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Home » Saga Prefecture The sake cocktail boom is here! ? “SAGA COCKTAIL BAR ~Cheers with Saga Sake Cocktails~” ca mpaign will be held

Saga Prefecture The sake cocktail boom is here! ? “SAGA COCKTAIL BAR ~Cheers with Saga Sake Cocktails~” ca mpaign will be held

[Saga Prefecture] The sake cocktail boom is here! ? “SAGA COCKTAIL BAR ~Cheers with Saga Sake Cocktails~” campaign will be held
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Press release: January 30, 2024
The sake cocktail boom is here! ? “SAGA COCKTAIL BAR ~Cheers with Saga Sake Cocktails~” campaign will be held

In Saga Prefecture, with the aim of letting more people know about the appeal of Saga Sake, we are holding tie-ups with restaurants, drinking experience events, and suggesting pairings with food. We are promoting Saga sake.

In recent years, we have focused on the gradual increase in the popularity of “sake cocktails” as a new way to enjoy sake, and we have created “SAGA”, where you can enjoy cocktails based on Saga sake at restaurants in the prefecture.
COCKTAIL BAR” campaign will be held for two weeks only.
During the event, you can enjoy three types of Saga sake cocktails designed by Fukuoka-based bartender Ayano Yoshimoto.

In addition, the main visual for the campaign was created especially for this occasion by ABEchan, an illustrator from Saga Prefecture who has gained attention for his pop, new, yet nostalgic style. Those who do so will receive an original sticker with ABEchan’s illustration.

This is a campaign that can be enjoyed by a variety of people, such as an opportunity to drink sake for those who don’t usually drink sake, and a new way to drink sake for those who like sake.
COCKTAIL BAR” campaign participating stores and toast with Saga sake cocktails. – *Campaign overview*
1. period
January 22, 2020 (Monday) to February 4, 2020 (Sunday)

2. place
10 restaurants in Saga City
・Ashida Shoten Saga Station Store (Saga City Station Minamihonmachi 5-5 Sunshine M1F)
・Sagan Daichi (1-7-10 Tojin, Saga City)
・Repas (1-1-9 Hakusan, Saga City)
・Public Bar New Murahachi Saga Northern Branch (157-1 Hachinohe Mizo, Nabeshima-cho, Saga City)
・GLASS ONION (2-2-2 Matsubara, Saga City)
・Improved Yakitori (1-4-15, Daizai, Saga City)
・Ekimae Wine Restaurant BIBI (6-7-1F, Saga City Ekiminamihonmachi) ・IK Bar (ZEST Building 1F, 4-10 Aikeicho, Saga City)
・Wine Bar Lampada (2-2-14 Tojin, Saga City LINKTOWN 1F)
・SAGA BAR (Saga City Ekimae Chuo 1-11-20 Sagahatsu)
*In no particular order

3. Content
・“Saga Sake Cocktail” available for a fee (prices vary depending on each restaurant)
・Everyone who orders “Saga Sake Cocktail” will receive an original “ABEchan” sticker.

4. others
The “Saga sake cocktail” and “sake used” that are offered vary by each restaurant.
For details, please check the campaign site and “SAGA BAR”‘s official Instagram. Campaign site (PC version) Campaign site (smartphone version) – * “Saga Sake Cocktail” (3 types in total) *
Allure means “attractive”.
You will fall in love with Saga sake with its gorgeous and fruity aroma and taste.
Tonight, with this enchanting cup…
-Sake used at each store-
・Amabuki Junmai Daiginjo Banana Yeast (Amabuki Sake Brewery/Miyaki Town) ・Kimine Tsuru Junmai Ginjo Yamada Nishiki (Kiyama Shoten/Kiyama Town) ・Ko-Imari Ironabeshima (Ko-Imari Sake Brewery/Imari City)
・Ruri munemasa (Munemasa Sake Brewery/Arita Town)
・Junmai Ginjo Sachihime RISE (Sachihime Sake Brewery/Kashima City) ・Totsuru Junmai Ginjo WHITE (Totsuru Sake Brewery/Taku City)

A cup with a new sensation of “Wow! It’s like soybean mochi!” A sweet and easy-to-drink dessert cocktail made with plenty of Saga sake, which is packed with the taste of rice and umami.
-Sake used at each store-
・Shichita Junmai (Tenzan Sake Brewery/Ogi City)
・Junmai Ginjo Tocho (Seto Sake Brewery/Ureshino City)
・Toichi Yamada Nishiki Junmai Sake (Gomachida Sake Brewery/Ureshino City) ・Hizen Kuroshin Junmaishu (Yano Sake Brewery/Kashima City)
・Nogomi ~Goen~ (Baba Sake Brewery/Kashima City)

“SAGA Fashioned”
The “Old Fashioned”, which is popular all over the world, is arranged with Saga sake.
A cocktail that matches the unique and rich flavor of Saga sake with herbal accents.
-Sake used at each store-
・Takasago Unprocessed Sake (Koyanagi Sake Brewery/Ogi City)
・Juraku Taiko Selected (Narutaki Sake Brewery/Karatsu City)
・New Taiyocho (Hiwatari Sake Brewery/Imari City)
・Golden Malt Matsuura Hajime (Matsuura Hajime Sake Brewery/Imari City) ・Toranoji Selected (Ide Sake Brewery/Ureshino City)
・Mitsubu Special Honjozo Unfiltered Shizuku Shibori (Mitsubu Sake Brewery/Kashima City)

*In no particular order
*The photo of “Saga Sake Cocktail” is for illustrative purposes only. The actual product differs depending on each store.
– *Bartender Ayano Yoshimoto*
After gaining experience as a bartender at Hotel New Otani Hakata, he won the Grand Prix in the age category of the national cocktail competition “Monin Cup Japan 2018”.
They also won the overall championship at the 10th HBA Junior Cocktail Competition Kirin Cup & Cocktail Festival 2019.
Currently, “BAR P’s PLACE” in Fukuoka City.
Currently active at P’s Place).

Instagram @bar_ps_place
– *Illustrator ABEchan*
Born in Saga Prefecture. Illustrator.
He composes his own version of various cultures that have influenced him, such as POP ART, bijinga, 80s-90s, movies, coffee, music, etc. Hand-painted ink, followed by graphic expression.
We provide designs for apparel, advertising, beauty salons,
restaurants, and a variety of other media.
Instagram @freedom_of_creation
– * Overview of “SAGA BAR” *
“BAR” is a promotional project based on the concept of “Taste Saga” and aims to raise awareness and promote sales of Saga sake,
agricultural and marine products, processed products, ceramics, and other local products. We are disseminating the appeal of Saga sake and local products to the whole country through various methods such as opening stores and collaborating with restaurants.
Official Instagram @sagabar_official
(FY2020 results)
・Event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Saga Sake Toast Ordinance (Saga City, Saga Prefecture)
Date and time: October 1, 2020
・Booth opening at “Lovefes2023” (Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture) Date and time: November 4th and 5th, 2020
・“SAGA BAR in TASU+ Saga Sake Fair” (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Date and time: November 10th to 23rd, 2020
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