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Home » Isshindo Co., Ltd. Isshindo “Christmas Bridal Fair 2023” is being held! For those who are thinking of a su rprise proposal, we will present a flower box for a limited time!

Isshindo Co., Ltd. Isshindo “Christmas Bridal Fair 2023” is being held! For those who are thinking of a su rprise proposal, we will present a flower box for a limited time!

Isshindo Co., Ltd.
Isshindo “Christmas Bridal Fair 2023” is underway! For those who are thinking of a surprise proposal, we will present a flower box for a limited time!
Isshindo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Representative Director: Eijiro Iwama, hereinafter referred to as “Isshindo”), which operates jewelry shops in Nagano and Niigata prefectures, will be holding “Christmas Bridal Fair 2023” until December 25th. We would like to inform you that the event will be held. The event will be held simultaneously at three stores in Nagano Prefecture.
Xmas BRIDAL FAIR2023 (Christmas bridal fair 2023)
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Isshindo is a select shop that carefully selects top orthodox brands from Japan and abroad. We stock the world’s first-class brands, including the popular brand “NIWAKA” and the world’s three major cutter brands. We will be holding a special Christmas-only bridal fair for a limited time until December 25th (Monday). We also have special benefits exclusive to this fair, so please take this opportunity to visit us.
[For a limited time only at the fair] We will give you an “Isshindo Original Preserved Flower BOX” exclusively for surprise proposals. [Image 2d81677-23-b050baaff43b0a8d9635-15.jpg&s3=81677-23-93cb3b471525c47fafcbc5c4f38d3cc6-3900x2600.jpg
We have prepared an “Isshindo Original Preserved Flower Box” as a case for the engagement ring given at the proposal. It is a special BOX using “preserved flowers” whose beauty lasts.
“Rouge” and “Snow” are Christmas-limited colors.
We will give you a box that will create a once-in-a-lifetime moving proposal that will remain in your heart. (Applicable to men who come alone and sign an engagement ring of 250,000 yen or more including tax)
We will prepare a gift for those who make a reservation in advance. During the fair period, we will prepare gifts for those who make a reservation and sign a contract. In December, we will give away a delicious cheesecake from a cheese confectionery specialty store. This is the best dish with a careful balance of ingredients to bring out the natural deliciousness of the cheese.
Main brands handled
[Image 3d81677-23-e7054d135dd168fb55f1-3.jpg&s3=81677-23-0b54123f929b7c69096eddf6c24d6396-1024x1024.jpg
NIWAKA was born in Kyoto, which has a history of 1200 years. The sensibility born from this creates sophisticated designs and the highest quality, giving jewelry an elegant presence. NIWAKA’s jewelry embodies the Japanese aesthetic sense that fascinates the world. ■Recommended designs
Engagement ring/wedding ring “Hatsuzakura”
[Image 4d81677-23-907593bc7b039a6fa11c-14.jpg&s3=81677-23-7f538375b1646b759f9d477c429d114c-2390x2119.jpg
◆Royal Asscher Diamond
[Image 5d81677-23-b6e479e0a4a36c3a1c27-2.jpg&s3=81677-23-ea824430e0f2bd025ef8bcfda1e64807-3900x2600.jpg
A one-of-a-kind diamond cutter loved by royal families around the world and awarded the title “Royal.” As a prestigious company in the Netherlands for 170 years, we continue to pursue the brilliance and beauty of diamonds. Royal Asscher diamonds are characterized by their white, noble brilliance. This diamond is said to be the purest white in the world and is full of transparency. ■Recommended designs Engagement ring “ERA251”
[Image 6d81677-23-0183198ff026cbe1bbd2-10.jpg&s3=81677-23-39061dc87eb04893b9eff4c3966b7355-1407x1407.jpg
Wedding ring “WRB076/WRA066”
[Image 7d81677-23-96146c9a27ce1419d7d4-10.jpg&s3=81677-23-2453b72a49a52816982a26e60ae1d4d9-1500x1500.jpg
◆Lazar Diamond
[Image 8d81677-23-2213625fad268733ee55-0.jpg&s3=81677-23-31e54e5fc3ad2c0f5d593bc453b4a40a-3900x2600.jpg
“The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond.(R)” is a Diamond Cutters brand from New York in the United States that is known as “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond.” In pursuit of perfect beauty, he was the first in the world to successfully create the ideal diamond cut, “Ideal Make,” based on mathematical theory. It is characterized by the strong seven colors of the rainbow and the shine that gives a vivid impression. ■Recommended designs
Engagement ring/wedding ring “Phil”
*This is an Isshindo limited design.
[Image 9d81677-23-e48ce2bf46645051b887-10.jpg&s3=81677-23-9a54a211cfcae1517a53cd92dc931476-3464x2401.jpg
[Image 10d81677-23-7bb5ff0d6a8d27e4658b-0.jpg&s3=81677-23-7b2816dbf6556655f45d1a10342d9ff0-3900x2600.jpg
Monnickendam is a leading British diamond cutters brand.
Our cutting policy is to “give life to the rough stone,” and since our founding in 1890, we have continued to produce diamonds that radiate the sparkle of life. It is characterized by a white and richly sparkling diamond called “Luxury White.” The colors give off a brilliant shine. Its elegant beauty is admired all over the world. ■Recommended designs
Engagement ring “11EN18” Wedding ring “17WR36”
[Image 11d81677-23-5b990b3ae0214e07573c-10.jpg&s3=81677-23-8d3e6ce0d84b6ca432d0ad37bd71bd97-2000x2000.jpg
Characteristics of Isshindo
・One of the few bridal shops in Japan where you can see the world’s three major cutters brands in one store.・A select shop that carefully selects orthodox brands from Japan and abroad, including Japan’s top brand NIWAKA.
Browse carefully selected products at Isshindo stores and choose your ideal wedding ring or engagement ring.
Store introduction
1. Bruges Isshindo
[Image 12d81677-23-7e17ea37a9be902500b8-5.jpg&s3=81677-23-5955d7b568863160cdc82eb7f8b2152f-1000x667.jpg
◆Store information Bruges Isshindo (Takada, Nagano City)
( 1737-1 Oaza Takada, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture 381-0034TEL:
026-263-5550E-mail: info@1sd.jpReservation: *Please feel free to contact us. 2. Isshindo Matsumoto Nagisa store
[Image 13d81677-23-e705c4f2c08cc62d930e-9.jpg&s3=81677-23-2921cfc7fbbbed2a444d131cd6754d03-2756x1868.jpg
◆Store information Isshindo Matsumoto Nagisa store
( 3-10-9 Nagisa, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 390-0841TEL: 0263-24-1177E-mail: info@ Reservation: *Please feel free to contact us. 3. Isshindo Iida Main Store [Image 14d81677-23-6c17b5d6625749b3374c-7.jpg&s3=81677-23-182d1c3ee4903a94981880cc55574078-1654x1102.jpg
◆Store Information Isshindo Iida Main Store
( 111 Kanai Isshiki, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture 395-0805TEL: 0265-24-6663E-mail: Reservation: *Please feel free to contact us.
Group stores
4. Isshindo Sakuragi Inter store
[Image 15d81677-23-38ea3c81ca1af8121dc3-5.jpg&s3=81677-23-95b0439a8dee04db7e17cc2670ad16ea-1999x1333.jpg
◆Store Information Isshindo Sakuragi Inter Store
( 2-7-5 Shintoji, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture 950-0983TEL: 025-244-7055E-mail: info Reservation: *Please feel free to contact us. 5. Isshindo Bandai branch
[Image 16d81677-23-64b704dc0a05ea7ca8cf-7.jpg&s3=81677-23-d210d6bde1bd6ab73fd428006fa6efdd-1000x667.jpg
◆Store information Isshindo Bandai store
( 2-2-1-1st floor, Yachiyo, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata 950-0909 TEL: 025-278-3200E-mail : info@1sd-niigata.jpReservation: *Please feel free to contact us.
Company information
Isshindo has been involved in the sale of bridal jewelry and luxury watches for over 60 years, based on the philosophy of “bijou de famille.” Since human life is not eternal, we entrust our thoughts to the only thing on earth that has eternity, “jewels”. It is an important culture that has been passed down in Europe since ancient times, where jewelry is used to convey feelings from parents to children, or passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. At Isshindo, we pass on this good custom to our customers as an important part of our culture, carefully selecting only genuine and valuable products that can be passed down from generation to generation, and providing the best time in a sophisticated space. Company name: Isshindo Co., Ltd. Founded: October 1959 Head office: 1737-1 Takada, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Representative: Eijiro Iwama URL: https://www. More details about this release: