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Toyokumo Co., Ltd. Kintone linked service “FormBridge” now has a new function “Virtual Waiting Room”

Toyokumo Co., Ltd.
Kintone linked service “FormBridge” now has new feature “Virtual Waiting Room” -Make DX more convenient for local governments and large companies- ……
Toyokumo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as Toyokumo) is a business improvement platform provided by Cybozu Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihisa Aono, hereinafter referred to as Cybozu). We are pleased to announce that “Virtual Waiting Room” has been implemented as an optional feature in “FormBridge”, a service linked to “kintone”.
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Background of the addition of “Virtual Waiting Room”
FormBridge is a web form creation service linked to kintone and has over 3,000 contracts.
Since 2020, as various organizations have promoted DX through the coronavirus pandemic, the number of local governments and large companies using kintone and FormBridge has increased.
Examples of use include vaccination reservation forms, subsidy application forms, and corporate campaign forms.
We have added a “virtual waiting room” function to help local governments and large companies use kintone to improve their business operations more conveniently.
What is a “virtual waiting room”?
The number of accesses to the form will be determined, and if the limit is exceeded, users will be automatically directed to a virtual waiting room. It displays the congestion situation and approximate waiting time, and automatically guides you to the desired page when it is your turn.
●Virtual waiting room Actual screen
[Image 2
Endorsement from Cybozu Co., Ltd.
We warmly welcome the release of the “Virtual Waiting Room” function provided by Toyokumo Co., Ltd.
Among the more than 300 kintone linked services, FormBridge is one that is increasingly used by local governments and large companies. We are confident that this “virtual waiting room” will contribute to the further expansion of kintone in local governments and large companies.
TOYOKUMO Co., Ltd. has greatly contributed to the expansion of the kintone ecosystem through a variety of kintone-linked services. We will continue to leverage the strengths of both companies and contribute to solving customers’ problems.
Kazumi Tamada, Executive Officer and General Manager of Sales Division, Cybozu Co., Ltd.
Comment from President Yamamoto
Since the coronavirus outbreak, the number of local governments using a combination of kintone and foam bridge has increased rapidly. We are very honored to have been selected as the optimal tool for speedily accepting various applications, applications, and conducting surveys. On the other hand, when local governments use the service, they often start accepting applications all at once due to the large number of residents and from the perspective of fairness, and it is a bit disappointing to wonder if they have been able to adequately handle the amount of access. In some cases, the convenience of responding was compromised due to Form Bridge’s response limit and Kintone’s API limit.
By implementing the “virtual waiting room” function, it is now possible to operate without compromising the convenience and experience of those responding, even when a large number of accesses occur at the same time. Toyokumo Cloud Connect, which was established in November, also provided support, allowing customers to operate the service with greater peace of mind.
We will strive to provide value to any customer, regardless of the scale of access.
What is kintone?
Cybozu’s no-code/low-code tools are used by more than 31,500 companies, including one in three companies listed on TSE Prime. You can create apps tailored to your company’s business without any IT knowledge, and you can easily and quickly make improvements to suit your business, which changes on a daily basis. Its main functions include “database + workflow + communication,” and it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as customer management, business trip requests, and daily business reports, enabling continuous business improvement led by the field.
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Company Profile
TOYOKUMO is a service company that provides cloud services for businesses. We provide a safety confirmation service, a cloud service that links to Cybozu’s “kintone,” and a group scheduler that allows you to easily adjust your schedule.
Trade name: Toyokumo, Inc.
Representative Yuji Yamamoto
Established August 2010
Business content Development/provision of cloud services, development and operation of new services
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