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Home » NPO ZESDA ZESDA News Vol.15 (December 2023/January 2024 combined issue) We are supporting the reconstruction of the Noto area! Crowdfunding is also underway

NPO ZESDA ZESDA News Vol.15 (December 2023/January 2024 combined issue) We are supporting the reconstruction of the Noto area! Crowdfunding is also underway

[ZESDA News Vol.15 (December 2023/January 2024 combined issue)] We are supporting the reconstruction of the Noto area! Crowdfunding is also underway
ZESDA, a non-profit organization (Representative Director: Daisuke Sakuraba, Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as ZESDA) is a parallel career organization that produces glocal business. We will report on events sponsored by our organization and activity information on projects carried out at home and abroad.
For more information about ZESDA, please visit the official website below.
1 Top news
■Using the relationships of trust we have built over seven years of exchange through support for the revitalization of the Noto region, as well as the connections and know-how we have cultivated as an NPO, we will provide disaster recovery support to the people of the Noto region. To go
[Image 1:×1366.jpg] ▲The state of an evacuation center in Noto Town as of January 2nd. It is clear that supplies such as powdered milk and drinking water are running out. ZESDA also supports the provision of supplies.
We would like to express our sincere condolences to those who lost their lives in the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred on January 1, 2024, and extend our sympathies to all those affected, their families, and everyone involved. Masu.
We pray for the safety of everyone affected by the disaster and for the earliest possible recovery of the affected areas.
For about seven years, ZESDA has been implementing the “Shunran no Sato Project” to support Shunran no Sato, a group of farmhouse guesthouses in Oku-Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, as well as blueberry products at “Hiramiyuki Farm”, which aims to improve the local brand power. We have interacted with people and industries in the Noto region through development support and other activities. Given the difficult situation the local people are currently in, we are beginning to provide as much support as possible.
We hope that the anxiety will be alleviated even a little for the people of Shunran no Sato, a group of farm guesthouses in Oku-Noto, and the people of Hiramiyuki Farm, a blueberry farm, who were severely damaged by the earthquake and are now living in evacuation centers. In addition to communicating and engaging in dialogue through various means, we are also conducting remote activities such as supporting the creation of a crowdfunding page for the reconstruction of Hira Miyuki Farm.
[Image 2:×540.jpg] ▲On January 31st, we started crowdfunding for the restoration of the blueberry farm.
・Crowdfunding site
In addition, in light of the fact that there is a shortage of manpower for local reconstruction support, we are disseminating information on the current situation to ZESDA’s networks across the country and looking for opportunities to provide local support.
Based on our various networks and track record, including disaster recovery experts and water purification product manufacturing companies, we will provide whatever support we can to the people of the Noto area.
2 Event information sponsored by ZESDA
■Glocal Business Seminar (GLBS): A seminar series that studies cases of local small and medium-sized enterprises expanding overseas. Next time, on February 29th (Thursday) at a classroom in Meiji University, ZESDA Representative Sakuraba will hold a special edition entitled “Glocal Business and NY (tentative)”. Furthermore, from 15:00 on Sunday, March 23rd, Mr. Kosei Seki, President and Representative Director of GLOWKEY Co., Ltd., which operates a “cross-border distribution business connecting North America and Asia,” will be held at Meiji University Surugadai Campus Liberty Tower 10th floor, Room 1104.・We are planning to have a talk with the founder. Please stay tuned.
3 Activity reports for each project
■Umaji Village Project (Producing overseas expansion of yuzu produced in Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture)
“International Cuisine x Umaji Village Yuzu”, which is working on developing recipes using yuzu in international cuisine, held several planning meetings with university professors, Umaji Village
Agricultural Cooperative, ZESDA staff, and others, and as a result, “Yuzu Udon” and “Yuzu Gin and Tonic” were created. ” and “Yuzu Whiskey & Yuzu Salmon” three recipes have been completed. In the future, we plan to proceed with the development of products for sale overseas based on this recipe.
[Image 3:×533.jpg] ▲“Yuzu udon” made with Shikoku’s proud Sanuki udon and Umaji village yuzu ■SAKURA COLLECTION project (Support for design awards that connect Japanese tradition and overseas creators)
SAKURA COLLECTION (Representative Director: Noriko Tabata), a general incorporated association that provides traditional Japanese materials and crafts to overseas designers and produces their creations, is aiming to develop sales channels to the United States. An exhibition and business meeting was held in New York from January 23rd to 25th as a joint project with 12 participating businesses that handle domestic traditional materials and textiles.
On the day of the event, designers from 10 countries around the world competed in the finals with the theme of Niigata’s traditional material “Natsu Shiozawa” and upcycled denim. At the sound of the drums, many people at the venue crowded around the stage, attracting attention. Participating models said, “It’s very soft and comfortable to wear” and “I really liked the texture,” praising the high quality of traditional Japanese materials.
ZESDA has been supporting this organization for about nine years, and for this exhibition we introduced the exhibiting weavers, judges, and sponsors, and provided operational support.
[Image 4:×1536.jpg] ▲We promoted domestic traditional materials and textiles such as Enshu cotton pongee, Oshima pongee, and Sano indigo to overseas designers and buyers.
・SAKURA COLLECTION official website ■Amami Project (produced the Amami Oshima area in Kagoshima Prefecture) As part of a strategy to diversify the domestic and overseas vanilla beans business run by former ZESDA director Asuka Hayashi and her family, AMAMI Vanilla Farm Café Pole Pole, which opened last year, offers new products with the theme of vanilla and Amami ingredients. I’ve been working on development.
And, with the completion of these three products, we held a free distribution campaign. We distributed one new product free of charge to customers who ordered drinks, sweets, or food at the cafe and cooperated with the survey.
The first edition was limited to 100 pieces of “Vanilla Sugar” distributed for a limited time until the end of January. This is a dish where the vanilla enhances the gentle sweetness and flavor that is unique to Shima Zarame. We will inform you about the second and third products and their distribution dates in due course.
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] ▲We have developed a new product with the theme of fusion of vanilla and Amami. ■Activities of ZESDA staff
・Staff who are active in parallel careers between local government officials and ZESDA were introduced on cable TV.
Senior Producer Sayama, an employee of Sano City Hall in Tochigi Prefecture, goes beyond the boundaries of local government duties and works as a parallel carrier to deliver indigo grass and indigo dye produced in Sano City to the world with the aim of building trusting relationships with residents and revitalizing the region. We are engaged in production activities to disseminate information. The activity was featured on local cable TV. The foreign designers, who they built relationships with at events to introduce traditional Japanese materials held in New York and other places, showed photos of their visits to Sano City and conveyed how they are contributing to international exchange in the city.
This is the second time that senior producer Sayama has been introduced to the media for his parallel career activities. Without forgetting our essential sense of mission as local government employees, our steady efforts to contribute to the local community through energetic parallel career activities are gradually expanding.
[Image 6:×1536.jpg] ▲I continue to work steadily to revitalize my hometown, Sano City, where I was born and raised.
・As a result of continuing to distribute podcasts throughout my parallel career, I appeared on NHK!
For the past three years, Deputy Director-General Honda has been distributing a podcast in which he talks about his impressions of “NHK Document 72 Hours.” This distribution has recently reached the ears of the program production team, and he appeared as a special guest on “Document 72 Hour Year-end Special 2023″ broadcast on December 30, 2023.
[Image 7:×1109.jpg] ▲Parallel Career activities connect people (Second person from the left is Deputy Director Honda)
4. Services provided by ZESDA, etc.
■An ordinary business person will teach you the mindset and techniques that will make you “no longer ordinary”! “New Edition Producership Recommendation” ~Shishushoin~ Now on sale!
“Producership (R)” is a Japanese-style innovation method advocated by ZESDA. “Recommendation of Producership”, which systematically summarizes 16 case studies based on this theory, has been released as a new edition with new content, a new binding, and an even more affordable price! There is also a Kindle version, and it also supports Unlimited (unlimited reading)! Please read it!
[Image 8:×2222.jpg] ▲Mind and technology that creates an innovative environment. That is “Producership(R)”
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