【TV Osaka Co., Ltd.】 The youthful temperament kiss temptation

TV Osaka Corporation The temptation of youth Ayaka kiss TV Osaka “Present! Moukari Marker Gakuen-Nishi Umeda School-Newspaper Club” July 12 (Fri) 25:40-26:10 Broadcast appearance / Akina Cellulite Spa Red ginger and others ………………………………………………………………………………………… Control & location variety that Akina takes center stage. Private muukari mucker Gakuen Nishimeda school newspaper club’s spoils team members produce scoops related to money and compete until it wins the national newspaper contest. In addition, the newspaper department will carry out interview locations to stock information related to the economy and money. In addition to dispatching plans and goods from programs, SNS will also be recruiting requests from companies for programs at any time. [Image 1

【Program content】 Yamana who works in the karate style with Osuka and Higo (cellulite spa) of the karate club. Yamanai was immersed in the karate type in order to emanate the desire for a kiss that was likely to explode. [Image 2

From left: Akiyama, Yamana (both Akina), Osuka, Higo (both cellulite spas), Inada (red ginger) However, the desire does not seem to be emanated at all, and the words of Yamana’s saying “It seems that it tastes like a kiss”, Osuga and Osamu who are more sowa sowa. Among the three, Akiyama, who has the only kiss experience, exaggerates the desires of the three by typifying the taste of the kiss as “a strawberry sweet taste?” Then, the voice of the heaven, “You guys, do you want to kiss so much?” Kumamoto (red ginger) and Inada (red ginger) came into the club room. [Image 3

Higo (cellulite spa) and Kumagen (red ginger) from the left Akiyama says, “If you want to kiss me that much, I’ll give him Kumamoto-san” …! ? [Image 4

For unforeseen development! ! [Image 5

And, in Binbo Yamana relief plan ,,, [Image 6

How to verify the story! ! ★ prestigious! Moukari Marker Gakuen-Nishi Umeda School Newspaper- ★ The broadcast date and time TV Osaka / every friday midnight 1:40-2:10 ★ http://www.tv-osaka.co.jp/ip4/moukarimakka/

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