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Home » 29,623 people participated in “Remember Girl’s Power!! 2023,” a cancer awareness charity live for pediatri c and AYA generations and clinical trials performed by 87 performers Event report

29,623 people participated in “Remember Girl’s Power!! 2023,” a cancer awareness charity live for pediatri c and AYA generations and clinical trials performed by 87 performers Event report

3H group
29,623 people participated in “Remember Girl’s Power!! 2023,” a cancer awareness charity live for pediatric and AYA generations and clinical trials performed by 87 performers [Event report]
In a survey, more than 90% of respondents said that their interest in cancer had increased, and more than 90% of participating artists, sponsors, and co-sponsors (Toshima Ward) gave high marks. In 2024, it will be held for 4 days on September 7th, 8th, 21st, and 22nd! ……
Oncoro, a cancer information site operated by 3H Clinical Trial Co., Ltd., is a cancer information site operated by 3H Clinical Trial Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Toshima Ward, which aims to raise awareness about cancer in children and the AYA generation (15 to 39 years old) and clinical trials for drug development in 2023. September 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday) @ Ikebukuro West Exit Park Outdoor Theater Global Ring Theater, 9th (Saturday) and 10th (Sunday) @ Sunshine City Fountain Plaza 8th anniversary charity live “Remember “Girl’s Power!! 2023” was held and distributed for free.
This event was held with the cooperation of over 30 companies and organizations and 87 performers. There were a total of 29,623 participants and viewers, and the total donation amounted to 1,812,992 yen, which will be donated externally to 13 organizations and projects active in the areas of pediatric cancer, cancer for the AYA
generation, and clinical trials. 2024 will be the 9th year, and just like in 2023, the venue will be provided free of charge by Toshima Ward and Sunshine City Co., Ltd., and will be held on Saturday, September 7th, Sunday, September 8th, and Saturday, September 21st, 2024. )・It has been decided that the 4-day event will be held on the 22nd (Sunday).
[Image 1 ■Event Report: Day 1 (September 2nd): We want to rely on the power of communication of idols and artists to raise cancer awareness among the younger generation ・Day 2 (held on September 3rd): The power of entertainment to encourage young people to learn more about cancer screening and overcome negative images in a positive manner
・Day 3 (held on September 9th): A one-of-a-kind live show where we face the negative image of cancer head-on with idols and artists! Now in its 8th year, the total number of performers has increased to a huge number
・Day 4 (held on September 10th): Total number of visitors for 4 days was approximately 25,000 people, total donation amount was 1,812,992 yen. Not only the goodwill of the viewers, but also the power of the entertainment that served as a stimulant!
■Number of spectators: 29,623 (23,394 on-site spectators, 6,229 online viewers) ■Donation amount: 1,812,992 yen (donation 488,446 yen, donation ticket 278,200 yen, priority area ticket 778,500 yen, merchandise sales 245,836 yen) *Location of event 100% of donations made through the Internet, 50% of priority area tickets, and merchandise will be donated, and the remaining 50% will be used for production costs. The donation includes 10% of the benefit session (photo session) by volunteer artists. [Survey results] We conducted a survey of participants regarding the charity live and received cooperation from 296 people. More than 90% of respondents said that the children’s and AYA generation’s interest in cancer and clinical trials had increased, and that the charity concert was meaningful. It has been shown to be highly effective as an educational activity. Detailed results are scheduled to be presented at the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Japanese Society for Clinical Trials, to be held in Osaka from March 7th to 9th, 2024. Q. Do you think this charity live was meaningful as a charity event? 98% of people answered that charity live performances were meaningful (TOP 3 [answers 4-6]). Looking at TOP2 [answers 5-6], 89% felt it was meaningful.
[Image 2 300,000 yen This is an organization that works every day to create a society where children with cancer can live with peace of mind and smiles.
2. Nagoya Pediatric Cancer Foundation ( 500,000 yen A pediatric cancer support organization based in Nagoya that supports the development of new treatments and the enhancement of the treatment environment.
3. Young-onset cancer support group AYACan ( 500,000 yen AYA generation (ages 15 to 39) with cancer can enjoy fun chat sessions and study sessions. Through events, we are a group that supports you to “live your own life” by gaining wisdom and nutrition for living with cancer.
4. Certified NPO Nicosuma Kyushu ( 200,000 yen Based in Kyushu, this is a support organization for childhood cancer survivors that conducts camps for children with cancer. .
5. Dakarakoso Create/Karakuri Lab.
( 100,000 yen “Problem-solving therapy” x “design thinking” “new value” from the “perspective of a cancer survivor” This is a social design project that aims for a future where you can feel like, “I’m glad I was born.”
6. Foundation for Protecting Children with Cancer
( 300,000 yen This is a group of patients and families that supports children and families fighting childhood cancer.
7. Minna no Lemonade Association ( 50,000 yen From the perspective of the family of a child with cancer, “I want people to know more about childhood cancer.” “I want to connect with you” is an organization that organizes childhood cancer awareness activities and social gatherings for children with cancer and their families.
8. Keep Mom Smiling (NPO) ( 50,000 yen This is a NPO that supports mothers and families raising sick children. 9. 6th AYA Cancer Medical Care and Support Research Group Academic Meeting ( 300,000 yen Saturday, May 11, 2024 ) ~ 12th (Sunday) The event will be held with Miwa Ozawa (St. Luke’s International Hospital) as the
chairperson, with the theme of “Thinking about a society where AYA cancer patients can demonstrate their “strength” and learning from their “flexibility””. This is an academic meeting of the AYA cancer treatment and support research group.
10. AYA week2024 ( 102,992 yen This is a grant for Cancer Awareness Week for AYAs aged 15 to 39 from March 2nd to March 10th, 2024.
11. AYA GENERATION+group: ( 50,000 yen Connecting AYA cancer patients to information when and where they need it. Make what you need. This is a patient community created solely by cancer patients.
12. Munetaka Higuchi Cancer Research Fund
( 100,000 yen Childhood cancer related to the name of the late Munetaka Higuchi, the leader and drummer of the world-famous heavy metal band LOUDNESS・This is a project to support cancer among the AYA generation.
13. Oncolo Live AYA week event ( 160,000 yen This is a subsidy for the awareness program held by Oncolo Live during AYA week. [2024 Event Overview (Plan)] In 2024, the event is scheduled to be held in September, which is the global childhood cancer (youth cancer) awareness month.・Saturday, September 7, 2024, Sunday, September 8, 2024: Ikebukuro West Exit Park Outdoor Theater Global Ring Theater ・Saturday, September 21, 2024, Sunday, September 22, 2023: Sunshine City Fountain Plaza 2024 will also be held with the venue provided free of charge by Toshima Ward and Sunshine City Co., Ltd. We will provide further information once the details are finalized. [Summary of events held in 2023] ■Performance name: Oncoro x Toshima Ward presents “Remember Girl’s Power!! 2023” (commonly known as Oncoro Live) ■Date and time: Saturday, September 2, 2023, September 3, 2023 ( Sunday), September 9th (Saturday), September 10th (Sunday) ■Official website:■Organizer: Cancer information site “Oncolo” ■Co-host: Toshima Ward ■Co-host with Academia : Gakuen Educational Corporation, Department of Medical Statistics, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, West Japan Cancer Research Organization, certified non-profit organization
■Sponsors: Aflac Life Insurance Co., Ltd., NPO Lung Cancer Patients Association One Step, QLife Co., Ltd., Medical Mobile Communications LLC, Neo Communications Co., Ltd., Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd., AstraZeneca Co., Ltd., East Ekimae Clinic , Air Water Medical Co., Ltd., Global Health Consulting Japan Co., Ltd., Hatch Healthcare Co., Ltd., Mediscience Planning Co., Ltd., Amgen Co., Ltd., EPS Co., Ltd., A2 Healthcare Co., Ltd., Apex Medical Co., Ltd., Stock Company Orikomi Service, Kanehara Publishing Co., Ltd., Sanei Co., Ltd., CMC Exmedica Co., Ltd., StoCretec Japan Co., Ltd., Sense It Smart Co., Ltd., Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chiafuru Clinic Higashiikebukuro Pediatrics, Mesothelioma General Incorporated Association Treatment Promotion Fund, Digimar Co., Ltd., Tokyo Center Clinic, BeiGene Japan LLC, Four H Co., Ltd., Medidata Solutions Co., Ltd., Mebix Co., Ltd.
■Holding cooperation: 3H Group Remember Girl’s Power!! 2023 Committee, Seikatsu Kaizen WEB, Wallop Broadcasting Station Co., Ltd., Neo Communications Co., Ltd., grabss Co., Ltd. (TIGET), Sunshine City Co., Ltd.
Saturday, September 2nd: Peel the Apple, MyDearDarlin’, Magical Punchline, Maybe ME, Chiemi Hori
Sunday, September 3rd: I MY ME MINE, Appare! , Gran☆Ciel, Kumari Department Store, Yuma Asami
September 9th (Sat): Ioke, Ami Ishii, Suara, YURiKA, Yusaku Kiyama September 10th (Sunday): Maju Arai, Yuki Koyanagi, Lay, Miki Asakura, STU48
General moderator: Shinsuke Kasai

September 2nd (Sat): Haruka Sato (formerly notall) Karin Ogino (formerly Yumemiru Adolescence)
September 3rd (Sunday): Karin Ogino (former Yumemiru Adolescence) September 9th (Sat): Miki Yagata (former SKE48)
September 10th (Sunday): Yuka Masuda (former AKB48)
[Image 8 cancer information site “Oncolo” is operated by 3H Clinical Trials and is aimed at patients, their families, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders. This is an information site that provides the latest information in the cancer field in an easy-to-understand manner for people. We mainly publish clinical trials and research related to cancer. In addition to the Internet, our aim is to help people affected by cancer through a variety of information provision activities.
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