【Bizreach Co., Ltd.】 “HRMOS (Harmos) adoption(image character:Ruka Matsuda)” to start the TV commercial broadcast from June 22 (Sat)

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“HRMOS (Harmos) adoption” to start with human resources in the cloud “TV commercial broadcast started from June 22 (Saturday) “Human resource utilization cloud” first CM by Bize reach company …………………………………………………………………………………………
“HRMOS (Harmos) Hiring” managed by Bizreach Co., Ltd.
(Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Soichiro Minami) will broadcast a television commercial on June 22, 2019 (Sat).

CM Video URL: https://youtu.be/2Z0iEkBZoT0


■ About recruitment management cloud “HRMOS adoption” HRMOS adoption is a cloud service that can streamline operations and improve the speed of recruitment through centralized management of recruitment operations.

Some companies have reduced their hiring operations by 75%.
In addition, data can be used to visualize and analyze hiring activities, making it possible to make strategic hiring decisions based on data, leading to effective hiring.
In addition, HRMOS hiring has established a user community, a customer success team, offers hiring know-how and holds study sessions for users, and provides comprehensive support necessary to strengthen hiring of companies.
“Recruitment Success We aim to be a Platform.
(URL: hrmos.co/saiyo/)

■ CM story With the diversification of work styles and intensifying competition for acquiring human resources, while the importance of personnel affairs in a company increases, the work of the personnel department and recruiters becomes more complicated.
We are busy with complicated tasks and do not spend time on strategic work.
The stage of this CM is the personnel department of a company that has trouble with such hiring business.

CM starts from the place where Ruka Matsuda

who is an image character of HRMOS announces the “trouble worries ranking of recruitment” which our company added up.

The third place of trouble ranking of employment is “one day is over by schedule adjustment”, and the second place is that “password of resume is not found”.
And the first place is “The interviewer’s report is late”.
All recruiters are aware of the burden of daily recruitment work.

Ruka Matsuda, who calls “Harmos!”

While taking a Harmos pose, looking at employees in the human resources department who have troubles.
When all the personnel departments look back and ask “Harmos?”, They call out “Harmos!”

Along with the narration that “the hiring business is easier in the cloud”, we proposed “HRMOS hiring” as a solution to the trouble of hiring business.
It is a commercial message with the message “I want to support personnel with speed and efficiency.”

■ CM overview Broadcasting period: From June 22nd, 2019 (Sat) Broadcasting area: Kanto (1 prefecture 6 prefectures)

■ Introduction to cast

Ruka Matsuda Profile

Born October 30, 1995.
I am from Okinawa Prefecture.
In 2016, the heroine of “Masked Rider Ex-Aid” (EX) was a major player.
In August 2017, Riga espaniola’s digest program, WOWOW “Liga digest!” Become a Lee Girl to live up the program in the program.
Her is also an MC at “Tokyo Leisure Time-TOKYO hi-IMAGINE-” (NTV) currently on air.
In the film, her has appeared in “Billionaires” (2018), “BACK STREET GIRLS-Gokdorz-” (2019), “Movie bet Kegurui” (2019), and “Toshimaen” (2019).
The regular appearance on Dora “So I guessed” by NHK in the period of July 2019 is also on the way.

In addition, her first photo collection “Ruka Matsuda 1st.
Photo Album RUKA / LUCA” is on sale.

■ shooting episode Dentsu Creative Director, Kin Su Bon Comment The target of this time is the personnel department, which is busy with hiring business every day.
It was a big point in producing this CM to have them recognize the name of “HRMOS (Harmos)” for the first time and the service content favorably.
Therefore, the worries of people in the human resources department are incorporated in the beginning of the CM in the form of rankings, and are configured to gain empathy.
The starring actor is Ruka Matsuda, a young actress who won the audition.
The fresh appeal of her combined with the advanced nature of Harmos has created a very positive commercial.
The striking appearance of the “Harmos Pose”, which is determined by the key points, is also of great interest.

■ HRMOS Recruitment Division Business Division General Manager Ryo Furuno Comment “HRMOS adopted”, which Bizreach Inc.
has provided since 2016, is a cloud service that can realize strategic adoption based on efficient operation, improved speed of employment, and data, by centralizing recruitment operations.

Since its release in 2016, it has accumulated more than 700 companies.
With the diversification of working styles, decreasing labor force population, and intensifying competition for acquiring human resources, the importance of personnel strategies such as recruitment activities and initiatives to support the activities of employees is increasing day by day.
At the same time, the human resources department has increased its workload due to the complexity of its operations, and currently it does not spend time on strategic operations.
In this CM, based on the personnel department that is having trouble with hiring business, “HRMOS hiring” conveys the message that the hiring staff will be released from the trouble of daily operation work.
In addition, HRMOS adoption is one of the human resource utilization cloud “HRMOS” series, and “HRMOS” series also provides HRHR evaluation “HRMOS evaluation” from 2019 and employee database “HRMOS CORE” etc.
It has started.
We will work to further support corporate growth through the provision of these services.

■ About Bizreach Inc.
An HR tech venture that operates Internet services centered on human resources from April 2009, with a mission of “expanding options and possibilities in the world with the power of the Internet”.
In addition to the Tokyo head office, it has offices in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Singapore, and employs 1,479 people (as of June 2019).
Bizreach, a career change site that links immediate personnel and companies, and challenging career change site “Caritre”, talented cloud “HRMOS (Harmos)”, job search engine “standby”, business succession M & A platform “Bizreach Succeed” And so on.
Reference URL: www.bizreach.co.jp/