Golden tag of meat + carbohydrates coming! “Meat Festival (R)? KARUIZAWA 2019” The ultimate meat bowl, meat bread and meat noodles that can only be eaten here are tasted for 5 days in the gastronomic resort area Karuizawa.

AATJ Corporation Golden tag arrival of meat + carb! “Meat Festival (R)? KARUIZAWA 2019” The ultimate meat bowl, meat bread and meat noodles that can only be eaten here are tasted for 5 days in the gastronomic resort area Karuizawa. “Meat Fess (R)” will recommend with confidence the meat of the new style, such as a steak bowl, Bolognese pasta and stamina full beef curry, come back to Karuizawa! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Another “Meat Festival (R)” that caused a great response last year in Saitama, will be held at the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza on August 10 (Sat)-August 14 (Wed), 2019! We will ban the <Meat + Carbohydrate [Image 1

The “Meat Festival (R)?” Held at Karuizawa and Prince Shopping Plaza on August 10 (Saturday) to August 14 (Wed), 2019 is the “Meat Festival (was held at Karuizawa) “R)?” Opened the carbohydrate menu not offered! “Meat Festival (R)” proposes a total of 10 items with a full scale arrangement menu such as <meat bowl, meat noodles, meat pasta■ If you eat a bite, it's too delicious! Melted Wagyu beef and white rice with golden tag 丼 The steak bowl provided by "Akutomi Tenho" uses Miyazaki beef, the highest peak in Japan, carefully selected by the eyes of the producer. Seasoning is simple with wasabi soy sauce so that you can enjoy the rich taste of the meat itself. Use the finest red meat from carefully selected domestic beef, not the eel, but the bull's-eyebash is from "Hamburg-Hamburg-". A sweet sauce that matches well with white rice and Kyoto soup will further enhance the taste of meat. [Image 2

■ The pasta of Michelin Guide’s store and the spicy noodles that are inevitable. The Italian restaurant “Ristorantezuki” in Meguro-Tokyo University has been part of the battle with Bolognese, a domestic beef that has been loved by many since its establishment. Please enjoy the recipe of Michelin chef’s signature which brought out the taste of the beef to this occasion by all means. In addition, the meat noodles that Seoul food hot noodles loved in Miyazaki and A5 rank domestic Japanese beef collaborated from “Keikaka”. The blended soup with chili peppers and the aroma of leeks that stimulate your appetite are perfect for improving your appetite this season! Healthy konjac noodles are also good for women who care about calories. [Image 3

■ Popular parts of yakiniku also dodon and salmon style! If you are looking for a firm and fleshy meat, we recommend the beef harami salmon from “Omotesando Lounge 1908”. The fragrant fried onion and the grated onion sauce are the best match with the soft harami. In addition, beef tongue porridge of “Ginza WORLD DINER” which always provides high rank beef tongue menu in grilled meat popularity ranking, beef tongue of good quality and crunchy and specially made salt sauce are mixed with hot white rice, it is bliss Produces a taste. Furthermore, for the first time this time, the “Sakai” offers curry rice that is popular for all ages, young and old alike. Curry that uses the Fukushima Prefecture certified brand “Fukushima beef” which luxury tastes overflowing so much that it bites extravagably, is sure to bring back the tongue of meat enthusiasts! Famous for its meat fess specialties, “Drinkable hamburger” is decided to participate in the arrangement menu with rice topped with cheese in a specially made demiglass sauce. “Carbon-grilled meat now” meat sushi, you can enjoy the fragrant and unique texture of Tottori Japanese beef. In addition, “EFE KEBAB” proud of original sauce and fried chicken using chicken from Nagano prefecture also appear! The sweets also offer a new sense of shaved ice from “North Cotton Snow” where you can enjoy a fluffy texture like cotton snow. Let’s go over summer by eating meat dishes with full stamina while enjoying shopping at Karuizawa Prince shopping plaza! [Image 4

[List of branch stores] Chicken kebab Beef Hare’s Rice Ball Extreme Uma beef tongue rice Tottori Japanese beef grilled sushi Miyazaki Beef Spicy Noodles The island of curry <壽Miyazaki beef large toro steak bowl Hamburger’s special cheese demigulasu that you can drink Extreme beef 牛 つ Shinshu Fukumi Chicken Juicy Momo Fried / Shinshu Pork 100% Sausage (2 types) Ristorante Bolognese Cotton snow (strawberry / mango / chocolate / milk)
[Meat festival (R) KARUIZAWA 2019] summary ・ Holding date: August 10 (Saturday) to August 14 (Wed), 2019 ・ Open hours: 10: 00-19: 00 ・ Venue: Meat festival special venue in Karuizawa / Prince Shopping Plaza (Karuizawa-cho, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture) ・ Organizer: TV Shinshu ・ Co-hosted: Nagano Prefecture ・ Support: Karuizawa Tourism Association, JR East Japan Nagano Branch, Shinano Railway Co., Ltd. ・ Planning / operation: AATJ Corporation ・ Cooperation: Karuizawa ・ Prince shopping plaza ・ Special cooperation: Japan Meat Co., Ltd. ・ Price: Admission fee free (extra charge for food and drink) ※ Seat ticket (700 yen / piece), electronic money available ・ Official site: ・ Twitter: ・ Facebook: ・ Instagram: ※ Food and drink, bottles and cans can not be brought into the venue. ※ There is no electronic money charger in the hall, so please come in advance with the necessary amount charged. ※ Because traffic congestion is expected, please use public transportation before coming. ※Rain or shine. In the case of stormy weather, there is a possibility that I will cancel it. “Meat Festival (R)?” Is a registered trademark of AATJ Corporation.

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