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Home » General Omi Beef Trading Company First in Fukui Prefecture! Yakiniku Sudaku Kuroishi manager will visit the store!

General Omi Beef Trading Company First in Fukui Prefecture! Yakiniku Sudaku Kuroishi manager will visit the store!

General Omi beef trading company
[First in Fukui Prefecture! ] Yakiniku Sudaku Kuroishi manager will visit the store!
Takahiro Kuroishi is a Japanese martial artist and actor. Born in Asahi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Height: 175 cm, weight: 68 kg. Belongs to A4 Co., Ltd. Participating in
On Saturday, December 9th, a one-day manager event will be held by Takahiro Kuroishi, the official ambassador of Yakiniku Sudaku! This will be our first event in Fukui Prefecture, so we look forward to your participation.
[Image 1d103761-66-6174d8dd2960336d4d2c-0.jpg&s3=103761-66-3dc45644b9183c454228a5eb5679cb2a-750x1124.jpg
Sign up here! date and time
Saturday, December 9th
It will be held in three parts.
*Reception will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so please only apply once per group.
*This project is limited to Yakiniku Sudaku’s Instagram followers, so please be sure to follow us when applying.
About the location
56 Erikoshita Aida, Harue-cho, Sakai-shi, Fukui Sudaku Kazoku-tei Fukui Harue store 050-5590-9820
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About meals
On the day of the event, we will have a full course menu (7 items) + all-you-can-drink.
*Course is 11,000 yen/person including tax.
Regarding the announcement of the winners of the event
We will contact the winners via Instagram DM or mobile phone message from our Yakiniku Sudaku account.
Notes regarding this event
◎We will accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis, so please only apply once per group. -What you will need when visiting the store (required by the applicant)-◎This event is an event to prevent resale. When entering the store, you may be required to check your ID to verify purchaser status. Please note. ◎Cancellations made after the reservation is confirmed will incur a cancellation fee. Sign up here! About Omi Yakiniku Hormone Sudaku
[Image 3d103761-66-77dc323fa45646b38277-8.jpg&s3=103761-66-e02dfff7e0aa12ca1aa0b0dc0a8af777-3800x2137.jpg
In January 2019, we opened the first Omi Yakiniku Hormone Sudaku store in front of JR Moriyama Station in Shiga Prefecture. Currently, Shiga Prefecture’s largest Yakiniku local chain with 17 stores in Shiga Prefecture. Our signature menu includes Omi beef delivered directly from a contracted farm and fluffy Omi rice delivered directly from the farm. In addition, app members receive free oolong tea, free refills of kimchi and sunchu, and kids members receive free ice cream.This is a yakiniku restaurant specializing in families. We aim to create a restaurant that is loved by locals, based on the concept of
“Delicious Yakiniku tomorrow as well.” *“Delicious Yakiniku tomorrow too” is a registered trademark of our company.
5 major Sudaku specialties! Introducing our recommended menu! [Image 4d103761-66-2ac5e41239f68236cebe-2.jpg&s3=103761-66-dd9cbec7e8645c60927f8c804b15c74b-3900x2600.jpg
Omi beef lean 990 yen
A timeless specialty! Enjoy the refreshing taste of Omi Beef Lean A4 rank or higher thigh meat. This is a new specialty item that is only available in limited quantity as it is only available for that day in the store.
[Image 5d103761-66-cd84ad71456a59d719d2-3.jpg&s3=103761-66-2860049333bf1f07a5bbe5af38fa8310-3900x2600.jpg
Carefully selected! Omi beef short ribs 1129 yen
A very popular menu since our founding! Omi Beef Short Ribs We only use carefully selected top cuts of Omi Beef ribs, such as “Kainomi”, flank, inside, and vertical ribs. It is characterized by an incredible flavor that comes out by combining it with a secret rubbing sauce. [Image 6d103761-66-f1346016b7ba41b82eb5-4.jpg&s3=103761-66-755f9a9cb557b26d7590163b9a81b96c-3900x2600.jpg
Omi beef small intestine 890 yen
There are very few yakiniku restaurants that carry highly fresh Omi beef small intestine Wagyu offal produced by a specialized trading company, but since we are a wholesaler of Omi beef, we are able to purchase it. Compared to foreign products, the plump feel is completely different. This is a signature menu with many repeat customers.
[Image 7d103761-66-d7b4edfdbd514a65a45a-5.jpg&s3=103761-66-ab9119d54d8052c196125b716e38b043-3900x2600.jpg
Omi rice rice (medium) 140 yen
Fresh, fluffy Omi rice grown in the water of Lake Biwa At contract farmers in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, rice is planted in early spring, harvested in autumn, and each grain is lovingly made by Omi Beef Trading Company employees and part-time staff. I’m growing it. Enjoy it with sweet rice and the exquisite meat sauce.
[Image 8d103761-66-be8f1846554d3c1b9438-6.jpg&s3=103761-66-458516510cd12acd2da3efe75051bd4d-3900x2600.jpg
Yukgaejang soup 790 yen
Signature item on the new side menu! Yukgaejang Soup The new Yukgaejang soup, which is a combination of special miso and carefully selected gochijang, is a recommended menu that is sure to come back again and again.
Free oolong tea! Download the official app of “Omi Yakiniku Hormone Sudaku”! [Image 9d103761-66-c52cd76efac3d49a011d-7.jpg&s3=103761-66-07cc60f69f65ca3a4b8014d6b40e43e7-1241x1754.jpg
-Official App- The “Omi Yakiniku Hormone Sudaku” official app is currently being downloaded and used by more than 50,000 people. For app members, “Oolong tea” is always free. In addition, refills of “Kimchi” and “Sanchu” are free of charge. Points are accumulated every time you visit a store, and you can rank up to “Gold Member” or “Platinum Member” depending on the number of points you earn. There are some strong members who have already been promoted to the highest level of membership rank, “VIP membership.” Also, each time you rank up, you will receive discount coupons and original goods. In addition, don’t miss out on birthday and anniversary presents, as well as campaigns and events exclusive to app members. If you become an app member, the more you go, the more you will enjoy “Omi Yakiniku Hormone Sudaku”. Be sure to download it before your visit!
About us
Company name: Sogo Omi Beef Trading Co., Ltd. Representative director: Tatsuhiro Nishino Head office: 5-2-25 Ai, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture 520-3031 Business details: Restaurant business, franchise business, meat wholesale/meat processing business, export business, ready-made meals Business and tourism website: [Image 10d103761-66-0942e4671396f334e639-9.jpg&s3=103761-66-9830ddd9ff70fb2d874dbb3b40e3d3d6-617x530.jpg

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