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  • Y! Mobile After school drama series “Parasuku” collaborates with HoneyWorks!

Y! Mobile After school drama series “Parasuku” collaborates with HoneyWorks!

Softbank Corporation Y! Mobile After school drama series “Parasuku” collaborates with HoneyWorks! Illustration of Yamako drawing down, and furthermore, a powerful tag of singing by the south (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) draws the familiar beginning of the main character Couples of the undisclosed drama with a music video!


Comment by Toyonaga Toshiyuki “I am honored to be mixed with the story that this is youth!” ‘Parallel School DAYS’ is on YouTube on weekdays at 4 PM! From 2006, Harajuku · Takeshitadori street will be accompanied by performer signature “smart type” outdoor advertisement also appeared!

Official website: https: //ymobile.jp/sp/parasuku/
Can I confess / / HoneyWorks feat. South (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga)
【# Parasque】
0 th episode: https://youtu.be/1UnhwGlCFWA

SOFTBANK CORP. Distributes the second school drama series “Parallel school DAYS” produced by “Wy – Mobile” from Monday, February 18, 2019 at 4:00 on weekdays on the Wy – Mobile Official YouTube channel I will. Actor · Actor · Takahashi Hikaru, Actor · Kai Sho Makoto, YouTuber Ratter’s · Hayashin, Yume · Ad · Shida Tomomi, Ritter’s Cyberman, SNS Creator / Actress · Ogi Rei Reika, Popteen Exclusive Model · Riko, Genderless Girls · Nakayama Sakuzi and others appear and the mysterious contents of high school students are being toppled into the two worlds of the real world (2 years B group) and the world of SNS (another 2 years B group). After the drama release, various comments such as “Fun of the day finally came”! “” Oh yeah, it makes me feel too much “arrived from viewers as well. This time, the unpublished story until Shiori (Takahashi Hikaru) and Tomi Saki (Kai Sho Maki) goes on, which was not drawn in the drama main part, will be released on February 23 (Saturday) as episode 0. Episode 0 is a music video of a new song “I do not mind confessing”, and expressing the feelings Misaki held in Shiori until she was associated with lyrics and images. Mr. Yamako of HoneyWorks is in charge of illustration, south of the handsome character (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) born from the campaign of “Wy Mobile” is responsible for singing, further strengthening “Parallel school DAYS” which the powerful tag is boiling. From February 26 (Tuesday), smart-type outdoor advertisement with performer’s autograph will appear at Harajuku · Takeshitadori street for a limited time.

■ Song Title: “Can I Confess?”
■ Release date: February 23, 2019 (Saturday)
■ Screenplay: Eri Yoshida TV drama “Hana Hana Hare ~ Hanayo Next Season ~”, Movie “Sensei Monarch”
■ Songwriting · Composition · Arrangement: HoneyWorks
■ Song: “HoneyWorks feat. South (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga)”
■ Guitar: oji, bass: Kobayashi Osamu, Piano: Kei Utsuno, drum: Yuki Leon, Chorus: Gom, strings arrangement: Hiroaki Tsutomu, Strings: Daisuke Kadowaki Strings, Illustration · Movie: Yamako
■ URL: https: //youtu.be/1UnhwGlCFWA

Voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s comment

It is an honor to be mixed in the story “This is youth!” I think that I am truly happy to think that everyone may have a nice youth and may be able to help them. It is more than anything if you can push the back of everyone in the middle of youth through “Parallel School DAYS”. Better or bad, all together, please have a wonderful youth …! ! · Profile Toshiyuki Toyonaga Appear on the stage · movies · drama etc after appearing on the stage of the stage (musical) at the age of 10. After making a voice actor debut in 2002, I will play a leading role in many topical works. Started artist activities as a singer-songwriter since 2013. After indies and major, he is currently working on his own label “T’s MUSIC”. In 2018 he received the 12th “Voice Actor Award” leading actor award. · What is HoneyWorks?

HoneyWorks (common name: Haniwa) is a creator unit that exceeds 400 million times the total number of related videos active on video posting sites such as Nico Nico Videos, YouTube and so on. Musicality is mainly based on positive type lock called “Kyunkyun type” “youth group”. On January 29, 2014, Major Debut · Vocaloid Best Album released “I love you for a while”. Oricon album Weekly chart first recorded 4th recorded. After that, 2nd album “I am useless? ~ Confession executive committee ~” recorded 2nd place on the release date Oricon Daily Chart and 4th place on weekly chart. In addition, it won first prize in the Amazon ranking grand prix 2015 first half animation (music), and was also certified as Reco cooperation gold disc of April 2017. “LIP × LIP” (Yujiro · Aizo / CV: Uchiyama Gentei · Shimazaki Nobunaga) was a male idle unit born from the confession executive committee series, and the total number of related videos has exceeded 21 million times for related videos. Anime movie based on HoneyWorks song “Love for a long time ago ~ Confession Executive Committee ~” achieved the first week box office revenue ranking number 8, total mobilization 250 thousand, box office revenue 300 million yen. HoneyWorks original idea small The theory has become a best seller that breaks the cumulative total of 2.4 million copies. HoneyWorks Official Site: http: // honeyworks.jp <Y! Mobile After school drama series “Parallel school DAYS” overview>
■ Title: Y! Mobile After school drama series “Parallel school DAYS” (abbreviation: “Parasque”)
■ Cast: Takahashi Hikaru (actress), Kai Yoshimasa (actor), Hayashin (YouTuber), Yoshimi Shida (model / idol) Cyberman (YouTuber), Ogiwai Reika (SNS Creator / Actress), Riko (model), Nakayama Sakiyuki (actor / model)
■ Drama Theme Song: Frederick “Endless May Day”
■ Screenplay: Eri Yoshida TV drama “Hana Hana Hare ~ Hanayo Next Season ~”, Movie “Sensei Monarch”
■ Director: Michito Fujii Movie “Day and Night” / Yamaguchi Kenzato Movie “Still, I Want a Dream” / Ozaka Yuan Drama “Nippori Boro Innoguchi”
■ Creative Director: Shota Hatanaka Drama “From the Chime After School”
■ Delivery schedule: From February 18 (Monday), delivery on weekday afternoon at 4 pm on Wy mobile official YouTube channel (20 episodes)
■ Advance movie: https: //youtu.be/IY13r5za6zQ
■ Main part: [Published February 18]

Episode 1: https: //youtu.be/ORHuqpQuYME

【Published February 19th】
Episode 2: https: //youtu.be/A9MmOOQabNY 【Published February 20th】 Episode
3: https: //youtu.be/aVklJSzhLA 8 【Published February 21】 Episode
4: https: //youtu.be/4aKLSXQxNZA 【Published February 22】 Episode
5: https: //youtu.be/ZWe5Z5tjtAw


“The classroom is becoming a gradation.” School girl high school student who has no confidence in myself and does not stand out at school, I had a boyfriend of six months dating. That opponent is Misaki of a military boy who everyone admires. I thought that there was nothing to do with it, Shi Nori who got the love of Noise seemed to be sending a fulfilling day. But she had a secret that could not be said to anyone. One day, as a result of a certain incident, Shiori wanders into a mysterious world. I am somewhat inconspicuous to the popular class of the class. That girl who was the center of everyone is in the corner of the class. There, the hierarchy of the classmate was reversed, It was another 2 years B group. The usual classroom, something different from usual classmate, another world. Will Shiori be able to escape from this world? That mysterious youth is on its way.

For details on this release:


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