[INFORICH Co., Ltd.] Smartphone rental “ChargeSPOT” first TV commercial “Pikachu ni Kokoro ni Pikachu” August 8 (Thursday) starts!

INFORICH Co., Ltd. TV charger rental “ChargeSPOT” first TV commercial “Pikachu in this place” Hen August 8 (Thursday) start! INFORICH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Hironobu Akiyama) announces that the first TV commercial will be broadcast from August 8 (Thu). Smartphone rental “ ChargeSPOT ” started service in April 2018 based on the concept of “ anywhere can be borrowed and returned anywhere ”, focusing on stations, airports, commercial facilities, restaurants, convenience stores, public facilities, etc. The installation place is expanded. The first TV commercial this time will start from the appearance of a young man who is struggling to run out of smartphone power. Pikachu and ChargeSPOT are there when we turn around to the cute voice that we are familiar with. The young man is surprised to learn that you can borrow a smartphone charger at ChargeSPOT. The young man who was able to charge the smartphone safely with ChargeSPOT thanked Pikachu and walked to the city with satisfaction. We expressed the charm of ChargeSPOT that can be borrowed and returned anywhere for the problem of “smartphone is out of charge” that everyone faces.

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Pikachu in this place

: https://youtu.be/tvktrWD980M In parallel with TV commercials, Pikachu in-car advertisements have been running from August 1st. We hope that more people will know and use “ChargeSPOT” as a result of this TV commercial and advertisement in the car.

■ “ChargeSPOT” service

Japan’s first smartphone charger rental “ChargeSPOT”. As for the rental method, simply scan the QR code of the battery stand with the app. In just one year from the launch in April 2018, it has spread to 47 prefectures throughout Japan, and is expanding globally in Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan. When you go out, you do n’t have enough power to charge your smartphone. You can use the app to find a nearby battery stand, borrow a battery, and return it to another battery stand. In addition to the “ChargeSPOT” dedicated app, it is now possible to use the service from within the LINE official account, and even if the dedicated app has not been downloaded in advance, the service can now be used on the spot. .

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■ How to use “ChargeSPOT”

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Download the app and register for an account. Search the location of the battery stand in the app and go to the battery stand you want to use. Scan the displayed QR code. If you take out the mobile battery that comes out of the battery stand slot and connect the corresponding cable, you can charge various devices on the move. Search for the nearest battery stand with the app and insert the mobile battery into an empty slot to complete the return.

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Service explanation video: https://youtu.be/maYh4oCqVUU

■ Charge 300 yen

for up to 48 hours (150 yen for the first hour) After 48 hours, the battery will not be returned for 2,280 yen. * Excluding tax

■ Battery specifications

Capacity: 5,000mAh Supported standards: Lightning cable, micro USB, USB type C

■ Company Profile

Head Office: A-6A 6-31-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Representative: Chairman, Hironobu Akiyama (Chen Nikka) Established: September 2015 Phone number: 03-4500-9210 URL: https://www.chargespot.jp Business description: ChargeSPOT mobile battery sharing service / Digital signage / Domestic and overseas consulting and marketing Service / Hardware, Software development / Advertising / Data related

■ Press Inquiries

INFORICH Inc. ChargeSPOT Public Relations Department PR manager Kimura Tel: 03-4500-9210 Mail: press@inforichjapan.com Click here for details on the introduction of ChargeSPOT https://www.chargespot.jp/business.php

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000056.000033521.html https://prtimes.jp

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