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Markforged Manufacturing Seminar 2024 will be held in Tokyo and Nagoya

Markforged Japan Co., Ltd.
Markforged Manufacturing Seminar 2024 will be held in Tokyo and Nagoya Promoting “distributed manufacturing” with new 3D printers, materials and software
New carbon fiber 3D printer “FX10(TM)” exhibited for the first time in Japan! Markforged Japan Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Thomas Pan) announced that the Markforged Manufacturing Seminar will be held in Tokyo on February 14th and in Nagoya on February 16th. Through this seminar, the company, which promotes “distributed manufacturing” that allows the production of the necessary things at the necessary time and place, will integrate the latest hardware, software and materials with IT technology, and introduce 3D printing and additive manufacturing. I would like you to understand that by making full use of (AM), we can further evolve Japan’s manufacturing and solve various problems in the supply chain.
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This seminar welcomed Mr. Trip Bird from the United States, an expert in 3D printing products, applications and software platforms, and director of new products and platforms at Markforged headquarters in the United States. The new carbon fiber 3D printer “FX10(TM)” will be on display for the first time in Japan, and the heat-resistant super engineering plastic PEKK material “VEGA(TM)” and explanation of the current state of actual inventory and logistics around the world will be used to promote “distributed manufacturing”. We will explain the technology and introduce usage examples of the revolutionary software “Digital Source(TM)” that makes this possible.
Furthermore, this seminar has a basic section in the first part aimed at beginners and intermediates in 3D printing, covering everything from the basics of 3D printing to market and technology trends, as well as Mark Forged’s carbon fiber and metal. We also include explanations of existing product groups, such as binder jet and metal filament metal 3D printers. Of course, if you are already familiar with AM or Markforged technology, there is no problem if you only participate during the main session of Part 2.
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Part 1: Basic Session (doors open at 13:00, from 13:30) ~Beginner/Intermediate~ 3D printing basics and global trends
Resin/composite (carbon) 3D printer and software
Metal 3D printer: laser, electron beam, filament, binder jet type Presenter: Markforged Japan Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Thomas Pan (Japanese lecture)
Senior Application Engineer Hitoshi Okuno
Part 2: Main session (new products) (from 15:00) ~User/Advanced~ Introducing the carbon fiber 3D printer “FX10(TM)”
Introducing super engineering plastic material “VEGA(TM)” for FX20 Introducing “Digital Source(TM)” that enables “distributed manufacturing” Advantages of inventory-less and “distributed manufacturing” Introducing usage examples
Presenter: (USA) Markforged, Inc.
Trip Bird, Director of Products and Platforms *Consecutive translation into Japanese will be provided for English.
Participation fee: Free Please register here:
Date: February 14th (Wednesday) 13:00 Doors open (13:30-16:30) Tokyo Lecture: February 14th (Wednesday) @TKP Garden City PREMIUM Shinagawa 5F Hall 5A Address: Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074 4-11-16 Takanawa Keikyu 11th Building 5th floor
Date: February 16th (Friday) Doors open at 13:00 (13:30-16:30) Nagoya lecture: February 16th (Friday) @TKP Garden City PREMIUM Meieki West Exit 3F Altair Bellevue Office Nagoya 1-6-3 Noritake,
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 453-0014
On the day of the event, we will be installing and demonstrating the new 3D printer FX10. We will exhibit the latest material VEGA and other resin and metal sample parts. Please feel free to pick it up and try out its strength, accuracy, and surface finish.
In addition, all participants will receive a free Mark Forged gift. *Competitors are requested to refrain from participating. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. About Markforged
Markforged (NYSE: MKFG), a New York Stock Exchange company, increases resilience and flexibility in manufacturing by delivering industrial production on demand, when and where you need it. A reliable, intelligent, and easy-to-use integrated additive manufacturing (AM) software platform for 3D printing allows any manufacturer to create durable tooling and finished parts made from metal and composite materials such as carbon fiber. , enables “distributed manufacturing” that allows manufacturing to be performed anytime, anywhere. More than 10,000 customers in more than 70 countries worldwide rely on our AM platform to strengthen their supply chains and overcome the
limitations of traditional manufacturing. Markforged, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, designs and develops the AM hardware, software, and materials that support the platform. For more
information, please visit
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