[SAKELOGY Co., Ltd.] September 13th (Friday), “Hiyaoroshi” is lifted! SAKELOGY, a sake service tool for restaurants, is used in a campaign run by the Ishikawa Prefecture Brewery Association.

SAKELOGY Inc. September 13 (Friday), “Hiya-Goshi” lifted! SAKELOGY, a sake service tool for restaurants, is used in a campaign run by the Ishikawa Prefecture Brewery Association. “Hiya-oroshi” is an autumn feature that brews sake brewed in the cold winter months until the end of summer, and is a mild and tasteful sake. Ishikawa Sake Brewery Association, Hokuriku Sanken Wholesale Liquor Association and Ishikawa Retail Liquor Association Federation, a joint campaign of “Ishikawa Hiya-oroshi” will be released from September 13 in 28 prefectures. . A startup-specific SAKELOGY service specializing in sake was adopted to promote the sale.
▼ The role of SAKELOGY in the “Ishikawa Hiyashishi” promotional campaign SAKELOGY is a tool that makes it easy to obtain detailed information on these 28 stocks by simply reading the QR code with a smartphone. Moreover, since the language can be switched to English with a single tap, it can also be used to welcome foreign tourists. For restaurants, it is possible to capture inbound demand that has been increasing in Ishikawa Prefecture in recent years. In addition, the pairing function that introduces sake that goes well with the restaurant’s recommended dishes will contribute to increasing sales of both dishes and sake. The sake menu can be easily created on the SAKELOGY system. If you are in a restaurant with seasonal liquor like Hiya-oroshi, you will always have to make a new menu, but with SAKELOGY it takes less than 3 minutes. In addition to the introduction of this year’s Hiya-Goshi campaign, the Ishikawa Hiya-Goshi campaign will also open a website where you can find “Where you can drink” and “Shops that you can buy”. On the website, the store icons are arranged on the map so that you can see them at a glance. When you select the store you are interested in, google map will guide you to the store.
▼ Hiyashi Ishikawa “Drinkable Shop” and “Buyable Shop” website (released on September 13) www.ishikawa-sake.jp/seasonal/2019/hiyaoroshi/ [Image 1

Web pages of shops where you can drink and buy “Hiya-Ishikawa” are available!

▼ “Hiyaoroshi Menu Creation Campaign” for restaurants offering sake! [Image 2

This is a sample of the Hiyaoroshi menu. (English ver) The stock information registered in SAKELOGY is not limited to hiyora, but over 5000 stocks. Especially in Ishikawa Prefecture, with the cooperation of brewers, the number of registered brands has exceeded 500 and is still increasing. SAKELOGY is running a campaign that allows you to try out the Premium Plan, which allows you to use all the functions, for a month free of charge, in line with the current hiyora sale campaign. On this occasion, we will further support restaurants that are worried about making sake menus, explaining to customers, staff training, English correspondence to overseas customers, and explaining compatibility of sake and cuisine!

▼ “Hiyaoroshi menu creation campaign” benefits We offer special benefits for shops that have created a menu with SAKELOGY. We offer you 8 free “Ishikawa Hiyashishi POP” per store! [Image 3

“Hiyaoroshi menu creation campaign” benefits
▼ Click here for details, registration and usage of SAKELOGY service 【home page】 http://sakelogy.jp/shop/ [How to use video] [No.1] Before starting SAKELOGY: https://youtu.be/dovKxn1L6hg [No.2] Registering stocks: https://youtu.be/uj-hTzu95e8 [No.3] Cooking settings: https://youtu.be/XtGd55Fb7FY [No.4] Check PDF menu and URL: https://youtu.be/2Nwc1Lq3znw
Inquiries regarding this matter ────────────────────── SAKELOGY Inc. Contact: Hoshino, Tomoki Email: info@sakelogy.jp HP: sakelogy.jp/ Click here for press materials drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QTerxlfgeFLz04UK7wL-qEYl5fLxbf-6?usp=sharing ──────────────────────

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