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Sotheby League Co., Ltd. The first batch of 24SS Japanese custom-made denim is now on sale!

Sazabi League Co., Ltd.
-MOTHER-24SS The first Japanese custom-made denim is now on sale! ……
From Los Angeles-based denim brand “MOTHER,” 3 types of denim will be released as a custom-made Japanese model for the 24SS pre-collection. “THE DODGER ANKLE” is a popular model from Mother’s premium line “MOTHER SUPERIOR”, “THE KEGGER HOVER” is the first custom-made model in Japan from the third line “SNACKS”, and “THE RAMBLER ZIP ANKLE” is attracting a lot of attention as a new standard. This lineup will satisfy even those who love denim.
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The popular model “the dodger ankle” from MOTHER’s premium line “MOTHER SUPERIOR” has been specially ordered in Japan with a refreshing summer blue wash. This denim is a must-have item for adults, as it has a clean and refreshing impression, yet enjoys the full-fledged discoloration that only a premium line can offer, with careful attention to fabrics and manufacturing methods. Another point that makes it easy to wear is that it doesn’t make your waist look too big.
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MOTHER’s third line “SNACKS” is a collection created for the off-season period, so that it can be worn casually as a snack between lunch and dinner. This time, the model chosen for “SNACKS”‘s first custom-made item in Japan is a clean navy wash and light fabric feel. The length has been cut specifically for Japanese fans and is designed to fit all body types. Just by pairing it with a T-shirt, it creates a stylish and balanced look.
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The medium blue wash, which is sure to please even denim lovers, is a color specially ordered from this collection for Japan. The model maintains the clean silhouette of the ever-popular Rambler zip, but the men’s-like wash elevates the styling.
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MOTHER HISTORYMOTHER was created by Lela Becker, who has extensive sales experience in the denim industry, and Tim Kaeding, a designer who was entrusted with the design of GAP’s 1969 jeans in the late 90’s and has created many hit denim. A denim brand from LA that started in 2010. MOTHER, which was created by combining the expertise and design aesthetics of the two men, is comprised of three axes, and is developed in-line with the “Basic Collection,” which collects standard denim with simple and universal designs that are sold throughout the year. “Season Collection”. In addition to these two lines, there is also a “Collaboration Collection” co-produced with social
organizations and supermodels who are active as fashion icons. Or choose from the Capsule Collection, which expresses MOTHER’s unique world view by adding humor and pop, such as highly designed flare denim with a 70’S vintage atmosphere and elaborate embroidered denim that shines with craftsmanship. We are announcing. It has a reputation for its soft, stretchy material that feels good on the skin, its addictive feel, the design that pays close attention to details such as buttons and stitching, and the silhouette that is calculated to show off the beautiful lines of your body, such as your hips and legs. In less than a month since its debut, it has been loved and supported by many denim lovers around the world. The brand name MOTHER means the mother of all jeans.

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