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Home » Personal Brain Co., Ltd. What is the most read business book in 2023? The new business book information magazi ne “TOPPOINT” announces the “Top 10 most viewed websites of the year”!

Personal Brain Co., Ltd. What is the most read business book in 2023? The new business book information magazi ne “TOPPOINT” announces the “Top 10 most viewed websites of the year”!

Personal Brain Co., Ltd.
What will be the most read business book in 2023? The new business book information magazine “TOPPOINT” announces the “Top 10 most viewed websites of the year”!
Personal Brain Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Representative: Tadaaki Hashimoto), which publishes the new business book information magazine “TOPPOINT”, has announced that it will be the most viewed website in 2023 on the website exclusive for regular subscribers. We will announce the best 10 books.

“TOPPOINT” is a monthly magazine that carefully selects “books worth reading” from among the many new business-related books published every month and introduces summaries of them. Since its first issue in 1987, it has been read by front-line business leaders for over 30 years, and currently has over 10,000 readers.
“TOPPOINT Library” (, a web service exclusively for regular subscribers of “TOPPOINT”, provides summaries of approximately 2,000 books introduced on “TOPPOINT”, from the latest issues to back issues. is published. Every December, we tally the annual number of views and select the top 10 most read books of that year. We have decided on the “Best 10 Most Viewed Books of 2023″ and would like to announce the lineup.
[Best 10 most viewed books in 2023]
1st place “MEGATHREATS: 10 huge threats that will destroy the world economy” Author Nouriel Roubini / Nikkei BP/Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing
2nd place “A strategy book for the second half of life: How to rebuild your life and career taught by a Harvard professor” by Arthur C. Brooks/SB Creative
3rd place “Japan in 2040” by Yukio Noguchi/Gentosha (Gentosha Shinsho) 4th place “Understand the new common sense of the world economy 2023 in one book” supervised by Ryomaru Kumagai, edited by Daiwa Institute of Research / Nikkei BP
5th place “BCG’s Management Issues 2023” Edited by Boston Consulting Group/Nikkei BP
6th place “Redesign Work: New Ways of Working” by Linda Gratton/Toyo Keizai Inc. 7th place “Increase resolution: Make ambiguous thoughts clear 4 perspectives of “depth, breadth, structure, and time” and action methods” by Takaaki Umada / Eiji Publishing
8th place “Psychological Safety Achieved in 4 Steps” by Timothy R. Clark/Nikkei BP
9th place “Semiconductor Wars: Battle between nations over the world’s most important technology” Written by Chris Miller/Diamond Inc. 10th place “A loose workplace: The unknown reason for anxiety among young people” by Seito Furuya / Chuokoron-Shinsha (Chuokoron-Shinsha Rakure)
1st place is “MEGATHREATS”!
In 2023, the most read book was “MEGATHREATS: 10 Huge Threats That Will Destroy the World Economy” (written by Nouriel Roubini/published by Nikkei BP/Nihon Keizai Shimbun).
The author is Nouriel Roubini, professor emeritus at New York University’s Stern School of Management. He is known as an economist who predicted the 2007 global financial crisis.
In this book, Mr. Roubini states that the world today is facing an extraordinary “mega threat” and warns of the looming economic and financial crisis. Excess debt, stagflation, deglobalization… We are alarmed that these threats are likely to reach an unprecedented scale and cause widespread damage.
The summary of this book was published on the “TOPPOINT” web service in late December 2022. Since then, it has received many accesses over the past year, making it the most viewed book this year.
Interest in books that provide guidelines for dealing with “anxiety about the future” and “creating a new workplace” increases.
Approximately half of “TOPPOINT” subscribers are executives, and more than 60% are managers. He has a strong desire for knowledge and is enthusiastic about gathering information. Looking at the books that attracted a lot of interest from business leaders, the keywords “anxiety about the future” and “creating a new workplace” emerge. -Anxiety about the future-
“A Strategy Book for the Second Half of Life: How to Rebuild Your Life and Career Taught by a Harvard University Professor” (2nd place): Why do people with advanced skills experience a decline in their achievements and happiness after midlife? A guidebook for the latter half of life that explains the causes and tips for redesigning your career.
“Japan in 2040” (3rd place): Economist Yukio Noguchi predicts what Japan will look like in 20 years. It examines a wide range of fields, including the economy, security, medical care and welfare, and the metaverse, and provides hints for preparing for future changes. “The new common sense of the world economy in 2023 in one book” (4th place): What will happen to the world economy in 2023? Economists provide multifaceted explanations of the future outlook for the United States, Europe, Japan, and other countries.
“BCG’s Management Issues 2023” (5th place): Digitalization of logistics, huge market created by virtual space… We will introduce the changing trends that will determine the success or failure of your business in 2023.
First, what emerges from the lineup above is a picture of a business leader who is concerned about the future of his life and work. 2023 was a year of turbulence, just like last year, with a global heat wave, soaring consumer prices, and fighting between Hamas (Palestine) and Israel.
Amid this situation, business owners and managers are probably feeling a growing sense of crisis about the future. What might happen in the future? Where should your company’s management go? I think the books ranked this time reflect a growing awareness of these issues. By the way, this year, the status of new coronavirus infections was changed from “new type influenza and other infectious diseases (equivalent to category 2)” to “category 5” in May, as this year is referred to as “after coronavirus.” Since then, people have started coming back to the office. Perhaps reflecting this, three books related to “organizations and human resources” made it into the ranking.
-Creating a new workplace-
“Redesign Work: New Ways of Working” (6th place): “Redesign” the way organizations work for the future. The author of the bestselling book “LIFE SHIFT” explains the process in detail.
“Psychological Safety Achieved in 4 Steps” (8th place): Everyone should learn and take on challenges without fear of failure. I will explain how to create such a dynamic team.
“A relaxed workplace: The unknown reason for young people’s anxiety” (10th place): The workload is not heavy and there is no scolding from the boss. Why do young people leave such “easy-going workplaces”? Let us clarify the reason.
The fact that these books are being read shows that business leaders are thinking about how to change their workplaces, including the use of remote work, which has become widespread during the coronavirus pandemic.
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