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Home » “Value-up strategies for success after M&A and business succession. Individuals can also start a business through small M&A and business succession.” Finance i holds a seminar

“Value-up strategies for success after M&A and business succession. Individuals can also start a business through small M&A and business succession.” Finance i holds a seminar

Finance i Co., Ltd.
“Value-up strategies for success after M&A and business succession. Individuals can also start a business through small M&A and business succession.” Finance i holds a seminar
Things you need to know to avoid failure after small M&A and business succession. Move towards success with a strategy.
Finance i Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Takuro Tanaka. Hereinafter referred to as Finance i) is for those who are thinking about starting a business, side business, or starting a new business through small M&A or business succession. “Individuals can also start a business through small M&A and business succession! What is the buyer’s strategy to avoid failure? We will hold a seminar titled “Value-up strategies for success after M&A and business succession”. Business succession through M&A, which is supported by the government, allows you to start a business with lower risk and aim for early profitability than starting a business from scratch. This is considered to be one of the entrepreneurial strategies for the new era after the coronavirus pandemic. However, even if small M&A or business succession is achieved, what should we do next? What can I do to be successful? The job of M&A matching sites as well as M&A brokers and consultants who pay high fees, such as minimum fees of several million yen, is to sell a product called “M&A.” After selling, they won’t take care of you until you become successful. Based on this, the content will help you reconsider who you should consult with regarding small M&A and business succession.
[Image 1 Application ZOOM We know it’s a busy time at the end of the year, so we’re holding the event early in the evening to take into account the time when year-end parties and other events are scheduled.
Finance i is a registered company under the M&A support organization registration system of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Since our founding in 2014, we have consulted with more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, managers, and sole proprietorships nationwide, mainly in Osaka, providing support for financing and dealing with financial institutions, management improvement, support for starting a business, business revitalization, etc. We have supported business succession such as M&A. Currently, we are responding to more than 100 new consultations every month. This seminar will be held on December 16th, “Succeeding after M&A and business succession”, following the “Preparation for M&A” held on December 2nd and “M&A Execution” held on December 9th. We will share with you the know-how to avoid failure after actually realizing M&A. Although it is divided into three parts, we have designed the plan to be useful no matter where participants come from.
Success does not mean achieving M&A or business succession. What is important is how much the value can be increased once it is realized. ■Seminar overview Date and time: Saturday, December 16, 2023, 16:00-17:30 Fee: Free Online: ZOOM Capacity: 100 people
Seminar details URL Application ZOOM ■Small M&A/Business Succession Seminar Series
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◆Even though businesses are in the black, the number of businesses closing down due to lack of successors is increasing. Increase in revenue growth rate due to business succession and M&A of young managers. Despite being profitable, there are many cases of
“businesses closing in the black” due to lack of successors. According to Tokyo Shoko Research, there were 44,377 companies that were closed, closed, or dissolved across Japan in 2021, and of these, companies that were profitable in the previous period accounted for about 60%. According to the 2021 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises, there is a tendency for small and medium-sized
enterprises to have a higher revenue growth rate as their managers are younger. We also found that companies that have undergone M&A or business succession have a sales growth rate that is higher than the industry average in the five years following the succession, and their profit margins are approximately 20% higher. Furthermore, an analysis by age of entrepreneurs who have undertaken M&A or business succession shows that the growth rate after business succession is higher than the industry average in all age groups, with the younger generation showing particularly high performance. ◆The lecturer is from Finance Eye, which has produced many entrepreneurs who have created
billion-worth businesses in just a few years since its establishment in 2014, and has supported over 10,000 entrepreneurs, managers, and sole proprietorships nationwide. I am. We handle over 100 new consultations every month. Finance i was founded after gaining experience in the finance departments of major financial institutions and listed companies. In particular, we provide management support to start-up entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and individual business owners, with a focus on financing and financing. Using finance as our weapon, we have a track record of supporting a wide range of consultations from business establishment to business transfer, including business revitalization, M&A, management improvement, strengthening relationships with financial institutions, and improving corporate value. In addition to consulting, we have also started business, and together with the managers we support, we are nurturing companies one after another that grow into billions in a few years. We provide the following services using the know-how we have honed by working on highly difficult projects that other companies in our industry would reject. Support for financing M&A support Negotiations with financial institutions Finance strategy Business revitalization Entrepreneur support and development Building a business management system Business improvement and value improvement ” support. ■Target people
Those considering acquiring a company or business through M&A Those who are considering small M&A as a side job or asset management People who want to start a business with less risk
People who are good at and find it rewarding to grow existing businesses rather than start a business from scratch
People who want to start a business by leveraging their strengths Those who want to buy a business through M&A but are thinking about raising funds for the acquisition
Those who are having trouble choosing a business for M&A
[Lecturer introduction] Finance i Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takuro Tanaka Registered under the M&A Support Organization System of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry BATONZ Certified Partner Dream Gate Certified Advisor My Best Professional Certified Expert Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Konan University. While attending school, he belonged to the traditional exploration club and experienced survival on a deserted island. For about 10 years at a major financial institution, he has been engaged in proposal sales to a wide range of people, from listed companies to small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies. As a representative project, we provided multi-billion dollar financing to a foreign pharmaceutical factory. We contribute to the management of many companies, focusing on financing such as asset liquidation. After that, he participated in the startup of a financial company and worked as a financial consultant. At the same time, he also worked in the corporate planning department of a listed company for five years. As a typical example of M&A, a company with an initial corporate value of 800 million yen is realized with a final value of 3 billion yen. As a proposal sales and financial consultant, we have worked with over 1,000 companies. He has particular strengths in business planning and negotiation. When the listed company I worked for negotiated the rescheduling of a loan of approximately 20 billion yen, I was responsible for formulating a restructuring plan and acting as the bank’s point of contact for negotiations, obtaining agreement from all banks (more than 10 banks). . In addition, we will build a relationship of trust with multiple bank representatives to the point where they will consider
countermeasures for the screening department together, and we will maintain principal repayments of 0 yen for the next four years. In addition to providing loans, we also propose a wide range of financing methods and have a track record of meeting the needs of “avoiding insolvency + financing.” In 2014, founded Finance i Co., Ltd. We support the start-ups of entrepreneurs who want to do something useful in society, and have provided numerous start-up loans. In addition, we provide consultation not only to entrepreneurs but also to small and medium-sized business owners who are trying to make some kind of contribution to society, and we also work on raising funds and improving management. Through consulting that leverages our experience and track record in corporate revitalization and M&A, we have achieved a 100% survival rate with a 0% bankruptcy rate for the clients we have continuously supported since our founding. The world of management is always about survival. The survival technique of surviving no matter what may be the result of the experience he gained from his time in the exploration club when he was in university. During the first free consultation, we work closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to provide advice on how to turn their dreams and thoughts into reality, and we have received favorable reviews from many of our clients. This has led to the realization of transactions. ■We also provide examples of successful financing in M&A for business revitalization Many business owners, including entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners, and sole proprietors, have raised funds through start-up loans from the Japan Finance Corporation. I will do Even after we have started business, we continue to raise funds and continue to take on the challenge of managing our business every day, even when we are growing or in times of hardship. At Finance i, we have not only provided start-up financing, but also worked hand in hand with business owners to support them in terms of finance, both during times of growth and during times of hardship. The theme of this seminar is that there are cases in which companies that have had to revitalize their business due to difficulties such as deficits and debt have been able to sell the business through M&A and successfully raise funds after business succession. We deliver real and useful information based on the experience we have provided with Finance i. By providing real information, we hope that business owners will take this as their own business and feel that they are not the only ones working hard.
[Image 4 [Image 5 Response|We also offer free loan diagnosis and free consultation, which are very popular.We diagnose whether entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners, and sole proprietorships can receive a loan, and what measures they can take to make the loan successful. We are holding individual free consultation meetings to plan what is possible.
[Image 6
■Specific service usage image 1. Access the dedicated page and request a free diagnosis from the form (*You can also make a diagnosis from your LINE official account.) 2. Free individual consultation based on the diagnosis results 3. More than 8,000 companies Based on the know-how related to financing, we will prepare a draft plan for the realization of the loan at the first consultation.Plan 4.The consultant should decide for himself/herself whether or not to request Finance i to realize the loan.
[Image 7 [Image 9 [M&A seminars held for buyers and sellers] Loans and financing that are always popular・Seminar to learn from M&A professionals In order to convey more real information and know-how about M&A and financing to entrepreneurs, business owners, sole proprietors, and those
considering starting a side business, we have created a seminar linked to content. We hold a series of seminars. At the seminar, we also answer real-life consultations and concerns from participants, so it is a great seminar for business owners who have concerns and questions about M&A, loans, and financing.■Message to entrepreneurs, managers, and sole proprietors who are taking on business succession and small M&A The Japanese economy will continue to grow through passion. However, to make dreams come true, we need the weapons of M&A schemes, funding, and finance. This process may not be easy, but we hope that the information we provide will help you and bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams. If you have any trouble, Finance i is always available to support you. Your success is our greatest joy.
[Image 10 Finance i Co., Ltd.Finance i is committed to “bringing the vitality of finance to as many companies as possible. Supporting their continued growth.” Based on the philosophy of “contributing to the Japanese economy by contributing to the Japanese economy through business activities,” we support entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and small and medium-sized business owners in raising funds on a contingency fee basis. We actively support business owners who are in difficult situations, and the recipients of our support boast a high survival rate despite the coronavirus crisis. Now that the number of bankruptcies among small and medium-sized enterprises due to zero-zero loans is increasing, we continue to respond to inquiries about financial issues that we receive every day from business owners all over Japan. Through our own web media, various SNS, and LINE official accounts, we continue to disseminate useful and easy-to-understand information to our viewers and readers, supervised by people from major financial institutions, financial consultants, and members of M&A support organizations. The site also provides free content that diagnoses the possibility of obtaining a loan, and is used by many business owners and
entrepreneurs every day. At Finance i, we not only help with financing, but also provide a variety of consultations for business owners. We are registered with the M&A support organization
registration system of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and we also support M&A through business succession and small business succession, and have helped many business owners in difficult situations such as corporate revitalization and management improvement. By leveraging our experience and knowledge, we provide future-oriented support that will help you continue to survive. By starting our activities as a certified partner of BATONZ, one of Japan’s largest M&A platforms, in addition to our existing funding and financing support, we will also be providing business succession and small M&A services for small and medium-sized enterprises. By supporting entrepreneurship and individual M&A through M&A, we will contribute to the creation and development of startups, regional revitalization, and the development of the Japanese economy.
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[Image 12 [Company Profile] Company Name: Finance i Co., Ltd. Head Office Location: 2-3 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture 12nd Ternen Building 5F Representative Director: Takuro Tanaka Business details: Financial support consulting, management support consulting, financing support consulting, entrepreneurship support consulting, M&A support advisory consulting, education and training services such as seminars, events, schools, etc. Establishment: 2014 HP: More details about this release: