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Media Aid Co., Ltd. Nexyz Group introduces recruitment service “Bazulik” connected via SNS

Media Aid Co., Ltd.
Nexyz Group introduces recruitment service “Bazulik” connected by SNS -Strengthening recruitment with the power of SNS that conveys the essence-
SNS startup that transforms the industry with the power of social media Media Aid Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryota Kushima, hereinafter “Media Aid”) has launched the SNS recruitment service “Bazulik” provided by the company. We are pleased to announce that we have started providing it to Nexyz Group Inc. (Headquarters location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Taika Kondo, hereinafter “Nexyz Group”).
[Image 1:×809.png] SNS adoption and social background
SNS is attracting attention as a new media that will replace web media, which has played an important role in consumer activities. Especially for the younger generation, especially Generation Z, SNS is already functioning as a place to look for all sorts of tips in life. In the future, under these social trends, corporate recruitment activities and job seekers’ employment / job change activities will shift to SNS, and Bazulik will realize effective SNS recruitment activities.
Overview of this initiative
The purpose of introducing Bazulik this time is mainly the following three. 1. Increased number of applications by expanding new reach
2. Increased interview yield rate for job applications
3. Realization of culture fit after joining the company
In this initiative, as the first phase, we have built a Nexyz Group recruitment account on TikTok and Instagram and started disseminating information about the company, business, and working employees. The account that started operation is as follows.
・TikTok account:
・Instagram account:
In the future, we will expand the adoption of SNS and disseminate the essential value of the Nexyz Group in order to further expand the business of the entire company.
■ Comment from Nexyz Group Representative Taika Kondo
With the changing times, the form of recruitment and the form of job hunting have also evolved. Our company is conducting business activities with the vision of “making common sense that is not yet commonplace.” Although briefing sessions and websites have
limitations, we are looking forward to the possibilities of BuzzRik, which can essentially convey the company’s atmosphere, mood, and thoughts.
■Comment from Ryota Kushima, Representative of Media Aid
We are honored to be able to help Nexyz Group, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime, with recruiting activities using SNS, which is Bazulik’s strength. By supporting transmission activities with videos and images on SNS, we are able to provide effective and efficient recruitment activities. I feel the possibility. Together with Nexyz Group, we will proceed with a project that approaches the “essence of recruitment”.
■About Bazulik of Media Aid
The recruitment service “Bazulik”, which is connected to SNS, is a new-age recruitment service that enables companies to transmit their intrinsic value through SNS and supports recruitment without mismatches.
Based on the know-how and data that MediaAid has cultivated in the SNS operation business, we will provide SNS solutions specializing in recruitment. This service eliminates the problems associated with conventional recruitment and enables effective and efficient recruitment activities.
By maximizing the characteristics of SNS, “Bazulik” provides the following benefits.
1. It is possible to adopt in a form of asset
2. Possible to approach latent layers
3. Direct recruiting is possible
Bazuriku Service Details:
■ Media Aid Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Media Aid Co., Ltd. is an SNS startup that creates corporate value with the power of social media under the mission of “providing communication power to all companies.” It consists of about 80 members, mainly from the Z generation under the age of 25, and produces over 2,000 videos a month, and comprehensively supports SNS recruitment / SNS attraction centered on TikTok marketing. Currently, we are developing SNS operation agency business including TikTok, influencer business, and advertising business.
[Image 2:×353.png] Representative: Ryota Kushima, President and Representative Director Tokyo head office: 8F Aoyama Seven Heights, 1-7-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Osaka branch office: JRE Umeda Square Building 1F, 1-12-17 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0001
Fukuoka branch office: JRJP Hakata Building 3F, 8-1 Hakata Station Central Street, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0012 Established: April 2021
Business description: Providing SNS attracting service “Buzzmarket”, SNS recruiting service “Bazuriku”, SNS operation agency business, influencer business, advertising business
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Media Aid Co., Ltd.
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