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  • [Congratulation first anniversary! Home-based employment support project OKOSHI to solve difficult-to-see social problems “want to work”!

[Congratulation first anniversary! Home-based employment support project OKOSHI to solve difficult-to-see social problems “want to work”!

Non profit organization Monkey Magic [Congratulation first anniversary! Home-based employment support project OKOSHI to solve difficult-to-see social problems “want to work”! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Business partners are expanding! To commemorate the first anniversary of the transcription service, we will introduce the comments received from each industry! The non-profit corporation Monkey Magic (hereinafter referred to as “NPO corporation Monkey Magic”, representative director Koichiro Kobayashi), which operates under the concept of “can’t see even a wall that can not be seen.” The first anniversary of [Image 1

■ Comments from business partners (partly) Professor Kazuyuki Noguchi, Professor, Institute of Physical Education, Keio University Activities to spread the enjoyment of camping and outdoor activities for people who need various consideration and support due to various problems or diseases, or financial problems or family problems etc. (Special Needs Camp Network: SNCN). We have held two forums so far, and we have been able to interact and exchange information with people from various positions. I asked OKOSHI for a transcript of the content. I think that OKOSHI could put up the words that we have told so far in the “letters” and by sending them we could enhance each other’s value. I hope that we can work together to improve the quality of life for people with various needs, such as employment opportunities, fulfillment of leisure time, creation of purpose of life, and so on. Thank you very much for your prompt response. We look forward to further development of our business. <Leverance Co., Ltd. (Education, Research, Business Support) As you carefully transcribe the video and audio of the recorder while looking at the documents, it is very useful when introducing reports and web pages. We asked our clients to record the feature of the news program interviewed. It was a time when I was working on it, but it helped me to finish it in a speedy and easy-to-read format. [Image 2

Use of transcription
■ OKOSHI Business Manager Comments I feel that we have entered the second year of expanding business further in the future. In the first year, the weight to create the inner system was high, and the foundation of the business has been firmly established. For example, at present, communication with at-home employment typists in each area mainly uses chat to measure the efficiency of the contact system, and indirect work time is used for quality improvement. In order to perform noise reduction and echo removal of the received voice data and to work with easy-to-hear voice data, we deliver to suppliers with stable quality. We support our customers as a platform for solving social issues with OKOSHI, whose mission is to earn on the same conditions with or without barriers as a mission. I am happy to have you. We will focus on sales of new orders from now on. Currently, we have an opportunity to explain our business in order to expand the number of contractors. Please contact us at any time if you are interested.
■ About OKOSHI It is a home employment support project that solves difficult-to-see social problems that “want to earn, want to work” held by various minorities (social minors) with or without disability by supporting remote work (home work). . NPO Monkey Magic is a non-profit organization that has been active since 2005, with the aim of expanding the possibilities of people with visual impairment through free climbing. This project started in July 2018 as a new business that encourages social participation in economic activities called “working,” a corporation that has provided exercise opportunities and recreation. Transcription service “OKOSHI” https://okoshi.monkeymagic.or.jp/ [Image 3

Actual / contracted party (part)

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