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Home » Sidus employee Akari Tsuchiya appears in Tsubaki-gumi New Year’s performance “Gaslight wa Lemon no Nihohi”

Sidus employee Akari Tsuchiya appears in Tsubaki-gumi New Year’s performance “Gaslight wa Lemon no Nihohi”

Sidus Co., Ltd.
Sidus employee Akari Tsuchiya appears in Tsubaki-gumi New Year’s performance “Gaslight wa Lemon no Nihohi”
Performed at The Suzunari in Shimokitazawa from January 25th (Thursday) to February 4th (Sunday)
Akari Tsuchiya, who is an employee of Sidus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Susumu Matsuda, hereinafter referred to as Sidas) and is also active as a stage actress for the theater company “Tsubaki-gumi”, announced on Thursday, January 25, 2024. I will be appearing in the stage play “Gaslamp wa Lemon no Nihohi” which will be performed at The Suzunari in Shimokitazawa.
This performance is a phantom performance that was canceled the day before the show was held in 2022 due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and this time it will be performed with a new cast and a new look.
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■ Details
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The company name Sidus comes from the phrase “bringing out the talents of all workers.” By providing the talent management system “CYDAS”, we aim to not only completely change the way people work in the world, but also to bring out the talents of each and every employee working at CYDAS and create an organization where they can continue to work in their own way with peace of mind.
Akari Tsuchiya, who has been active as a member of the Tsubaki-gumi theater company since April of last year, uses her bright and friendly personality to work as an inside salesperson, while also utilizing the full flex system and remote work to balance work and theater. Continuing.
Please take a look at the moments when Sidas employees’ talents shine. For performance details, please check the “Performance Overview”. Akari Tsuchiya Profile
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Born in Nagano Prefecture. Joined Sidus mid-career in 2020 and is currently in charge of inside sales. He has been a member of the Tsubaki-gumi theater company since April 2022, and continues to balance work and theater. Past works: “War Fairy Tales II: The Submarine and the Whale…” “Makkura Yami: Onna no Chikuho (Yama)” “Tange Sazen ’23” and others.
■ Comments
This lecture will be a revenge for the performance in 2022, where all stages were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The story depicts people living strong lives, falling in love and finding hope, even though they are at the mercy of the “new era” that suddenly appeared with the civilization and enlightenment of the Meiji era. This is a story that will give you the energy to live, and it has a spirit that is relevant to those of us today who are trying to somehow move forward despite the changes of the times such as the coronavirus pandemic, so I hope you will come see the play. is!
■ Interview blogs are also published on “CYDAS BLOG” and “Wantedly”! “I want to give back to those around me by expanding my field.” An interview with Akari, an inside sales person who wears two pairs of straw sandals with a stage actress!
CYDAS BLOG: Wantedly: Performance overview
■ Performance name
Tsubakigumi 2024 New Year Performance
“Gas lamp is like a lemon”
Written by Sakurako Akino Directed by Go Fujii
■Performance period
Thursday, January 25, 2024 – Sunday, February 4, 2024
■ Location
Shimokitazawa The Suzunari
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■ Special site
About the theater company “Tsubaki-gumi”
Tsubaki-gumi is a historical theater company founded in 1971 by Fumiaki Tobayama, and won the Hanazono Award in 2005 and the Kinokuniya Drama Award Special Award in 2016. Since 1985, we have held an annual summer outdoor play at Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine.
About Sidus Co., Ltd.
An IT venture founded in October 2011. Our mission is to “Create a world where people can look forward to tomorrow.” We aim to bring out the talents of all workers and create organizations, companies, and even societies where everyone can play an active role. As a pioneer in the Japanese talent management industry, we have been developing products for over 10 years. CYDAS, which is packed with years of knowledge, has been adopted by many companies as a system that is easy to use not only for human resources and management but also for all employees.
About us
Company name: CYDAS Inc. Representative: Susumu Matsuda,
Representative Director Location: [Head office] 2-1-33 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014 Founded: October 2011
Business details: “CYDAS” development, sales, support, and consulting business Website:
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