Win with M-1
Author: Nobuyuki Tsuji Interviewer: Kei Nakamura
Price: ¥ 820 + tax
ISBN: 978-4-08-721087-3
Issue: Shueisha Co., Ltd.
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