Certified NPO Terra Renaissance Holding a soccer classroom in Uganda, Africa, with Japanese companies and NGOs, providing hope to former child soldiers and refugee youth through football

Authorized NPO Terra Renaissance
Former child soldiers and refugee youths hope through football to hold a soccer class in Uganda, Africa in cooperation with Japanese companies and NGOs
The certified NPO Terra Renaissance (Secretariat: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Shingo Ogawa) is a SOLTILO UGANDA Ltd. (Headquarters (SOLTILO, Inc.): Suita-shi, Osaka, President: Junichi Fujii) Lo Bright Stars FC (Uganda League Division 1) will hold a soccer class on Sunday, January 26, 2020, in Guru, Republic of Uganda. Attention has been paid to the cooperation between sports clubs and NPOs operating in Africa.
In the northern region of Uganda in eastern Africa, about 30,000 children have been kidnapped and used as soldiers by the rebel “God’s Resistance” during a civil war that lasted for about 23 years. The certified NPO Terra Renaissance has been conducting a literacy education and vocational training program for former child soldiers who have returned to the area from the resistance army of God since 2005, and has been working to promote reintegration. By 2019, 231 former child soldiers have returned to society.
SOLTILO Co., Ltd., produced by professional soccer player Keisuke Honda, established a local corporation (SOLTILO UGANDA Ltd.), and since September 2017, has been working on “SOLTILO Bright Stars FC”, a division of the Uganda League Division 1. ) ”Management started. In addition, as a SOLTILO DREAM PROJECT, he has been actively engaged in social contribution activities in Africa, such as providing soccer guidance to underprivileged children in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. This time, a soccer class was held in cooperation with about 50 children, including former child soldiers who have supported the rehabilitation of the society and children of refugees in neighboring South Sudan, who have evacuated to northern Uganda. We are planning to teach soccer by the players of the same team.
“I want former child soldiers and refugee children to enjoy the full potential of their own through soccer. I want to foster the strength to believe in their own potential,” said Shingo Ogawa. President of the Association) expressed his expectations for the soccer classroom. In addition to this, we plan to deepen our cooperation with the company, including Saltillo Bright Stars FC, in Uganda and continue to hold soccer classes.

〇Terra Renaissance certified NPO
Established by Masaya Onimaru in 2001 with the aim of realizing a society where all life can live with peace of mind. Currently, we support mine and unexploded bomb disposal in Laos, Cambodia, support for rebuilding the lives of land mines, and support for reintegration of former child soldiers in Uganda, Congo, Burundi. In Japan, we conduct peace education (training for schools and businesses) and support activities for victims mainly in Otsuchi-cho, Iwate
Prefecture. Received the Japan Foundation’s Global Citizen Award and the Ethics Research Institute’s Global Ethics Promotion Award. President Shingo Ogawa http://www.terra-r.jp
〇 Media coverage
Saga Shimbun / Akita Shimbun / Akita Kaishin Shimpo / Kobe Shimbun / Kyoto Shimbun / Higashi Aichi Shimbun / Mutsu Shimpo / Iwate Sun / Mainichi Shimbun / Kochi Shimbun / Tokyo Shimbun / Chunichi Shimbun / Asahi Shimbun / Kyodo News (other newspapers, Magazine, TV, Radio, Internet Articles)
2008 @ TV Tokyo / Shingo Ogawa appeared in “Kurara Chibana Earth Supporter” 2011 AERA / January 31, 2011 (Asahi Shimbun Publications) Masaya Onimaru broadcasts the Society’s Asia / Africa Support Project and its domestic awareness-raising and policy proposals in “Modern Portraits” 2013 @ TV West Japan / Saturday NEWS file CUBE broadcasts the current situation of Laos, including the site of support for the removal of unexploded bombs by the cluster bombs
2015 @ KYT Kagoshima Yomiuri Television / Smile episode II broadcasts efforts to support construction of primary schools and teachers’ dormitories in Cambodia and Laos
Portrait of Nippon 70 years after the NHK / NHK Special War
NHK / NHK documentary Satomi Ishihara 9 days in Africa, a trip to Africa 2017 @ ABC Asahi Broadcasting / Discovered in Villages around the World! Japanese people in such places (Uganda)
2018 @ NHK / Even if the world ends tomorrow
ABC Asahi Broadcasting / Discovered in Villages around the World! Japanese people in such places (Laos)
2019 @ NHK / NHK Saga “News Now Saga” “I want to meet this person” Fuji TV / Future Runners: The Future of 17
NHK / “Good morning Japan”
NETFLIX / “Ainori African Journey”
受 賞 Awards and awards
2002-32nd Human Power Award (Masaya Onimaru) (Japan Youth Chamber) 2009 12th Global Ethics Promotion Award (Ethics Research Institute) 2012 “ Global Citizen Award ” (The Japan Foundation)
2013 “Ayus NGO Award” New Face Award (Yoshinori Kurita) (NPO Ayus Buddhist International Cooperation Network)
2014 4th “ Free City / Sakai Peace Contribution Award ” (Sakai City) Human Pinwheel Award (Kyoto Omron Regional Cooperation Fund) Nominated for the 3rd “Excellent NPO” Organizational Power Award (Citizens’ Meeting to be an Excellent NPO)
2015 46th Social Contributor Award (Social Contribution Support Foundation) Global Festa JAPAN 2015 Photo Exhibition Grand Prize (NGO category) (Executive Committee)
2016-4th “Nikkei Social Initiative” International Division Award Finalist (Nikkei Inc.)
2017 NGO Organization Strengthening Grand Prize 2017 (Leader Training Division) (Certified NPO International Cooperation NGO Center) The 2nd “Company Certification for the Future 1000 Years” (Kyoto Social Innovation Institute)
5th “Excellent NPO” Organizational Power Award Nomination (Citizens’ Meeting for Aiming for Excellent NPO)
2018 “ Corporate Value Certification ” (Corporate Value Association) 2019 6th “Excellent NPO” Organizational Power Award Nomination (Citizens’ Meeting to be an Excellent NPO)
に つ い て About SOLTILO UGANDA Ltd.
SOLTILO Co., Ltd., produced by professional soccer player Keisuke Honda, was established as a local subsidiary in 2017 under the philosophy of “giving dreams and hopes around the world through sports and keeping them impressed.” Operated a professional soccer club “SOLTILO Bright Stars FC” belonging to the Uganda First Division. In addition to fostering and strengthening African athletes who can play an active part in the world, in 2020, we will provide continuous support for social issues in Africa through soccer, such as holding soccer classes for refugees and former child soldiers.
Representative and GM: Yuta Oba
E-mail: y_ohba @@@ soltilo.com (※ correctly delete two @)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OhbaYuta
[SOLTILO Bright Stars FC]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soltilo_uganda
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Soltilo-Bright-Stars-FC-108266157328293/

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