【CCC Media House Co., Ltd.】 To the next flower group top star! Witness the beautiful moment of Reika Yuka.

CCC Media House Co., Ltd. To the next flower set top star! Witness the beautiful moment of Reika Yuka. Now on sale in Figaro Japan! ………………………………………………………………………………………… A fascinating Rhapsody playing in London. [Image 1

From the August issue of Figaro Japon (released on June 20) The August issue of Figaro Japan, the magazine, features a hot topic in Taiwan, which has been a resurgence in Asia. Not only Taipei, but also Taito, Taichung, Tainan and thorough coverage that delved into the culture of the area, we will send you “Unexpected Taiwan.” At a limited store in Ashiya Shoten, UV gel from Gangwon has become a bonus supplement and sales are strong. [Image 2

From the August issue of Figaro Japon In this issue, the Takarazuka Opera Group Hanagumi’s Hikari Kasumi, featuring videos on the official site of the fashion brand Joseph (Joseph), has appeared. Hikari Ayaka, who was decided to become the next flowering group top star, will wear the latest pre-fall collection in London, which is the origin of the brand. A modern, classic city and a variety of facial expressions that will make your face shine in a dramatic fashion story. In addition, this Fall / Winter pre-collection, with colors and textures inspired by Elsa Peretti’s jewelry collection, will be titled “JOSEPH // FLOWING EMOTION in LONDON” at Joseph on the 5th floor of GINZA SIX and on-site Jaws Cafe. The exhibition is being held. A limited-time menu also appears in the cafe, and it will end in a little more until July 15 (Mon), so check this earlier too. “JOSEPH // FLOWING EMOTION in LONDON” https://madamefigaro.jp/fashion/news/190625-joseph.html “JOSEPH [Joseph]” www.joseph.jp/ Figaro Japon August issue special price ¥ 750 Click here to purchase from Amazon こ ち ら https://amzn.to/2xGxStd CCC Media House Media Promotion Bureau Tel. 03-5436-5730 (10-17 weekdays)

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