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Home » WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. Started offering “Dr.Sum Ver.5.7”, a data analysis platform enhanced to a “connect ing database”, from December 19th (Tuesday)

WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. Started offering “Dr.Sum Ver.5.7”, a data analysis platform enhanced to a “connect ing database”, from December 19th (Tuesday)

Wing Arc 1st Co., Ltd.
Dr.Sum Ver.5.7, an enhanced data analysis platform that has become a “connecting database,” will be available from December 19th (Tuesday) “Dr.Sum Copilot,” a function that performs data maintenance and analysis assistance through generation AI collaboration, will also be available from next spring.
WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Jun Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as WingArc 1st) is a data analysis platform “Dr.Sum” that is used by over 7,200 companies. The latest version, Ver. 5.7, which has been enhanced to become a “connecting database”, will be available on Tuesday, December 19th. Prices start from 150,000 yen (excluding tax) per month for cloud services, and 120,900 yen (excluding tax) per month for on-premise products and subscription licenses.
The most common issue (*1) in corporate data utilization is “improving data quality (diversity, granularity, frequency, etc.)”. Dr.Sum is being enhanced as a “connecting database” that links various data, and aims to become a platform that converts data into a format that is easy for business department staff to handle and utilize for analysis. The latest version uses adapters from CData Software to enable seamless data linkage with cloud services such as Salesforce and kintone, as well as linkage with ChatGPT, a generative AI researched and developed by OpenAI in the US. “Dr.Sum Copilot”, which enables SQL/Python generation using a database engine, will also be available (*2).
We have received endorsement from CData Software Japan LLC.
“We are honored that WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. has adopted CData’s connector for their data analysis platform “Dr.Sum.”Data analysis and data utilization are important for the growth of companies of all sizes, from large companies to SMEs. Even as the use of cloud services such as Salesforce and kintone expands, having a connector will allow Dr.Sum to comprehensively capture a company’s operations.CData Software will continue to provide high-quality data linkage. We support companies’ data utilization with connectors.” Mr. Keisuke Hikita, Representative Partner and Executive Officer, CData Software Japan LLC
Additionally, Dr.Sum Cloud has been registered on Salesforce’s AppExchange. *1 “Reiwa 2nd Edition Information and Communications White Paper | Current Status of Data Utilization in Japanese Companies” (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
From “What kind of initiatives do you have in mind regarding future data utilization?” *2 “Dr.Sum Copilot” is scheduled to be released in spring 2024. ■About Dr.Sum
A data analysis platform for integrating and utilizing large amounts of scattered company data. It covers the functions necessary for corporate data utilization, such as a patented high-speed aggregation database engine, user interface, and data linkage tools, and all are designed to enable no-code development and have been implemented by more than 7,200 companies.
Dr.Sum plays the role of connecting “record-based systems (such as ERP) led by the IT department” and “systems aimed at data utilization (such as BI tools) led by the field.” By converting the former data into data that can be easily handled by the field and delivering it to the business field, we accelerate corporate DX.
Additionally, we have obtained the “Legal Requirements Certification for Electronic Bookkeeping Software,” “Legal Requirements
Certification for Electronic Document Software,” and “Legal
Requirements Certification for Electronic Transaction Software” stipulated by JIIMA, a third-party organization authorized by the National Tax Agency.
Furthermore, our company has been ranked first in the data analysis and utilization support software/services category in the Nikkei Computer August 31, 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023-2024 for the second consecutive year.
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Wing Arc 1st Co., Ltd.
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