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Nara International Film Festival will be held in the capital of culture and art – Paris, France/Corsica Island

Nara International Film Festival
Nara International Film Festival will be held in the capital of culture and art – Paris, France/Corsica Island
~February 1st to 3rd, 2024, Ryukyu dance/NARAtive works screening~ ……
International Film Festival (located in Nara City, Nara Prefecture) is an NPO that plans and operates film festivals, and will be held from February 1st (Thursday) to February 3rd (Saturday), 2024 at the Japanese Cultural Center in Paris, France, and the Cinematheque in Corsica. will perform overseas. Screening of “NARAtive” works, which invite young film directors from all over the world and make films set in “Nara”, a talk event with executive director Naomi Kawase and the director of the work, and a story handed down from the Ryukyu Kingdom era. We will be holding performances of Ryukyu dance and classical music, which have been held for many years, with the support of the Japan Foundation’s overseas dispatch grant. (Support: Japan
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■What is NARAtive? “NARAtive” is a coined word that is a combination of “NARA” and the English word “Narrative.” It also incorporates the hope that movies will spread domestically and internationally, “delivering the charms of Nara to people all over the world,” and “capturing the uniqueness of Nara on film and passing it down.” The director will be selected from among the winners of the two
competition divisions of the Nara International Film Festival, and will actually visit Nara to plan and plan the film. During filming, film crews working on the front lines in Japan and local people at the filming locations supported the film, and the work that was born as “NARAtive” will be premiered at the Nara International Film Festival. In this way, the goal is not just to win an award, but it is also a project that will lead to the creation of the next work. Filmmaking that involves the local community creates attachment to the local area among residents and new forms of communication with people from other areas. “Local residents,” “local administration,” and “film staff” are working together to make use of Nara City’s hometown tax, and from the start of the project in 2010 to 2023, the project has collaborated with eight municipalities. Eight works have been produced.
NARAtive details:
Nara City hometown tax details: Nara City Hometown Tax Corporate Edition Details:
■NARAtive works – Capital of culture and art – Paris, France / Corsica Cinematheque NARAtive will be screened overseas in France, the host country of the Cannes Film Festival and the capital of culture and art. The 2012 NARAtive film “Inori” will be shown at the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, and “Inori”, “One Summer Fantasia”, “Nara Reunion”, and “The Wolf of the East” will be shown at the Cinematheque on Corsica Island in the Mediterranean Sea. ” will be screened.
* Screening works are subject to change.
“Prayer -inori-” is a film shot in Totsu Village, Nara Prefecture by director Pedro González Rubio (Mexico), who won the Grand Prize at the first International Film Festival in 2010. It won the Grand Prix in the New Features section of the film festival. After the screening, there will be a talk event with director Pedro and Naomi Kawase, executive director of Nara International Film Festival, where you can enjoy watching traditional Okinawan performing arts.
This screening will be held with support from the Japan Foundation. ■What is [The Japan Foundation (overseas dispatch grant)]?
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When carrying out cultural and artistic projects such as performances, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops overseas, with the aim of introducing Japanese art and culture overseas and making international contributions in the cultural and artistic field, artists traveling and Japanese culture Part of the expenses will be subsidized for experts in various fields.
Japan Foundation HP:
■ 『Prayer -inori-』
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Screening date and time: Friday, February 2, 2024 from 18:00 (local time) Screening location:
■NARAtive film shown at Cinematheque in Corsica [Image 4
“Prayer -inori-” Director: Pedro Gonzalez Rubio (Mexico) Location: Totsu Village, Nara Prefecture / 2012
“Summer Fantasia” Director: Jang Gun-jae (South Korea) Filming location: Gojo City, Nara Prefecture / 2014
“Wolf of the East” Director: Carlos M. Quintela (Cuba) Location: Higashiyoshino Village, Nara Prefecture / 2016
“Reunion in Nara” Director: Pengfei (China) Location: Gose City, Nara Prefecture / 2020
Screening date and time: February 1st (Thursday) – February 3rd (Saturday), 2024 *Details will be announced on the International Film Festival website once decided.
Screening location: d127743-8-ae316871e2beec081010-4.jpg&s3=127743-8-a22cb75756af5437e134bbe929a76792-650x641.jpg
He continues to create films based in Nara, where he was born and raised. His consistent pursuit of “reality” goes beyond documentaries and fiction, and has won numerous awards at film festivals around the world. In 1997, he became the youngest person in history to win the Camera d’Or at the 50th Cannes Film Festival for his work “Moe no Suzaku.” In 2007, he won the Grand Prix at the 60th Cannes Film Festival for “Morning Forest.” Official documentary film director for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Since 2021, she has served as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and in 2022 she launched the “Grand Voyage with Africa” ​​project, contributing to expanding the market for African female directors. Producer of the 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo theme project. Concurrently serves as senior advisor.
His representative works include “The Second Window”, “An”, “Hikari”, and “Morning Comes”. In addition to directing movies, he continues to engage in creative activities regardless of genre, including directing commercials and writing essays. In her private life, she is a mother of one who grows vegetables and rice. (@LESLIE KEE)
Official website: *Click here for details on past works
Instagram: *Office account
X (old Twitter):
Radio program: Alpha Station FM Kyoto “UNDER THE TREES” every Sunday from 17:00 to 18:00 ■Overview of international film festivals for specified non-profit organizations [Image 8d127743-8-8478a475baee1f47e485-8.jpg&s3=127743-8-95cc708a7e3249f74a6170216f2e84f5-416x188.jpg
Organization name: International Film Festival for non-profit organizations Address: Room 201, Sun Fukumura Building part I, 17 Hanashiba-cho, Nara City Business content: Planning and operation of film festivals
Established: 2010
■Nara International Film Festival Supporters Club
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The Nara International Film Festival is looking for supporters who will help nurture the next generation through film. If you join the Supporters Club (3 types), in addition to the “Nara International Film Festival,” you can also watch movies such as “Nara
Cinematheque,” “Obanaza Resurrection Screening,” and “Hoshizora Screening” which are screened once a month, all for free. Masu. Details:
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