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Home » 21st Century Academia Introducing “Japan” from the perspective of Generation Z to foreigners visiting Japa n! Industry-academia collaboration with international travel magazine “Tokyo Journal”

21st Century Academia Introducing “Japan” from the perspective of Generation Z to foreigners visiting Japa n! Industry-academia collaboration with international travel magazine “Tokyo Journal”

21st century academia
Introducing “Japan” from the perspective of Generation Z to foreigners visiting Japan! Industry-academia collaboration with international travel magazine “Tokyo Journal”
A magazine that supports inbound consumption, disseminating “Japan from a young person’s perspective”
A comprehensive entertainment vocational school run by the “21st Century Academia Educational Corporation” (President: Hiroshi Tasaka, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “21st Century Academia”), which aims to create a “new learning space” that goes beyond universities and vocational schools. “Visual Arts (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka)” produced an article for “Tokyo Journal #282″ (Tokyo Journal No. 282) as an industry-academia collaboration project.
Key points of this case
●“Tokyo Journal Issue #282” (Tokyo Journal No. 282), in which our students were involved in planning, reporting, photography, article writing, etc., was published on December 17th.
●While taking into account the needs of foreign readers who are interested in Japan, we disseminate information about Japan from the perspective of Generation Z.
●For students, it is an opportunity to learn through practical studies the “aesthetic eye and quality” necessary for human resources who are active in the publishing industry.
[Image 1:×1024.jpg] Contents of this case
“Tokyo Journal Issue #282” was published on December 17th, and articles were written by students from the Department of Mass Communication and Entertainment and the Department of Photography. In addition to being a magazine, Tokyo Journal is an English-language media outlet with over 500,000 followers on social media.
In anticipation of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, we have been conducting industry-academia collaboration with our school since 2021 to convey “Japan from a young person’s perspective.”
In the latest issue, students are in charge of a guide to
accommodations in the Kinki region that are easy to access for the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, Konamon culture, fashion for people with disabilities, and Japan’s canned food culture.
For students, this is an opportunity to learn through practical studies about the state of media in modern society and the “aesthetic eye and quality” needed to be successful in the publishing industry. Through this project, we learned about “Creative Communication Skills”, which is the ability to gather the wisdom of colleagues and generate creative ideas, and “Cross-Cultural Globalization”, which is the ability to understand different cultures overseas and collaborate with overseas colleagues. We are developing list skills. About “tokyo journal”
First published in 1981. For English-speaking readers interested in Japan, we provide information on Japan, Asia, trends, society, travel, gourmet, movies, music, entertainment, fashion, design, business, technology, art, culture, manga, anime, sports, leisure, Disseminates information from a foreigner’s perspective on topics such as education.
In 2017, we received the 9th Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award for our achievements in disseminating Japanese tourism information over the years.
It is an international English-language magazine that is distributed in consulates, international airports, and on international flights around the world, and is read by people all over the world. The series, which includes exclusive interviews with world-famous celebrities, is popular, and the latest issue includes an interview with Mr. YOSHIKI.
■Format: A4, full color, 108 pages
■Official website
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About visual arts
Visual Arts is a comprehensive entertainment and creative school that trains professionals in a variety of genres, including entertainment, music, mass communication, video, photography, and modeling. The facilities and equipment that will actually be used in the field are available, and students can use them not only in class but also after school to create their own works and study independently. In addition, as a vocational school where you can learn the latest practical knowledge, technology, and skills in collaboration with industry companies, many of our departments have been certified as “vocational practice specialized courses” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Our school has an environment specialized for developing practical skills in the field, and we firmly support students’ futures with a thorough employment and debut support system. More than 76,000 graduates are active not only in the entertainment and creative industries in Tokyo and other parts of Japan, but also overseas. ■Tokyo Visual Arts
■Nagoya Visual Arts
■Visual Arts College Osaka
■Kyushu Visual Arts
About 21st Century Academia
[Image 2:×890.png ]
In an era where the Fourth Industrial Revolution is rapidly
progressing and robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are spreading throughout society, the conditions required of human resources will fundamentally change. As a result, people who have simply learned “knowledge” at university will not be able to survive. Furthermore, people who simply acquire “skills” at a vocational school will not be able to succeed.
In the coming era, the human resources who will demonstrate excellent leadership and play an active role in workplaces, companies, industries, and society will be those who have acquired the “Five Professional Abilities,” which are advanced abilities that only humans can demonstrate. 21st Century Academia has named it the “Five Stars Professional” and has developed a unique hands-on curriculum, the “Seven Steps Curriculum,” to foster this, and provides it to all students. doing.
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