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Home » A special feature on “current” elegance from fashion to lifestyle! “25ans” March issue will be released tomorrow!

A special feature on “current” elegance from fashion to lifestyle! “25ans” March issue will be released tomorrow!

Hearst Fujingahosha Co., Ltd.
A special feature on “current” elegance from fashion to lifestyle! “25ans” March issue will be released tomorrow!
We also have a detailed report on “Debutante Bar,” a dream ball where young ladies from all over the world make their social debut! ……
Press Release January 25, 2024 “25ans”, a class magazine supported by elegant women of all generations (Publisher: Hearst Fujingahosha Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nicolas Floquet ) will release its March issue, featuring Haruna Kawaguchi as the cover heroine, on January 26th (Friday).
[Image 1:×791.jpg] 25ans March 2024 issue
All-out special feature page 42: The world and I can feel comfortable “What elegance teaches us”
[Image 2:×664.jpg] 126 released 25ans March 2024 issue What elegance teaches us A new year has begun, and our lives have made a fresh start. We would like to take this opportunity to open the latest chapter of 25ans’ universal concept of “elegance” with you. What have we discovered through the world that surrounds us now, such as fashion and lifestyle? ◇On sale from January 26th (Friday) at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide! Online bookstore excerpt: Amazon: Elle Shop: Seven Net Shopping: https://7net Records Online:◇” Click here for details of the March issue of 25ans, including “What Elegance Teach Us” *The site is scheduled to be released on Friday, January 26th, the release date of the March issue.
[Popular series] Cover Girl Story: Haruna Kawaguchi
[Image 3:×1054.jpg] 126 released 25ans March 2024 issue [Popular series] Cover Girl Story: Haruna Kawaguchi
Haruna Kawaguchi is one of the most brilliant women today. The cover of this issue also has a fresh and healthy charm! How do you maintain your “personality” amidst your huge success that has garnered support from your personality? [Interview Excerpt] When it comes to balance within life stages, I don’t have the concept of “I have to do this now due to my age” or “I have to choose between work and family.” I really hate it when I can’t do what I want to do for that reason. (Omitted) I have a strong core of what I want to do, and I’m not influenced by my surroundings. I think people who have such a smart inner self are elegant, both in their private lives and at work. Isn’t that also connected to being “cool”?

Thorough 10-page report! Welcome to the dream ball “Debutante Ball” where the next generation of socialites perform brilliantly!
[Image 4:×664.jpg] 126 Release 25ans March 2024 Issue Welcome to the dream ball “Debutante Bar”! Le Bal des Debutantes, a ball where young ladies selected from around the world make their social debut wearing haute couture, was held in Paris in November 2023. “Le Bal” is a special event that stands out from other balls, both in terms of the number of participants and the brilliance of the event. This year, Kiran Sukarno, who is known as Mrs. Devi’s grandson, participated as a cavalier who escorts the young lady, which became a hot topic. We would like to introduce you to a dream-like night that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. Make your denim elegant and modern with jewelry! Update your spring style with denim and jewelry!
[Image 5:×664.jpg] 126 released 25ans March 2024 issue Updated spring style with denim and jewelry! Denim is one of the mainstays of casual style. By combining it with jewelry, you can create an even more luxurious impression. Therefore, we suggest the best combinations with jewelry for each denim color. Elevate your new season’s look!
Visit the hottest new sights in TOKYO with blooming kimono
[Image 6:×664.jpg] 126 released 25ans March 2024 issue To the hottest new sights in TOKYO Flower-blooming outings
Would you like to go to your new address in Tokyo wearing a beautiful kimono with spring flowers in full bloom? In a sunny place, bright and fresh Japanese clothing will look great. We will also report on how the Eleha representative who loves kimonos wears them for special occasions.

Become a person full of “intellectual beauty”! Aiming for quiet, luxurious skin
[Image 7:×664.jpg] 126 released 25ans March 2024 issue Become a person full of
“intellectual beauty”! Aiming for quiet, luxurious skin
Have you heard of “Quiet Luxury”, which is attracting attention in the fashion field? It refers to clothing that is minimal and not extravagant, but of very high quality. This time, at 25ans Beauty, we were inspired by the concept of “quiet luxury,” and when we considered the ideal skin, we arrived at “intellectual beauty.” When it comes to skin care, which is the foundation of your skin, the first thing you need to do is to properly face yourself and take care of yourself intelligently and optimally. Furthermore, when it comes to base makeup, we asked hair and makeup artist Mifun for specific tips on how to create a high-quality, elegant, and intelligent complexion. Also, as an electrician who praises intelligence and beauty, we also have interviews with lawyers and newscasters! How about using it as a reference for your future beauty and skin care?
Interview: Koji Mizukami
[Image 8:×1054.jpg] 126 released 25ans March 2024 issue Interview with Koji Mizukami In the TV drama series “Boogie Woogie,” he plays the heroine’s destined partner. Koji Mizukami refreshingly plays the role of the heir of a wealthy family whose love is watched over by all of Japan. A warm feeling was quietly bubbling inside my chest. [Interview Excerpt] – It seems like playing Aisuke has a lot of meaning. “Although it may not be perfect, the experience of once overcoming the hurdle of having the Osaka dialect was of course very important.However, I think appearing in the morning drama had a more impact on me than the process of creating Aisuke. (Omitted) Even though I changed my name to Koji Mizukami, it was important that the staff who worked with me on the Taiga drama “Seiten wo Koke” wanted to “entrust me with this again” on “Boogie Woogie.” I’ll never forget the days when I tried to live up to those expectations 120%.”

Approximately 50% OFF set price! The popular Heidi print “Failor” mesh bag is now available as a subscription set item in the March issue of “25ans”
[Image 9:×664.jpg] 25ans March 2024 issue subscription set “Failor” mesh bag
For those who apply now, we will send you a set of mesh bags (10,450 yen) by Feiler, a German lifestyle brand that is loved by electronic fans. The “Heidi” design, which vividly depicts small birds, butterflies, ladybugs, and small flowers, is one of the most popular designs among the brand’s many patterns. It is lightweight with a zipper and has an inner pocket for excellent storage capacity. We will give this to those who apply for a new or contract extension for a 25ans subscription (12 books per year).★In addition to the set items above, there are many benefits with regular
– 5 recommended points for regular subscriptions – 1) Cheaper than purchasing individual issues 2) Free shipping for each issue 3) You can also read the digital version! 4) Limited gifts and special information for regular subscribers 5) Great deals on shopping on a closed e-commerce site ◇ 25ans (Vin Sang Kan) Released on the 28th of every month March issue 900 yen (tax included) “25ans (Vin Sang Kan)” first published in 1980 ‘ has celebrated its 43rd anniversary. Our target audience remains the same: elegant people of all generations. We continue to propose elegance that is updated with the times, expressing it under the name “Ele-ha” that transcends gender and generation. We deliver a variety of content every month, from information on celebrities such as beauty and overseas royals who are highly likable and particular about gorgeous fashion, to information on outings from a “25ans” perspective. This is a fashion magazine that draws attention to the unique lifestyles of its readers. “25ans Digital” develops the elegant world view that is a characteristic of “25ans” from a different perspective than the magazine.・“25ans Digital”:・“25ans” Official Facebook: ・“25ans” Official X (formerly Twitter): https:/ /・“25ans” Official Instagram:・“25ans” Official YouTube: reload=9・Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.:◇About Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd./Hearst Digital Japan Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the United States and We are part of Hearst, a global company with information, services and media businesses in 40 countries. Hearst Digital Japan Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hearst Fujingahosha Co., Ltd., which was established in 2016 to expand the digital business. In addition to Fujingaho, which was first published in 1905, we have published articles such as “ELLE”, “25ans”, “Harper’s BAZAAR”, and “Esquire”, focusing on fashion and life. We operate a number of digital media related to style and publish magazines. The e-commerce business, including “ELLE SHOP”, has also grown into a mainstay of earnings. In recent years, we have
established “HEARST made,” which provides total support for client companies’ marketing activities, and “HEARST Data Solutions,” which provides data-based brand marketing support. We are developing corporate activities that combine information and data. We have also acquired ISO14001 certification and practice management that takes sustainability into consideration. (old Twitter) @hearstfujingahoInstagram @hearstfujingahoLinkedIn
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