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Okayama University Published Okayama University Public Relations “Ginkgo Namiki” Vol.104

National University Corporation Okayama University
[Okayama University] Published Okayama University Public Relations “Ginkgo Namiki” Vol.104
December 3, 2023 (Reiwa 5) National University Corporation Okayama University
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◆Overview National University Corporation Okayama University (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Okayama City, President: Yasutomo Nasu) has published Vol. 104 of the public relations magazine “Icho Namiki” that introduces the university’s activities (Published: December 2023) 1 day). Please take this opportunity to see it.
[List of contents]● College students and high school students foster dreams together! Okayama Dream Education Initiative Okayama University and the Okayama Prefectural Board of Education have teamed up to present the “Okayama Dream Education Initiative,” an extracurricular activity that provides a place for young people to nurture and challenge their dreams, along with the voices of high school and university students who participated. Let me introduce you!● Okayama University Department of General Technology starts. Technical staff who support Okayama University’s education and research with high specialized skills and knowledge The university-wide organization to which I belong, the General Technology Department, was launched in April of this year. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose of its establishment.● I like it! Okayama University students shine in this issue. Starting from this issue, the title and design of the page introducing student activities has been completely redesigned! We would like to introduce you to a broader and more in-depth introduction to the charms of Okaya University students. – Shine with axolotl research! Ayaka Ooshi, 1st year doctoral student, Graduate School of Environmental, Life and Natural Sciences Ms. Ooshi, who is working on research to elucidate the unknown abilities of the axolotl and aim for results that can be applied to humans, has decided to proceed to the doctoral course. We asked him about the background and the fun of his research!・Shine with Shimane Ai! Yuki Bando, 2nd year Faculty of Law Mr. Bando is from Hyogo Prefecture, but he is the youngest person in history to be appointed as Shimane Prefecture’s hometown goodwill ambassador, “Kijima envoy.” Why Shimane? Why did you choose to go to Okayama University? When I asked this question, I received a satisfying answer!● I knocked on the door of the laboratory -Research professor/research associate professor edition- To researchers at Okayama University We asked simple questions such as “What do you research?” and “Why did you become a researcher?” This time, we knocked on the laboratories of Research Professor Koji Yamada of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine) and Research Associate Professor Kumiko Tsujimoto of the Faculty of Environmental, Life and Natural Sciences (Engineering).● Introducing the winners of the 2020 “Student Sports Award” & “Student Cultural Encouragement Award” At Okayama University, academic Every year, awards are given to students who have achieved outstanding results in cultural activities, sports, etc. This time, we are introducing the winners of Reiwa 4!● OU NAVI Check out OU NAVI to learn about Okayama University’s activities! Click here to view all pages.
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◆Reference/PR magazine “Ginkgo Namiki” (back numbers) University Integrated Report https://www.okayama-u・Okayama University SDGs homepage・Message from President Nasu /tp/profile/message_j.html
◆Reference information
・[Okayama University] Okayama University UNESCO Chair special lecture “3rd Okayama Dream Education Initiative – Discover SDGs produced in Okayama Prefecture!” was held
・[Okayama University] Okayama University UNESCO Chair Special Lecture “The 2nd Okayama Dream Education Initiative – Can your dreams actually win?!” was held.
・[Okayama University] The Okayama Dream Education Initiative has started, where high school students nurture their dreams together! -Holding a startup event-
– Okayama University General Technology Department website launched – Strengthening and promoting the sophistication and diversification of university technology staff in order to realize a research university that co-creates the future of the region and the earth and contributes to global innovation –
・[Okayama University] Revised the “Okayama University Research Policy” with the aim of becoming a research university with the “power” to bring about social change by more reliably realizing Okayama University’s Long-Term Vision 2050.
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