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Home » R-Nine Co., Ltd. Transforming a tourism experience into corporate human resource development – In a demonstration experiment in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, we gave a lecture on how to create a workday that will stick to management –

R-Nine Co., Ltd. Transforming a tourism experience into corporate human resource development – In a demonstration experiment in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, we gave a lecture on how to create a workday that will stick to management –

R9 Co., Ltd.
Transforming a tourism experience into human resource development for companies – In a demonstration experiment in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, we gave a lecture on how to create a workday that will stick to management.
R-9 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryo Nagai), which supports corporate recruitment and human resource development, held an event in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture on November 21st, offering local sightseeing experiences to businesses in the city. We trained them on the tricks to convert them into human resource development for companies. The city is an advanced
municipality that attracts companies by utilizing the “workation” program, which allows people to work while enjoying leisure time at a resort.
*Photo = 1. Photo = A company employee (far right) who participated in a set net fishing experience in Hyuga City. One of Hyuga City’s challenges is how to repurpose content that is popular among general tourists into corporate training.
Lecture summary
Lecture title: Japan Tourism Agency demonstration project “Practical Workation Human Resource Development Seminar”
Date and time: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 from 18:00
the purpose:
Location: 2nd floor conference room, Hyuga City Hall, Miyazaki Prefecture Lecturer: Ayumu Tsunematsu, a company that supports corporate recruitment and human resource development
Mr. Fuya Mukai (The DECK Co., Ltd.) is an expert on creating spaces such as offices that create interaction.
[Image 1

How can you turn the experience of set net fishing into corporate training? “Tourism content already exists. But how can we make it useful for companies?” A training session was held on November 21st in the conference room of Hyuga City Hall. Approximately 20 people
participated, including members of the Hyuga City Workation Promotion Council, which is made up of people who want to revitalize the local area, including restaurant and hotel managers, fishermen, and others, and asked questions they had.
One of the instructors was Tsunematsu from our company, which supports corporate recruitment and human resource development. He explained, “Companies don’t come to workcations for the purpose of sightseeing, so you first need to know what concerns and expectations the company has,” and gave a specific example.
For example, if you want to experience set net fishing, which is popular in the city, 1. For the sake of interaction between managers and young employees, the boss pulls the net and the subordinate catches the fish.
Possible methods include dividing roles, such as taking fish out of the net, and discussing whether the distance between the fishermen and fishermen has grown closer after the training is over; 2.During new employee training, ask the fishermen themselves to talk about the origins of their lives and work, and have participants think about the meaning of their work. You can
 There is a feverish trend in attracting workcations nationwide, but there is a problem in that even if the content aimed at general tourists is directly applied to companies, it may end up being just a trip and making memories. In order to differentiate ourselves from competing municipalities, we need to understand the issues faced by companies visiting the region and create tourism experiences that will lead to solutions from an HR consulting perspective.
If it ends with a vacation, it won’t lead to repeat customers – Issues surrounding attracting companies to workcations
[Image 2

Photo = Training held for business operators in Hyuga City (November 21st) We want to promote employee exchange and reduce turnover. The challenges faced by companies are diverse, but while local communities can provide tourism experiences, they generally do not have the knowledge to devise content from the perspective of management and human resources personnel.
“It was fun, but it ended up being just a vacation.” Even after paying for a visit, some companies may hesitate to participate a second time if they are unable to properly verify and experience the effects.

Against this background, the Japan Tourism Agency has started a demonstration project this year to select host regions from among local governments and regional organizations that are attempting workcations that effectively incorporate the needs of companies, and to disseminate successful examples [i]. Hyuga City, which has hosted approximately 80 companies and 1,100 people over the past three years, was the only local government selected. Our training is part of this demonstration project.
Meeting between Hyuga City and our company: RPO (recruitment support) x advanced workation municipality
[Image 3

     Photo: Our company’s Tsunematsu (3rd from right) discussing training content with city officials and others at Hyuga City Hall Our company is a company that supports corporate recruitment and human resource development. The connection with Hyuga City began in October of this year. Our company held training on recruitment at a workcation held in Chiba Prefecture attended by management and human resources personnel.
Because the content was well-received, I asked Tsukasa Nakano, director of the Japan Workation Association, who was also attending, to say, “I think it’s essential to increase the number of repeat customers by reinforcing content that touches management issues.” When we told them, “There is a local government that is seriously trying to tackle this issue.”
That is Hyuga City. A city in the northeastern part of Miyazaki Prefecture that has the highest amount of sunshine in the country and is rich in nature overlooking the ocean of Hyuga-nada. In response to the population decline, the city has been focusing on workation since 2020, and in September of this year, it began renting out workation cars, which are equipped with office functions, and is attracting attention as an advanced municipality with unique initiatives. In addition, what local people now feel is that they want to increase their name recognition and brand power by learning more about the problems faced by companies and creating a tourism experience that allows them to approach them. We were given the opportunity to give a lecture based on our nearly 15 years of experience in supporting companies with human resources issues such as “recruiting problems” and “employees quitting quickly.”
[Image 4

Photo = Commemorative photo with Shintaro Watanabe (far left), a concierge certified by the Japan Workation Association, who designs the content of workcations for companies and guides participants in Hyuga City.
“For this management issue, create a brand that people will call 〇〇 city.” From our company Tsunematsu
The biggest key to increasing corporate repeat visitors through workcations, more than just the quality of tourism content, is to get management and human resources personnel to think that “this city is the answer to this management issue.” .
I think it would be even more ideal if we could continue to
investigate after participating and visualize the effects and express them in easy-to-understand numbers, saying, “This is what we achieved as a company when we came to ____ city.” There are various indicators that indicate the health of a company, including not only the turnover rate but also “engagement,” which shows the attachment of employees to the company.
The enthusiasm of the people of Hyuga City to meet the needs of companies while capitalizing on the charm of the local area was very stimulating, and I was able to learn from them. “The lecture was exactly what I was looking for,” he said, making me happy to be able to be involved in a part of regional revitalization. If there is anything that our company can do, we would like to continue to help. ■R Nine Co., Ltd. Company Profile
~A world where people can work lively through human intervention~ Our human resources professionals (approximately 1,300 people), who have extensive experience in various fields such as human resources, recruitment, and education, resolve various issues faced by companies, such as recruitment, human resource development, and employee retention. We support the expansion of options and possibilities for individuals and organizations. Since our establishment in 2009, we have been working with approximately 630 companies to provide services tailored to the needs of companies.
Company name: R Nine Co., Ltd. (R09)
Representative: Ryo Nagai
Established: July 10, 2009
Address: 5F Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business content: Recruitment consulting, recruitment outsourcing, external interview agency, education and training
Operated by International Career Consulting Association
T E L: 03-6205-4499 / F A X: 03-6800-2033
-To everyone involved in the media: Other examples of episodes that can be provided-
・Both female employee ratio and managerial position ratio are 70% ・Culture of calling each other by nicknames, including the
representative director
・Employee interviews conducted by an outside career consultant with no conflict of interest on behalf of the internal human resources department
・Implementation of a card game (values ​​card) where people can talk about their values ​​in order to see their co-workers as people rather than their backgrounds.
Footnotes [i] Japan Tourism Agency “Demonstration project to promote workation tailored to corporate needs”

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